Aimedis a AI based decentralized medical platform


What do you know about Aimedis?

Aimedis is a decentralized medical ecosystem which is going to use smart contracts, Artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to revolutionized the traditional medical system. The patients can trust this platform to collect, secure and share their vital medical record. To help the patients for getting quick medical treatment, Aimedis will provide online appointment, prescription and learning content facility. The incorporation of BP monitors, ECG and fitness trackers in the network will facilitate both doctors and patients.

What is the background of this idea?

With the increase in population, medical expenditures are rising gradually each year all over the world which force the healthcare units to search for cost effective and modified healthcare networks which can facilitate the whole community. People spend lots of money on their nutrition, fitness, sports and healthcare apps to maintain a healthy life but the data security and fraud activities stop many potential users to get medical treatment on time. To deal with all of these issues, Aimedis is on its way to offer a secure and reliable ecosystem which will deliver advance services to the patients with the help of a community of supporters and doctors.

By using AI and latest blockchain technology, Aimedis is going to provide advance tools for patient’s security and facility. This platform is combining doctors and patients together by offering the services of online prescription module, electronic appointment system, medical video library, AI based information analysis. It’s the platform which support medical tourism, AI facilitated medical treatments along with the collection and storage of important medical record of the patient.

What are the main advantages for the patients on Aimedis?

  • Real life solutions: By using mobile app and Aimedis bots, this platform wants to get the drug prescription and real information of the disease status. Aimedis is utilizing social media and healthcare forum to profile the medical requirements of the patients.
  • Health benefits for the patients: To encourage the patients to expand their health profiles, this medical network is utilizing the health information of other patients and taking help from the senior doctors
  • Data management: Aimedis gives the control of medical record management only to its patients. In the absence of patients their relatives will be allowed to get access and use their medical data.
  • Patients privacy: The authentic patient data is necessary for the treatment of the illness, so Aimedis ensure the collection of each single detail of patient’s history and keep the whole record in blockchain ledger which are private. The correct observation of the patient’s health is kept private without publishing it in public.
  • Record of patients wishes: In case of a complicated medical treatment (organ transplant, complex operation etc.), the patients can record their expectation and latest directives by using a simple app. The patients consent facilitates the doctors to treat the disease without any hesitation. In case of family decision to start a procedure Aimedis will utilize multi signature smart contract.

Why Aimedis is a better ecosystem for the healthcare services?

This platform is based on a Netherland healthcare company which aims to introduce the latest healthcare solutions in the world. A professional team of high ranked doctors and medical processionals control the whole Aimedis network. Aimedis will connect the hospital, doctors, scientific research institutes and patients at a single platform to provide equal benefits to professionals and patients in the medical area. Recently to optimized the healthcare services, Aimedis is working with 20 hospitals in three different countries and serving more than 10,000 patients. Each patient is the owner of its data which can be sold to other patients on its own choice. By using a dual blockchain system, some records of the patient are kept private while other get publish for by using the Ethereum blockchain.

Which token is used by Aimedis?

  • Token name: AIM

Each hospital and medical institution have to hold AIM token as low as $20.000 to use the Aimedis portal. The patients will get rewards in AIM tokens for their participation in the trial by the researchers. Those participants who give their voting content in AIMsocial medical community will get rewards via AIM tokens. The hard cap will end on 300 million AIM tokens, and the unsold tokens at the end of the sale.

Token detail:

  • Price: $0,12 = 1 AIM
  • Total supply: 600 million tokens
  • For sale: 300 million tokens
  • Type: ERC-20
  • Acceptable currency: ETH

Token allocation:

  • Board, supporters, and team: 20%
  • Community + marketing: 20%
  • Reserve tokens: 5%
  • Legal reserve: 5%
  • ICO: 50%


Aimedis is going to revolutionized the old communication system between the patients, hospital and doctors by providing an advance medical platform powered by smart contracts, Blockchain and Artificial intelligence. The mission of this medical company is to offer secure, transparent and profitable services to facilitate the professionals and patients. By using advance tools and various medical features, Aimedis will become the first global decentralized healthcare network. If you are interested in future oriented ideas of cryptocurrency then visit its site for more details.

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