Araw a transparent e-commerce environment with advance tools 


What is Araw platform?

Araw is the first global marketplace which is going to connect the online buyers and merchants together with the help of a decentralized platform and united reward system. Araw has an aim to provide benefits to the buyers by merging the banking payment and e-commerce system. To attract the buyers, users and merchants, Araw is going to provide an effective and scalable platform based on smart contracts and simple Ethereum blockchain, where retailers, brands and purchasers can interreact with each other in a secure, transparent and trustful environment. The team wants to upgrade the traditional point system of the online e-commerce business to Araw token.

What is the issue in traditional online shopping ecosystem?

The e-commerce market is getting famous with each passing day which is attracting the customers and online retailers to enhance the trade volume. The merchants sales from the e-commerce platform is estimated to reach 14.6 percent while the worldwide sale will become 2.66 trillion dollars in 2020 due to the increase in the number of online buyers. The high transaction fees, delay in payments, third party involvement, less practical use of crypto asset, fraud activities and lack of expert team are the main issues of traditional e-commerce market which is reducing the potential and earning of several businesses. Usually several steps are needed to approve a simple transaction and the high transaction fees decrease the amount of charge back. Not a single platform offered the mobile transaction facility. Most of the tools provided by the existing platforms are unable to fulfill the requirements of the buyers due to their complex and slow nature. The retailers want to use a simple and advance platform which will reach the regular customers easily.

What’s the objective and main component of the Araw platform?

It’s the era of latest technology and cryptocurrency. So, Araw aims to provide an alternative and united rewarding system to revolutionized the previous online shopping experience. For developing a secure and sustanable global e-commerce ecosystem, token holders, retailers, customers and brands will be rewarded via Araw token. To offer better e-commerce marketplace, Araw platform is focusing on the following components.

  • User friendly Mobile wallets: The Araw mobile wallet is going to serve as a digital currency exchange and token holding place. By offering advance and simple tools, Araw is going to ensure adoption of ARAW token by consumers and merchants all over the world.
  • Campaign management: The merchants can grow their business with special campaign organization which help them to increase the adoption rate.
  • Customer app: It is specially created for the customers to develop a better bond with the merchants. The Araw customer app can be utilized to get and use the Araw token, to search for the amazing rewards and better deals.
  • Business app: It is specially used by the retailers and brands to work on the orders generated by the buyers. It gives a better business experience to the merchants by analyzing the returning customers and increasing their revenue.
  • Diversity: To enhance the value of Araw coin, this platform is going to reach several channels and users to provide a decentralized payment system and global e-commerce ecosystem. The merchants, digital currency exchanges, buyers, users bank account and smart contracts will be connected with each other by a single platform.

What are the main features of Araw platform?

The Araw token ecosystem is going to connect the retailers and buyers with each other by offering some unique features i.e. uniform reward system, online payments, Global API platform, peer to peer network, incorporation of banking system, digital currency exchange, blockchain technology and Araw card.

Which special token is using on this platform?

  • Name: Araw token

What is the importance of Araw token?

The continuous trading and utilization of Araw token within the platform will increase the market value of the Araw coin. By using Araw wallet, users can hold their Araw tokens to get better exchange value.

By merchants:

  • Araw token is required by the merchants to pay for campaigns and to reward the potential users who help to increase the sales of the digital assets and products.
  • The merchants can pay the customer with the help of Araw token to grow their ranking of potential and loyal customers.

By buyers:

  • Buyers can pay for online purchasing at Araw e-commerce ecosystem with the help of Araw token.
  • Buyers can buy Araw token through their personal wallets by using Ethereum of fiat currency.

Token detail

  • Start of Pre sale: 1st July
  • End of Pre sale: 10th September to 9th November
  • Price: 0.01 USD = 1 ARAW

Token distribution: (5000 million Araw tokens)

  • Reserve tokens: 750 million (15 percent)
  • Bounty: 150 million (3 percent)
  • Advisors: 150 million (3 percent)
  • Team and founders: 450 million (9 percent)
  • For sale: 3500 million (70 percent)


Araw platform is going to combine e-commerce world with cryptocurrency to offer cost effective and fast online purchasing ecosystem. The global access and advance tools of Araw with will bring a great revolution in online shopping world. The friendly user interface with fast mobile transaction will solve the problem of complex e-commerce platforms. The users and merchants can freely connect to each other without facing geographical restrictions and delay in transactions. If you want to know furure oriented digital currency ideas, then visit its site for more details.

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