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10 Most Popular Lamp Styles for Every Home

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If you are looking to add a little illumination to your bedside, kitchen counters or even your study tables, we recommend on getting a classy lamp that’ll fit perfectly for each purpose. However, when purchasing a lampshade, a number of things would go over your head. Be it the style of the lamp, the color of the lighting or design, it can sometimes be hard to pick the right piece. (

To help make things less of trouble, we have compiled a list of 10 of the most popular lamp styles for you to choose. Read on below

1: Buffet Lamp

Dining Room

Tall, slender and sleek, a buffet lamp is high enough to illuminate your entire dining table when placed in the center. It is also great for office desks or floor corners. While it may be seamless to light your dinner tables, it is not recommended for living rooms or large spaces.

2: Arc Lamp

Image by Stel House

If you’re thinking of something stylish for your home, go for an Arc Lamp. It has a long arm and a shade that extends like an arc from the center. It takes up very little space and comes in various colors.

3: Swing Arm Lamps


These type of lamps are suitable for meeting specific needs. It comes with an adjustable arm that makes it both short and elevated so you can illuminate whatever spots you want to. Best when used as a table lamp.

4: Tripod Lamp

Tripod Lamp for Living Room
Image by: Decoist

While a Tripod Lamp can take a large portion of your living room, this stylish pick along with its three-legged base offers extra lighting and a unique trendy touch to your collection.

5: Torchiere Floor Lamps

Image by: Pottery Barn

You might have seen this beauty in movies. A torchiere lamp has a long, tall body that faces upwards to provide light directly at the ceiling. They have enough capacity to light up an entire room while also giving a vintage touch.

6: Boom Arm Lamp

Image by:

If you want something retro for your office desks or study tables, this boom arm lamp may be the right fit. The lamp is similar to a microphone stand that is straight and has a swinging adjustable arm. It might not be the best with children around since it can wobble down the desks easily.

7: Piano Lamp

Image by

Specially designed for musicians, this little lamp helps to illuminate piano or electric keyboards. It can also be used as a reading lamp that has a hood, which points all the light downwards.

8: Tree Lamp

Tree Lantern Lamp at a Sea

One of the most common types of lamps, a tree lamp comes in an array of designs. It has long branches similar to that of a tree. They are very helpful in lighting up large spaces since each branch can be targeted in a different direction.

9: Gooseneck Lamp

Gooseneck Lamp by: DECASO

As flexible as a neck, this style of lamp is great for drawing rooms while adding a finesse touch to the overall interior. They come with either an adjustable neck or a fixed neck with a curve to light up small spaces and reading spots.

10: Lava Lamp

Lava Lamp

Originated from the 1960’s this design comprises of a glass bottle containing wax and a liquid. There is a light bulb at the bottom, which heats up the entire bottle melting the wax while providing light all over.




We’ve found these lamp styles out of so many. let us know which one is your favorite.

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