Alfa Enzo Foundation a distributed Smart market environment 




Alfa Enzo Foundation is a unique smart market ecosystem which will fulfill the requirements of the users. To provide a global huge local social network, Alfa Enzo Foundation is going to combine the high speed POA with the social network. The consumers can get tokens depending upon the time spend on the platform. The team strives to launch global Distributed Operated System which will operate on peer to peer topology. This platform seeks to create an advance economy worldwide, where users and companies can do trading and transactions freely and safely.

What is the gap and problem which Alfa Enzo wants to solve?

  • Non effective use: The cryptocurrency market is growing rapidly, but still many people are unable to get benefits from the decentralized world. The previous DLT apps and digital currencies failed to prove effective in daily utilization.
  • Slow system: The recent blockchain based platforms are complex and slow. The users face lots of issues for the transaction of micro payments. Inspite of having an experienced team and latest technology, these networks cannot compete with MasterCard or Visa.
  • Complex and insecure: Although, users can get several benefits with the use of digital currency but the complex nature of the platform makes the collection, understanding and utilization of cryptocurrency hard.

How Alfa Enzo Foundation will fill the gaps?

Alfa Enzo Foundation is on its way to develop a distributed commerce environment with mass market digital currency. The mobile usage is increasing day by day and social network is connecting users, so by using a distributed DLT, Alfa Enzo can interconnect the peers. Without effecting the trust and security of the users, this platform is allowing the users to control the privacy of UGC (User generated Content) on the digital network. An inbuilt economy will be generated with the contribution of consumer information and time, which will increase the value of the Enzo token and Alfa Enzo Foundation platform. Just to solve the previous problems Alfa Enzo Foundation is taking help from the HCI, distributed information model, encryption and advance system designs to develop the best features for the regular users i.e. EON, multi-blockchain ecosystem etc. The expert team is going to combine the advance wallet, exchange, user recognition service and hardware for the use of cryptocurrency in a natural way.

What are the main features of this platform?

  • Push: The self advertising ecosystem will help in the advertisement activity to reach the target people in short duration with lower. The willing users can get benefits from the paid announcements and advertisements which are delivered by the publishers and advertisers.  The publishers can develop the Alfa ads by using the video editing tools on the platform.
  • Valet: Alfa Enzo foundation is going to make digital currency management easy and simple with the help of Valet. For the transaction and holding of the NZO tokens, valet is a best payment gateway and light wallet which will be required in each Dapp on EON platform.
  • Alfa: To allow the members of the platform to analyze and control their identity, smart contracts and interests, Alfa Enzo Foundation is going to offer an essential protocol named Alfa. The one app experience will provide several app characteristics at one place. The members can communicate freely with additional layers of natural encrypted chats.
  • Distributed source: gNZO are supplied to the regular users around the world without any restriction. The high level of mesh network along with decentralized world, helps to issue the token with resistant of centralized management and monopoly.

Which utility token is used on this platform?

  • Token name: NZO

The EON network is operating on the digital currency named Enzo (NZO) which is maintaining the value of this platform. Initially 21 billion NZO tokens will be released in the market. The Enzo basic value will be derived from the time and activity of the users.

Where the users can use the Enzo tokens?

The merchants can get payments for their physical or digital products with Enzo tokens, whereas the users can use it to pay for the decentralized data storage, services integrated with Dapp, to get time registration and to manage the advertising service with Push. The rewards and commissions will also be paid in NZO token.

Token details:

  • Token price: 1 NZO = $0.01
  • Soft cap: 25,000,000
  • Hard cap: 100,000,000
  • Standard of token: ERC 20
  • Acceptable payment: ETH

Token allocation: 

  • Public offer: 60%
  • Team: 10%
  • Foundation: 25%
  • Reserve: 5%

Closing words:

EON ecosystem is promoting the importance of time with value. This platform strives to established the concept of time with advance technology. The team wants to combine the past on social ecosystem with the future on calendar and analyze the recent time on messaging. Alfa Enzo Foundation aims to achieve the set goals and allow the huge adoption of digital currency quickly. If you need any further detail related to emerging cryptocurrency ideas, then visit its site for more data.

Link to Alfa Enzo Foundation:

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