All the Ways to Browse Privately on the Internet.


Internet, the very tools that have made our life easier is also a great enemy if not used rightly. The gateway that has linked all the computers and machines in the world is not safe for every type of use. Precautionary steps are required to be taken if you need your data to be safe and sound. In addition, hackers have also made data breach a serious issue nowadays. Your Bank accounts, Credit cards or private and confidential data, nothing is safe enough from these hackers. So, the question arises, how can someone leave this platform in order to keep his information private while living in a digital world?

Here are some of the ways and tools you can use in order to maximize your online protection and browse privately on the internet.

    I.        Use of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs):

Virtual private networks or better known as VPNs are expert in diverting your online activities through various servers around the world. In this way, data becomes a lot harder to see and collect. In addition, the data trail is also impossible to figure out. It is best recommended when using a public WiFi network like that of coffee shops, hospitals, and hotels. These are easy to install, activate and are usually available free of cost.

  II.        Incognito Browsing and Guest Modes:

Incognito Browsing and Guest modes are also a smart option to choose when using a Desktop computer or Laptop other than your own personal one. It has the benefit of erasing data, passwords, and pin numbers the moment you close all the tabs or browser window. In this way, it is unable to keep records of your personal information in a place where the same computer is being used by all type of different users.

III.        TOR- based Online Surfing:

TOR based browsing is usually online available in TOR based Browser, the browsers which have been specially designed for the very purpose. Its basic concept is that when you perform some online activity, it routes your traffic through multiple servers present around the world before actually accessing the destination computer. Therefore, it becomes almost impossible to track that from which computer the request came from and where does the destination computer possibly lies.

IV.        Implementation of Digital Currency in Online Transactions:

Digital currency is the latest and most advanced form of online money transactions. It has the benefit that money trails are encrypted end to end with users i.e. no third party like banks is included in the procedure. A huge number of the world population has shifted to digital currency for the payment of their online purchases. And why not they should do so? As it is more reliable, secure, easy and safe to use.

Blockchain and Freelancing

Protection of online privacy has become a necessity in the present age. Recently, A lot of huge organizations have also faced lawsuits for using their clients’ data without their consent and knowledge. So in a world where privacy and data breach has become a real problem, the protection of our online data has also become our own responsibility.



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