Platio a decentralized payment solution provider around the globe 


Introduction to platio: 

Platio is an EU authority licensed based first global payment solution provider where the user can make easy payments in fiat and cryptocurrency. By utilizing three main digital assets (stocks, fiat, crypto) and creating the digital product tokenization with the latest EOS technology, platio strives to become the best platform with a quick and simple access. 

What is the problem in the traditional system? 

  • Crypto market volatility: The cryptocurrency holder hesitates to do trading freely due to the market volatility. The high risk factors lead to a potential loss of income and business failure. 
  • Digital currency payment option issue: Due to the complicated nature of trading, storing and accepting cryptocurrency, many merchants and companies do not invest and offer cryptocurrency as a payment option. 
  • Banking risk and limitation:  The cryptocurrency holders face many problems due to the limited number of banks which accept the digital currency. Many countries and central bank do not allow the exchange of digital asset. 
  • Loss of access: Every wallet, profile, and exchange are secure with the private key allocated to the users. In any case, if the user is unable to save the key in a secure place then it can lead to the loss of access to the digital asset. 
  • Different logins: The cryptocurrency holders normally create many profile and wallets on different platform to continue the management of their online business, banking with employee’s payment. 
  • Irreversible cryptocurrency deals: Many potential users do not do dealing in crypto due to the irreversible nature of the cryptocurrency payments. The sender can face customer or employee frauds after sending the payment. 

What are the basic tools and products offered by platio? 

To make the transaction process easy and smooth, platio is going to combine advance tools at a single place within the smart banking environment. These products will be helpful to fulfill the needs of companies and regular users in routine transaction of cryptocurrency. 

Platio blockchain: To make the business transaction and procedure safe, efficient and transparent, platio is utilizing EOS blockchain technology with a specific set of smart contracts. 

Online exchange: By using a versatile exchange, the users can easily do trading in any currency i.e. local fiat or cryptocurrency. To attract the potential users, platio is also including blockchain project tokens with the top main digital currencies.  The new ICOs can increase their business potential after finding a space on platio. 

Brokerage feature: Platio allow the users to convert the digital currency into any asset of platio ecosystem. It will secure the value of their personal portfolio and generate the profits in the competitive market. 

Asset guard: By using the products protected with smart contracts, platio is saving the users of the ecosystem from potential failures and loss due to sudden market changes and login access problem. 

Auto exchange: To give a best solution of the market volatility, platio is offering a unique tool ”auto exchange” through which the users can exchange the asset after setting proper conditions of the smart contract. 

Standby transfer: After a specifically defined time, the amount will get transfer automatically to the external bank account of the user. The user can also do account to account transfer with an automatic system. 

OCT: The user can do card to card transfer directly without the need of payment card of platio. Based upon KYC procedure, the OCT payment process will become a simple way of proceeding the operation with local currencies. The combination of OCT transfer with the automatic exchange is allowing the transfer of fiat and cryptocurrency. 

Internal transfer: The users can transfer the supported digital products i.e. fiat, stock and crypto easily to save them self from the long transaction procedure and high fees. The transaction process becomes simpler and more efficient with the proper internal messenger service. 

Platio app: The app is compatible with web and mobile phone which is serving as a mean of connection between the platio blockchain and internal core banking platform. It is a form of main gateway of the banking community. 

What is the main revenue stream of platio? 

Platio is dealing with two main revenue streams: 

  • Transaction revenue: In transaction revenue, the platio will charge the fees for payment transaction, exchange transaction, processing revenue and escrow revenue. Three main levels of access will be provided to the customers i.e. Premium, advanced and basic. 
  • Subscription revenue: The premium level per month charges will be included in the subscription revenue. 

Which token is used by platio? 

The main element of the platio platform is its utility token PGAS. It is used to carried out the main tasks of the platform from subscription to payment of the fees. With the growth of the platio ecosystem, more transactions will be carried out and the value of PGAS token will increase. 

Token detail: 

  • Name of the token: PGAS 
  • Token price: 1 PGAS = 0.20 Eur 
  • Hard cap: 34,5 M Eur 
  • Soft cap: 5 M EUR 
  • Start date of pre sale: 20th August  
  • End date of pre sale: 11th November  

Token distribution: 

  • Advisors: 8% 
  • Bounty: 2% 
  • Team and founders: 25% 
  • For sale: 65% 


Platio is offering the unique banking solutions to solve the complicated problems of the transaction and payment of crypto or local currency. The user will get several advantages with the platio smart contact and blockchain along with transparent commission. If you have any query then you can visit below mention links for more details. 

Links to platio: 

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Papusha ICO the name of environment security and protection 

Introduction to Papusha ICO:

For the Buran space program a high quality powerful rocket engine was created but for its testing, A.I  Papusha with its team  developed  the world’s largest combustion chamber. A.I Papusha is the chemical science doctor, a State Prize of USSR Laureate and the famous scientist of the world. This advance rocket engine had a flaw, it was releasing high amount of CO each second in the air. Its 3 minutes CO discharge was equal to the per day CO discharge from all vehicles.  A.I Papusha aims to reduce the CO emission to 1Kg per second which was 1000Kg per second before it.  This invention revolutionized the previous techniques and develop several applications.

The team has completed the development of this project and the best application of this technology is the oil refinery residue processing which gives many useful products like diesel, kerosene etc.  The gobal adoption of this technique will save the environment from pollution.

CO emission and other issues:

The Earth temperature is rising gradually. Global warming lead to floods, drought and melting of the glaciers which causes serious problems. The environment and climate of the Earth is on risk, so scientists are putting efforts to save the world from destruction. The oil refineries all over the world face the problem to store and utilize the residue. The residue share has increased to 20% advance oil refinery. According to an estimation, for every 10 million oil barrels almost 1 million residues is produced.

The high amount of waste material creates the problem of discharge. Usually the oil refineries prefer to keep the black residue in the nearby storage which causing the pollution of the earth. The amount of waste material is increasing gradually with each passing day. Many scientists and environmental chemists try to search for the solution of this problem but the expensive methods with low impacts are not suitable to adopt on large scale i.e. thermal cracking etc.

What are the benefits of transonic combustion technology and PRT2 units?

The major amount of the toxic substances can be easily neutralized with the use of the latest transonic combustion technology.  This modification can make impossible to possible. The useless oil residue from the refineries can be used to extract the products which are needed in the market.

PRT-2 units:

The PRT-2 units are best to consume the waste of the oil refineries. Still now no technology is as much advance as PRT-2 unit which can give a liquid fuel output upto 60%.  The 30 PRT-2 units can be easily installed and become ready to use within 9.5 lac USD. The capacity of the single PRT-2 unit varies from 30 to 90 tons per day. With the addition of specific kind of impurities or stabilizers the residue from the oil refinery can be processed at optimum conditions i.e. 1000 m/sec transonic speed and high temperature. The proceed material enter the cooling units after undergoing chemical changes. The synthetic gases are released and useful products are separated out.

Is this technology eco-friendly?

The waste material produced by this technology is steam and CO2 which are harmless for the Earth environment. The oil refineries can easily turn the toxic residue into harmless material to improve the environmental conditions. Do not destroy your environment from the harmful waste, process the residue with this advance technique to secure the live on Earth.

Which token is used on Papusha rocket platform?

  • Token name: PRT

PRT token is used as a utility token to get the physical services in real life. The team of this project is creating a best project for the development and protection of the Earth life. The early token holders and investors will get a special bonus for their contribution. The investment in this ICO will leads to the improvement of the atmosphere and land. The value of PRT token will increase with the rise in contribution and interest in people. The less amount which can be invest in this ICO is 100 PRT. The soft cap is not decided yet but the hard cap is upto 13,500 ETH.

Token details:

  • Price: 3500 PRT tokens = 1 ETH
  • Supply: 100 million
  • ICO start date: August 22, 2018
  • ICO end date: October, 22 2018

Token allocation:

  • Sale: 75 million PRT
  • Reserve: 18 million PRT
  • Advisers: 5 million PRT
  • Bounty: 2 million PRT


To produce the useful fuel from the oil residue from refineries, a best technology is utilized which was first described for the space and rocket technology by A.I Papusha. The PRT token holder are in reality the caretaker of the earth environment. Along with getting profit and useful products, they are saving the planet from destruction. If you have interest in advance cryptocurrency ideas, then just visit Papusha site for more details.

Link to ICO:

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Alfa Enzo Foundation a distributed Smart market environment 



Alfa Enzo Foundation is a unique smart market ecosystem which will fulfill the requirements of the users. To provide a global huge local social network, Alfa Enzo Foundation is going to combine the high speed POA with the social network. The consumers can get tokens depending upon the time spend on the platform. The team strives to launch global Distributed Operated System which will operate on peer to peer topology. This platform seeks to create an advance economy worldwide, where users and companies can do trading and transactions freely and safely.

What is the gap and problem which Alfa Enzo wants to solve?

  • Non effective use: The cryptocurrency market is growing rapidly, but still many people are unable to get benefits from the decentralized world. The previous DLT apps and digital currencies failed to prove effective in daily utilization.
  • Slow system: The recent blockchain based platforms are complex and slow. The users face lots of issues for the transaction of micro payments. Inspite of having an experienced team and latest technology, these networks cannot compete with MasterCard or Visa.
  • Complex and insecure: Although, users can get several benefits with the use of digital currency but the complex nature of the platform makes the collection, understanding and utilization of cryptocurrency hard.

How Alfa Enzo Foundation will fill the gaps?

Alfa Enzo Foundation is on its way to develop a distributed commerce environment with mass market digital currency. The mobile usage is increasing day by day and social network is connecting users, so by using a distributed DLT, Alfa Enzo can interconnect the peers. Without effecting the trust and security of the users, this platform is allowing the users to control the privacy of UGC (User generated Content) on the digital network. An inbuilt economy will be generated with the contribution of consumer information and time, which will increase the value of the Enzo token and Alfa Enzo Foundation platform. Just to solve the previous problems Alfa Enzo Foundation is taking help from the HCI, distributed information model, encryption and advance system designs to develop the best features for the regular users i.e. EON, multi-blockchain ecosystem etc. The expert team is going to combine the advance wallet, exchange, user recognition service and hardware for the use of cryptocurrency in a natural way.

What are the main features of this platform?

  • Push: The self advertising ecosystem will help in the advertisement activity to reach the target people in short duration with lower. The willing users can get benefits from the paid announcements and advertisements which are delivered by the publishers and advertisers.  The publishers can develop the Alfa ads by using the video editing tools on the platform.
  • Valet: Alfa Enzo foundation is going to make digital currency management easy and simple with the help of Valet. For the transaction and holding of the NZO tokens, valet is a best payment gateway and light wallet which will be required in each Dapp on EON platform.
  • Alfa: To allow the members of the platform to analyze and control their identity, smart contracts and interests, Alfa Enzo Foundation is going to offer an essential protocol named Alfa. The one app experience will provide several app characteristics at one place. The members can communicate freely with additional layers of natural encrypted chats.
  • Distributed source: gNZO are supplied to the regular users around the world without any restriction. The high level of mesh network along with decentralized world, helps to issue the token with resistant of centralized management and monopoly.

Which utility token is used on this platform?

  • Token name: NZO

The EON network is operating on the digital currency named Enzo (NZO) which is maintaining the value of this platform. Initially 21 billion NZO tokens will be released in the market. The Enzo basic value will be derived from the time and activity of the users.

Where the users can use the Enzo tokens?

The merchants can get payments for their physical or digital products with Enzo tokens, whereas the users can use it to pay for the decentralized data storage, services integrated with Dapp, to get time registration and to manage the advertising service with Push. The rewards and commissions will also be paid in NZO token.

Token details:

  • Token price: 1 NZO = $0.01
  • Soft cap: 25,000,000
  • Hard cap: 100,000,000
  • Standard of token: ERC 20
  • Acceptable payment: ETH

Token allocation: 

  • Public offer: 60%
  • Team: 10%
  • Foundation: 25%
  • Reserve: 5%

Closing words:

EON ecosystem is promoting the importance of time with value. This platform strives to established the concept of time with advance technology. The team wants to combine the past on social ecosystem with the future on calendar and analyze the recent time on messaging. Alfa Enzo Foundation aims to achieve the set goals and allow the huge adoption of digital currency quickly. If you need any further detail related to emerging cryptocurrency ideas, then visit its site for more data.

Link to Alfa Enzo Foundation:

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Nebula AI a decentralized AI blockchain platform 

Introduction to Nebula AI:

In order to speed up the organizational operations and change the business outcome, Nebula AI is going to combine artificial intelligence and blockchain technology for a transparent and secure platform. This platform will allow the programmers and developers to create, compute and use the AI apps efficiently.

Nebula AI is using a customized blockchain technology for promoting the business appearance on a secure, scalable and efficient platform. This platform is serving many networks i.e. government agencies, manufacturing, financial services, e-commerce and logistics. To leverage the blockchain technology latest business solutions are offered for the creation of new networks, building trust and optimizing the company processes.

What is the mission of Nebula AI?

Nebula AI strives to change the traditional mining process into AI computing services to decrease the cost of PoW. To increase the quality and availability of the Dapp, this platform will allow and reward the developers to create the DAI apps by using generic programming interface. The entire team of this unique ecosystem is on its way to grow the global artificial intelligence by offering cost effective services.

What are the main features of this platform?

  • Latest Blockchain technology: By helping the developers for the creation, operation and deploying of DAI apps, Nebula AI is going to change the centralized cloud computing into decentralized secure AI app.
  • BaaS: With the help of a fixed distributed blockchain all the transactions will be recorded and secured. Nbai foundation will control the digital identity to deal with the anti money laundering rules and customer analysis.
  • Artificial intelligence services: Nbai foundation on Nebula AI is providing special decentralized AI apps with best solutions. The users can get best custom solutions any time after providing the requited information.
  • Smart contracts: To manage the work, all device contracts and complicated agreements will be transferred into efficient automation tool via smart contracts.
  • Privacy and security: Without affecting the IP ownership and user privacy all the data, resources and work models can be transferred in a safe and decentralized manner.
  • Global appearanceWith a diversity of millions of nodes all over the world, Nebula AI is going to reduce the Artificial intelligence computing cost upto 70%.

Why Nebula AI is unique?

During the first phase of this platform ether chain helix will be utilized to ensure the efficiency then Nebula AI will use PoG with  Nbai credit procedures to secure the platform. To perform the tasks of AI computing, the AI computing service execution work node along with ledger will be used. The components are decentralized with the use of cross chain service. The homomorphic encryption with optimized Nbai model will save the information while the data processing will be speed up by distributed system optimization. The users can earn Nbai tokens after the task implementation while for mining ledger and task revenue will be earned at the same time. To prevent attacks and increase the efficiency of the system, Byzantine consensus system is used on the joint ledger for the communication among the groups

What are the benefits of using Nebula AI? (Nbai foundation or Nbai system)

  • Reliable and safe: To offer 100% secure platform, Nebula AI is providing a temper proof network with valid signatures. Only verified participants will get the access of transaction and ledger.
  • Proper handling: Nebula AI has created a big blockchain ecosystem to offer the sub transaction latency. Blockchain technology allow the consumers to handle all the transaction with ease.
  • Flexible: Several protected agreements are made to secure the user data. The transactions can be made and recover fastly without any downtime.
  • Enterprise incorporation: To find and share the latest blockchain updates and functions, modern API techniques are provided by Nbai foundation which will create a model of enterprise system.

Which token is utilized on Nebula AI?

  • Token name: NBAI token

To buy the computing services, NBAI coin is used as an ERC-20 utility token. The value and number of NBAI token is based upon the training time, cost and computing level decided for a unique task.

Application of NBAI token:

  • To buy the training services of DAI for a perfect model.
  • To buy the AI services and use the DAI apps.
  • To get training and pay for the developer tests.

Token details:

  • Soft cap: 5000 ETH
  • Hard cap: 12000 ETH
  • Price: 100000 NBAI = 1 ETH

Token distribution:

  • Foundation and Community: 25%
  • Team: 15%
  • Investors: 10%
  • Supporters and marketing: 5%
  • Private sale: 45%


Being a global AI blockchain platform, Nebula AI is going to serve the mankind by creating an effective blockchain platform with advance Artificial intelligence to allow the developers to create, compute and use the AI effectively. With the removal of the issues of the traditional centralized and less effective decentralized world, Nebula AI wants to achieve its sub goals to get a more secure platform. AI physical computing units, shared AI computing, decentralized AI apps, AI engineer training institutes and IPFS distributed storage will reduce the maintenance workload and solve the problems of internal leakage. If you are interested in future oriented cryptocurrency ideas, then visit its site for more details.

Links to Nebula AI:

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Aimedis a AI based decentralized medical platform

What do you know about Aimedis?

Aimedis is a decentralized medical ecosystem which is going to use smart contracts, Artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to revolutionized the traditional medical system. The patients can trust this platform to collect, secure and share their vital medical record. To help the patients for getting quick medical treatment, Aimedis will provide online appointment, prescription and learning content facility. The incorporation of BP monitors, ECG and fitness trackers in the network will facilitate both doctors and patients.

What is the background of this idea?

With the increase in population, medical expenditures are rising gradually each year all over the world which force the healthcare units to search for cost effective and modified healthcare networks which can facilitate the whole community. People spend lots of money on their nutrition, fitness, sports and healthcare apps to maintain a healthy life but the data security and fraud activities stop many potential users to get medical treatment on time. To deal with all of these issues, Aimedis is on its way to offer a secure and reliable ecosystem which will deliver advance services to the patients with the help of a community of supporters and doctors.

By using AI and latest blockchain technology, Aimedis is going to provide advance tools for patient’s security and facility. This platform is combining doctors and patients together by offering the services of online prescription module, electronic appointment system, medical video library, AI based information analysis. It’s the platform which support medical tourism, AI facilitated medical treatments along with the collection and storage of important medical record of the patient.

What are the main advantages for the patients on Aimedis?

  • Real life solutions: By using mobile app and Aimedis bots, this platform wants to get the drug prescription and real information of the disease status. Aimedis is utilizing social media and healthcare forum to profile the medical requirements of the patients.
  • Health benefits for the patients: To encourage the patients to expand their health profiles, this medical network is utilizing the health information of other patients and taking help from the senior doctors
  • Data management: Aimedis gives the control of medical record management only to its patients. In the absence of patients their relatives will be allowed to get access and use their medical data.
  • Patients privacy: The authentic patient data is necessary for the treatment of the illness, so Aimedis ensure the collection of each single detail of patient’s history and keep the whole record in blockchain ledger which are private. The correct observation of the patient’s health is kept private without publishing it in public.
  • Record of patients wishes: In case of a complicated medical treatment (organ transplant, complex operation etc.), the patients can record their expectation and latest directives by using a simple app. The patients consent facilitates the doctors to treat the disease without any hesitation. In case of family decision to start a procedure Aimedis will utilize multi signature smart contract.

Why Aimedis is a better ecosystem for the healthcare services?

This platform is based on a Netherland healthcare company which aims to introduce the latest healthcare solutions in the world. A professional team of high ranked doctors and medical processionals control the whole Aimedis network. Aimedis will connect the hospital, doctors, scientific research institutes and patients at a single platform to provide equal benefits to professionals and patients in the medical area. Recently to optimized the healthcare services, Aimedis is working with 20 hospitals in three different countries and serving more than 10,000 patients. Each patient is the owner of its data which can be sold to other patients on its own choice. By using a dual blockchain system, some records of the patient are kept private while other get publish for by using the Ethereum blockchain.

Which token is used by Aimedis?

  • Token name: AIM

Each hospital and medical institution have to hold AIM token as low as $20.000 to use the Aimedis portal. The patients will get rewards in AIM tokens for their participation in the trial by the researchers. Those participants who give their voting content in AIMsocial medical community will get rewards via AIM tokens. The hard cap will end on 300 million AIM tokens, and the unsold tokens at the end of the sale.

Token detail:

  • Price: $0,12 = 1 AIM
  • Total supply: 600 million tokens
  • For sale: 300 million tokens
  • Type: ERC-20
  • Acceptable currency: ETH

Token allocation:

  • Board, supporters, and team: 20%
  • Community + marketing: 20%
  • Reserve tokens: 5%
  • Legal reserve: 5%
  • ICO: 50%


Aimedis is going to revolutionized the old communication system between the patients, hospital and doctors by providing an advance medical platform powered by smart contracts, Blockchain and Artificial intelligence. The mission of this medical company is to offer secure, transparent and profitable services to facilitate the professionals and patients. By using advance tools and various medical features, Aimedis will become the first global decentralized healthcare network. If you are interested in future oriented ideas of cryptocurrency then visit its site for more details.

Links to Aimedis:

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Araw a transparent e-commerce environment with advance tools 

What is Araw platform?

Araw is the first global marketplace which is going to connect the online buyers and merchants together with the help of a decentralized platform and united reward system. Araw has an aim to provide benefits to the buyers by merging the banking payment and e-commerce system. To attract the buyers, users and merchants, Araw is going to provide an effective and scalable platform based on smart contracts and simple Ethereum blockchain, where retailers, brands and purchasers can interreact with each other in a secure, transparent and trustful environment. The team wants to upgrade the traditional point system of the online e-commerce business to Araw token.

What is the issue in traditional online shopping ecosystem?

The e-commerce market is getting famous with each passing day which is attracting the customers and online retailers to enhance the trade volume. The merchants sales from the e-commerce platform is estimated to reach 14.6 percent while the worldwide sale will become 2.66 trillion dollars in 2020 due to the increase in the number of online buyers. The high transaction fees, delay in payments, third party involvement, less practical use of crypto asset, fraud activities and lack of expert team are the main issues of traditional e-commerce market which is reducing the potential and earning of several businesses. Usually several steps are needed to approve a simple transaction and the high transaction fees decrease the amount of charge back. Not a single platform offered the mobile transaction facility. Most of the tools provided by the existing platforms are unable to fulfill the requirements of the buyers due to their complex and slow nature. The retailers want to use a simple and advance platform which will reach the regular customers easily.

What’s the objective and main component of the Araw platform?

It’s the era of latest technology and cryptocurrency. So, Araw aims to provide an alternative and united rewarding system to revolutionized the previous online shopping experience. For developing a secure and sustanable global e-commerce ecosystem, token holders, retailers, customers and brands will be rewarded via Araw token. To offer better e-commerce marketplace, Araw platform is focusing on the following components.

  • User friendly Mobile wallets: The Araw mobile wallet is going to serve as a digital currency exchange and token holding place. By offering advance and simple tools, Araw is going to ensure adoption of ARAW token by consumers and merchants all over the world.
  • Campaign management: The merchants can grow their business with special campaign organization which help them to increase the adoption rate.
  • Customer app: It is specially created for the customers to develop a better bond with the merchants. The Araw customer app can be utilized to get and use the Araw token, to search for the amazing rewards and better deals.
  • Business app: It is specially used by the retailers and brands to work on the orders generated by the buyers. It gives a better business experience to the merchants by analyzing the returning customers and increasing their revenue.
  • Diversity: To enhance the value of Araw coin, this platform is going to reach several channels and users to provide a decentralized payment system and global e-commerce ecosystem. The merchants, digital currency exchanges, buyers, users bank account and smart contracts will be connected with each other by a single platform.

What are the main features of Araw platform?

The Araw token ecosystem is going to connect the retailers and buyers with each other by offering some unique features i.e. uniform reward system, online payments, Global API platform, peer to peer network, incorporation of banking system, digital currency exchange, blockchain technology and Araw card.

Which special token is using on this platform?

  • Name: Araw token

What is the importance of Araw token?

The continuous trading and utilization of Araw token within the platform will increase the market value of the Araw coin. By using Araw wallet, users can hold their Araw tokens to get better exchange value.

By merchants:

  • Araw token is required by the merchants to pay for campaigns and to reward the potential users who help to increase the sales of the digital assets and products.
  • The merchants can pay the customer with the help of Araw token to grow their ranking of potential and loyal customers.

By buyers:

  • Buyers can pay for online purchasing at Araw e-commerce ecosystem with the help of Araw token.
  • Buyers can buy Araw token through their personal wallets by using Ethereum of fiat currency.

Token detail

  • Start of Pre sale: 1st July
  • End of Pre sale: 10th September to 9th November
  • Price: 0.01 USD = 1 ARAW

Token distribution: (5000 million Araw tokens)

  • Reserve tokens: 750 million (15 percent)
  • Bounty: 150 million (3 percent)
  • Advisors: 150 million (3 percent)
  • Team and founders: 450 million (9 percent)
  • For sale: 3500 million (70 percent)


Araw platform is going to combine e-commerce world with cryptocurrency to offer cost effective and fast online purchasing ecosystem. The global access and advance tools of Araw with will bring a great revolution in online shopping world. The friendly user interface with fast mobile transaction will solve the problem of complex e-commerce platforms. The users and merchants can freely connect to each other without facing geographical restrictions and delay in transactions. If you want to know furure oriented digital currency ideas, then visit its site for more details.

Links to Araw token:

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Any custom Desktop and web bot and app making

Custom order

Details : 

  1. Do you want to Scrape Data for analysis or marketing purposes? Have you tired with Manual Data Collection and want to AUTOMATE the boring stuff? So you are at the right place. I am experienced in making Web Crawler or Web Scraperwhich will scrape contents of a website of your choice and will deliver you CSV, EXCEL, Word, Notepad, PDF, SQL or any other format as per your expectation.
  2. having more than 5 year experience in developing Creative and Innovative Desktop and Web Application for you. I will help you to develop new Application or Modify the applications.

Why me?:

  • Web Scraping.
  • Custom Desktop app
  • Custom Chat Bot
  • Custom Linux os script
  • Web Automation and Bot Creation.
  • System Automation.
  • API Integration.
  • Code Optimisation.
  • Data Analysis.
  • File bulk data extraction and conversion.
  • python, NodeJs, Django & Flask Apps.
  • Assignments and Lab Work Help.


  • Unlimited revision until your satisfaction with professional work


skype: masud.rana01916





Humancoin a decentralized charity mining platform

Introduction to Humancoin: 

Humancoin is the first global cryptocurrency based Charity mining protocol which is going to make a connection between cryptocurrency world and philanthropy. Humancoin aims to provide quick funding with little overhead for the charity programs. This platform will allow the donors to analyze their online expenditures, make global donations without geographical restrictions and get discounts from partner’s platforms.

What are the problems in the traditional charity platforms?

According to a recent report, the charity market is gradually increasing and in 2017 it was estimated to be 747 billion dollars. Most of the people prefer to give charity to the street people or trusted people. Most of the donors do not trust digital platforms because there is no trustable international project which is analyzing the charity activity.  There are many cross-border payment issues in global charity programs which is decreasing the potential of charity work. The complex dealing system of regularity agencies reduce the wish of donation. People do not get any type of reward or benefit after participating in charity schemes. There is less use of advance technology and tools in the charity sector.

What is the solution provided by Humancoin?

Humancoin is going to combine digital currency, charity system and e-commerce industry with each other to solve the issues of traditional charity platforms. The integration of blockchain technology will allow the donors to manage and track their transactions. They will get full records about the plans, classification and spending of charity amount. Transaction fees will be reduced with an automatic and advance system. Fast transactions and payments with blockchain technology will solve the cross border payment problems. The automatic smart contracts will revolutionize the whole charity system. This platform is offering many amazing features i.e. mobile app, multi-language support, currency conversion with integrated wallets, build-in messenger, online reports and simple dashboard with setting.

  • The association of philanthropy with smart contracts and blockchain, will increase the value of token in progressing loyalty schemes.
  • Humancoin has an aim to become the first global e-commerce loyalty organizer with blochchain technology.
  • This platform is going to make its own space in the charity world without competing with any existing charity organization.

What are the advantages to use Humancoin platform?

  • Fiat currency: Humancoin is allowing the use of local currency for the collection of charity. By using the build-in conversion tool of Humancoin ecosystem, users can convert their currency to the desired currency of the charity campaign.
  • Global charity platform: Humancoin is going to launch a global charity environment where donors can do international donations without any restriction of nationality, race, color or location. This platform does not belong to a specific community or charity management.
  • Versatile: Humancoin can collect and manage any kind of fiat and digital currency. The users will never face any type of problem in case of currency restriction and complex conditions of the project. This platform will give full freedom to the benefactors.
  • Simple tools: Humancoin strives to use the advance tools and user friendly interface. Every project will be categorized by using the features of ranking, leveling and voting tools.
  • Fees: Humancoin is reducing the fund raising fees from 20-30% to 5%. This fee will be used for the growth of the platform and its future support.
  • Professional team: Humancoin is going to connect the professionals from legal and financial sector to the global charity system. To evaluate the major projects, Humancoin will take help from forensic audit companies.

Which token is used by this platform?

This platform is utilizing Humancoin which is an ERC-20 standard token. This token can be used to choose any charity program and to make donations. The system will automatically distribute the funds to the highest trustable and rated program on the platform. The use of AI will help to reduce the stress of searching for a best project and donations conditions. Half of the team reward will be blocked for 6 months by smart contracts and the other half will be blocked for 12 months by smart contracts. Humancoins can be easily converted into miles, coupons, bonus and points without any deep knowledge of system operations.

Token details:

  • Token name: Humancoin
  • Total supply: 3055 million Humancoins
  • Price: 0.01 USD = 1 Humancoin
  • Soft cap: 6 million USD
  • Hard cap: 26 million USD
  • Acceptable cryptocurrency: ETH

Token allocation:

  • For sale: 50.9%
  • Ambassadors: 10%
  • Reward: 10%
  • Bounty: 4.1%
  • Exchange and consultants: 8.3%
  • Development funds & partners: 16.7%


Humancoin is the platform which is going to change the loyalty programs with the involvement of e-commerce sector. This platform will bring a revolution by making a partnership with the existing charity platforms. This platform is offering cost effective fund proceeding fees which is 4 times less than the market value. For each donation, Humancoin gives the option of receipt which can be utilized for tax reduction. If you are interested in future oriented ideas of Humancoin, then visit its site for more details.

 Links to Humancoin:

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I Will Do Custom Desktop And Web Bot

For web automation tools in Python, HTML and jQuery / Ajax or desktop application in Python Gui Modules (PyQt, Tk, wxpython .)
webApp can collect information from any source (even the necessary access or data is from hidden js) and insert the information collected into the database or export it in csv, xlsx or normal txt file. You can find pictures / pdf and download directly to the server. You can send any form where you do not need captcha . It can be converted to the desktop application.
Examples of web applications:
Get information about the products from the distributor’s website, such as pictures, titles, description, attributes, price … and put it on your site so that the unique products
Download product information from your website and create a table for Amazon imports
Bulk price change in your store related items

All you can imagine: The tool / bot design will not be very good, except that a good design is required to get extra dollars, but it will answer so you can use it from your phone / tablet.

  • The desktop application can do all this + captchas and multi threading, but without custom design.
Please contact me below for order!
skype: masud.rana01916

Opu first global decentralized skin care ecosystem

Introduction to Opu Labs:

Opu is the first decentralized digital platform which is going to manage, monitor and measure the skin care requirements. This platform is going to open new ways through which the treatment centers, patients, brand specialists, dermatologists and product manufacturers can connect to each other. Opu strives to revolutionize the skin care industry by providing a secure and reliable platform for information, data exchange and earning. To reward the users and to develop an advance blockchain based ecosystem,  Opu will launched its skincare mobile app and token.

What is the problem in the traditional skincare industry?

People faces various skin problems at different stages of their life. The skin of the individuals varies from person to person, but due to high fee of skin specialists and less awareness, most of the patients rely upon the advice from social media, newspaper, product marketers and shop keepers. The consumers waste alot of time to search for the affordable skin care  treatments. The insecure marketing of the skin care product manufacturers, decrease the trust of the consumers in their product. Due to the issue of trust, budget, confusion, and availability, dermatologists are unable to connect to their target skin patients. According to a recent survey, most of the social media users want to know about skin care treatments but unfortunately still there is no versatile environment which offer global skin care services.

What is the solution provided by Opu?

Opu is going to solve the problems of traditional skin care industry by improving the standard of skin specialist’s advice with its efficient and versatile digital platform. The users who face different problems of skin can determine their skin condition, analyze the progress of the treatment and get best consultation from the Opu AI and skin care experts.

What are the main features of this platform?

Opu store: Opu products and shop is handle by secure data mining technology.

Opu Artificial intelligenceTo determine, describe and recommend the best treatment for the skin problem, Opu is going to use a machine learning automatic technology which will observe the skin color, type and its condition.

Blockchain technology: To build trust, Opu is going to use blockchain technology which will make users independent to own, secure and share their data with anyone by using some information packages.

Opu Search: To find and filter the best skin care treatment information,  Opu will offer a search platform which will be directly connected to the e-Commerce partners and customer skin care specialists.

Advice system: By using Opu connect feature, users can connect to their specialists and doctors to get best advice.

Opu Record: The customer retention management will help the specialists and doctors to keep the patient’s data and mobile history save.

Free app: The users can get Opu app without any fees. They can take part in different challenges or have consultation with a doctor at a fix price.

Skin Diary:  Opu is offering advance tools for tracking the search history,  users’ goal, charting and future preview.

Specialists and advisors: This platform is allowing the users to contact skin specialists and advisors for consultation along with reviews, chats and skin care product recommendations.

What are the benefits of using Opu platform?

  • Benefits for the professionals: The professionals can easily connect to their patients, skincare publishers and product manufacturers to get a better ranking. Opu will give them a global appearance with advance tools.
  • Benefits for the consumers: Opu will prove a cost effective and trustable platform for the users. The consumers can easily get best skin care treatment information and advice from the leading brands, dermatologists, influencers and publications.

Which token is used on decentralized Opu  platform?

This platform is using Opu coin which is based on ERC-20 standard.  The users can utilize the Opu coins to do any kind of activity on the platform i.e. to participate in Opu loyalty campaigns or to buy skin care specialist’s services. The consumers can buy Opu coin with Bitcoin or Ethereum. The value of Opu coin will increase with the increase in the number of the users in the platform.

Token details:

  • Token name: OPU
  • Token price: 0.037 USD = 1 OPU
  • Acceptable cryptocurrency: BTC, ETH
  • Soft cap: 3,000,000 USD
  • Hard cap: 37,000,000 USD

Token allocations:

  • Team: 25%
  • ICO distribution: 50%
  • Reserve: 7%
  • Reward pool: 7%
  • Partners: 11%


Opu is going to revolutionize the skin care ecosystem with its advance strategies and better technology. It is going to become your skin care mobile advisors. Opu has an aim to connect researchers, developers. dermatologist, advertisers, manufacturers, skin care clinics and consumers with each other. Both consumers and dermatologist can get benefits from Opu lab, Opu AI, Opu search, Opu CRM and Opu coin.  If are interested in leading  cryptocurrency ideas, then visit its site for more details.

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