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Can Instagram Marketing help your Business Grow?

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When you think of marketing your business online, social media marketing is probably the first thing that would come to your mind. Other than being fast, free and easily accessible, this aspect of electronic media can help connect you to a million users with just a simple click.

While Facebook and Twitter have always been a traditional business avenue, many entrepreneurs nowadays are switching to Instagram to reach to a new and relatively younger audience.


Instagram for Business?

Instagram began its journey in 2010, as a photo-sharing app for mobile phones. Within 5 years, the company managed to increase its user base to 500 million active users daily and 800 million monthly. And these are still growing. Instagram’s key trait is the sharing of its visual content, which gives businesses more chance to connect to users through pictures and videos.

Influencer Marketing
Influencer Marketing

But how is the photo-based concept well-suited to businesses? With Instagram’s active users growing massively every other day, the content divided using hashtags and targeting audience through demographics, the app is now slowly becoming the highest engaging platforms among other social media networks.

How to grow your Instagram for Social Media Marketing

How to use Instagram for Business?

If you’re looking for ways on how to grow your Instagram, you’ve come to the right place. Be it about boosting your online presence, building your business portfolio or marketing your product to the right audience, Instagram might just be the perfect tool you could ask for.

Find out three ways how you can use Instagram for Business:

1.    Use a bio that perfectly describes your business

The first thing that people notice on your Instagram profile is your bio. Focus on writing something that is not only to-the-point but also describes your service, who you are and what exactly you do, and convinces people to stay longer on your page and direct to your website.

A good technique is to add links of other social media, website or any contact numbers. Make sure they are clickable. You can also hire copywriters to do the job for you.

2.    Be real

The number one tip for acing the Instagram competition is to be who you are. There is no point for posting content/pictures that are fake and do not represent your business. Be honest with your followers instead of keeping them in deceit.

3.    Be Creative

With the insane competition all over the business world, users are constantly looking for content that is new and not copied from other sellers. Be visually creative, add pictures that attract more people, follow a color theme and use ideas that depict what you exactly do.

Make sure you use relevant hashtags. The ones that symbolize your presence on Instagram and encourage people to involve more. Apart from that, you can also initiate giveaways and competitions so more people can interact and participate. Lastly, take inspiration from business giants on how they exemplify their brand and add a unique presence of their business.

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