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2019 as The Year of AI Advancements- What to expect

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, as the name suggests, is the concept of making machines able to think and make the right decisions on their own without disturbing the human race. For the past few years, the thought has started gaining immense popularity all over the world due to which AI has been partially implemented in several fields of life. Like, the Smartphone Industry leading the way. As the world is advancing, human beings are also looking for ways to not only make their life easier for themselves but also let machines do their work. In the distant future, the only solution to this challenge is the implementation of Artificial Intelligence on a larger scale. So the question is, what is this vast industry has in store for us during he current year of 2019.

Here are some of the expectations that people have regarding the upcoming world of AI Automation and Virtual Assistance.

Virtual Agents for every Individual:

Many companies have started implementing virtual agents in their companies to conduct business and help their clients in understanding them. These majorly include chatbots, which gives valid answers to different questions of the customers. Other than that, many social media companies and platforms have started fabricating virtual agents that will help their users in doing their work.  Virtual Assistants have actually helped businesses in increasing their sales without going through the repetitive process of answering the same questions.

Biometric Data Management:

Data management is still one of the biggest challenges we will be facing during 2019 but thanks to AI, this task is gradually getting easier. Biometric Data Management System is widely used by many Government and Private Sector Organizations to manage their data more effectively and efficiently. It can be used by a machine to identify a person based on his physical appearance and structure. Surprisingly, it never confuses one person with another. This is just a glimpse into what actually is AI capable of.

Robotic Work:

The future of AI in the industry is to replace human workers with robotic workers. It means, instead of using human services in the factory for manufacturing, assembling, testing, and packaging different products, companies will start using robots for the very purpose. However, the incorporation of robots is actually being predicted as a chance for industries to hire more workers for bigger purposes. 

Cyber Defense:

Cyber defense is the mechanism that is used to prevent online data from potential threats in order to avoid data breaching. As the world is moving toward cloud storage of information, breach of data is becoming a major issue that needs to be resolved as soon as possible. AI can help human beings in this regard.

Smart Learning:

AI has a major role in the process of smart learning. In the present age, knowledge is more important than learning. If you even have a little bit of knowledge about something you can easily perform that task using online assistance. Keeping this in view, students nowadays are being made to learn through visual and hearing aids.

Smart Recommendations:

Smart recommendations are one of the major useful tools that AI provides to human beings. Because when you search for a particular product or buy it, you start seeing all the products related to your interest. Consequently, you end up buying more than one thing and this is what modern digital marketing is all about.

Summing it up:

Artificial Intelligence has a very bright future. Its use is not only limited to that but also digital currency is a brand new aspect of AI where you have digital money stored online with an end to end encryption, no middlemen are required to perform purchases.

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