I Will Do Custom Desktop And Web Bot

For web automation tools in Python, HTML and jQuery / Ajax or desktop application in Python Gui Modules (PyQt, Tk, wxpython .)
webApp can collect information from any source (even the necessary access or data is from hidden js) and insert the information collected into the database or export it in csv, xlsx or normal txt file. You can find pictures / pdf and download directly to the server. You can send any form where you do not need captcha . It can be converted to the desktop application.
Examples of web applications:
Get information about the products from the distributor’s website, such as pictures, titles, description, attributes, price … and put it on your site so that the unique products
Download product information from your website and create a table for Amazon imports
Bulk price change in your store related items

All you can imagine: The tool / bot design will not be very good, except that a good design is required to get extra dollars, but it will answer so you can use it from your phone / tablet.

  • The desktop application can do all this + captchas and multi threading, but without custom design.
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Depository.network DEPO is the first multi-platform network

Depository Network

Introduction to Depository Network:

Depository Network is the first global multi-platform which will allow the lenders from all over the world to accept any type of digital asset as a collateral. It is a B2B future oriented idea which is combining the blockchain technology with traditional lending procedure. Near future, due to the mass adoption of this platform, it will reach the tipping point.

Background of this Network:

The sudden rise in bitcoin market is attracting many supporters from businesses to professions towards blockchain technology. Asset tokens, crypto currency, government bonds and digital corporate are considered as the best digital assets and blockchain technology is disrupting many industries by developing its own globally trading token. But it is difficult to value the digital asset or create any type of blockchain network for their utilization.

That’s why Depository Network is going to provide a safe, essential and decentralized depository for the collateral assets.

What are the problems in the previous system?

Bloch chain digital asset market capitalization:  With the emerging benefits of blockchain, the blockchain digital asset market capitalization is increasing. This digital asset is still very unpopular in the traditional financial world but still owners of both digital and traditional financial world want a platform to fulfill the same needs i.e. liquidity of asset, use and deposit.

Digital asset locked financial value: The owners of the digital asset should sell their assets to get advantage because it is not necessary it has liquidity. The selling also involves high taxes and fees which eliminates the option to get any type of profit from these assets.

Lenders cannot use digital asset as collateral: Institutions have no depository services for the digital asset which results in locking of financial asset with high capitalization.

Lenders cannot develop their own depositories: The private companies and lenders cannot create their own digital asset depositories because it is time consuming, expensive, out of scope and inefficient.

Solution provided by Depository Network:

Depository Network is going to provide a safe digital asset collateral system on which several collateral depository platforms can be developed. The owners of the coins, tokens or digital asset can get loans from a large number lending institution by pledging his crypto asset as a collateral. The collateral asset can be kept as a separate secure independent depository. Loans can be provided independently in any currency which will be supported by the lender.


This system is using cryptographically safe multi signature wallet which will be used to store smart contracts and assets to execute the transactions. The parties cannot act on their own discretion because the key is kept by the DEPO and lender. Three to five multi-signature wallets are used depending on the amount of the collateral.


The Depository Network is allowing the lending institutes to create independent depository within the network to eliminate the need for centralized and state-owned depositories. Such type of network will be provided to the users where several independent depositories can be created by banks or any certified credit all over the globe.

What are the benefits to use DEPO Network?

  • The multi signature collateral contracts and other collateral smart contracts provide secure and decentralized solutions for the acceptance of any type of digital asset.
  • This network is completely integratable with any kind of lender website.
  • This system is flexible, tax and time saving with many infinite customization options.
  • The independent service providing facility and quick set up make this network unique.
  • The owner of the digital asset will get potential benefits from any future increase in value because the digital asset retains the ownership of the borrower.

How Depository Network work for lenders?

The Depository Network is offering an independent depository platform to every lender where they can accept any type of digital asset as a collateral. During the entire loan period, the holders of the crypto asset retain the ownership. Every lender decides the terms for collateral and the market volatility is controlled by permitting a partial demand or sale for additional collateral during the loan period.

How Depository works for the borrowers?

The borrowers who want a loan first visit the trustable lender then they select a best lone option which allow them to use the crypto asset as a collateral. A contract is signed between the lender and borrower. The digital asset is deposit on borrower’s DEPO. The borrowers can get the cash to use it according to the plan after the loan is approved.


This platform is using DEPO token which can be used by any borrower to submit the fees for storing the collateral and lender to submit the annual fee for the setup. The demand of DEPO token will be increased with the addition of new lenders and borrowers.

Token Detail:

  • Token name: DEPO token
  • Token price: 02 USD
  • Hard cap:8 million USD
  • Soft cap: 5 million USD

Token distribution:

  • Pre- sale and ICO: 50%
  • Depo Reserve: 26%
  • Team and founders: 12 %
  • Bounty, Advisors and Airdrop: 12%


Depository Network is a decentralized, secure Network with authorized data access. From the power of the digital asset to locked value, this platform is considering many issues. Depository is the world’s first platform with decentralized digital asset collateral. This infrastructure is creating an entire new environment, in which several platforms can be built easily. i.e. banking, corporate, family, company and government. If you are interested in this ICO, then visit its site for more details.

Learn more about Depository Network:

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Taurus0x.com Decentralized and Centralized Exchange

Introduction to Taurus0x:

Being a protocol, Taurus0x is supporting both decentralized and centralized exchanges along with dApp. With cryptocurrency, this protocol standardizes the trading of any other digital asset. The contracts secured with asymmetric cryptography can be issued by any entity on Taurus0x protocol. The blockchain technology provides a secure and trustable environment. Taurus0x is a distributed on-chain and off-chain protocol which powers the smart derivatives for any asset on any type of the network from end to end.

Problem which Taurus0x is going to solve:

The traditional business logic and centralization of data has lots of critical economics and technical risks i.e. market monopolization, data breaches and trust issues with third party entities due to the malicious activities.

To solve the problems of the market, this protocol is using Ethereum blockchain to provide a medium to the community to create DApps which can handle any logic in Java (mainstream programming language). Decentralized exchanges provide the Ethereum smart contracts to perform asset swaps and derivative trading. The on chain and off chain combination has the potential to move the protocol from centralized to full decentralized world.

Why Taurus0x is better?

Taurus0x is a secured platform which undergo the regular security testing and compliance to stop the data breaches. Taurus0x does not rely on third party or central authority, so there is no central point of failure.  The developers are creating a best solution to cover the wide spectrum of expertise and knowledge to help the traders. It is easy to use and simple to understand with transparency. This protocol is encouraging talent to build their own customers or participate in product enhancement to communicate with the core protocol.

Users of Taurus0x:


Taurus0x protocol is specially designed for the traders and allow them to participate in the daily changing market seamlessly. Based upon the lighter knowledge and unified experience, Taurus0x is providing the standard to serve the traders in competitive market.


Taurus0x is a market protocol which is serving the decentralized and centralized exchanges. The core developer tool serves as a standardized derivative of trading module and make the order relayers to plug simple.


The Taurux0x Trust Foundation has the executive branch of the community developers. Taurus0x is an open source and DApp developers may create the proprietary Fintech application or open source to fulfill the community guidelines.

What are the modes of operation of Taurus0x?

  • Peer to peer mode: The contract participants of peer to peer mode do not rely on the intermediary source. The contracts are generated and signed offline locally by the contact maker. Over any network, the signed contracts are transformed to a taker who provides signature for the contracts, then it is published to the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Exchange mode: For transaction completion, the participants communicate by a moderator in the exchange mode. The moderator is responsible for relaying orders, matching algorithms, verifying and collecting signature, providing price points for assets and publishing contracts.

What are the benefits of using Taurus0x?

Plug and play:

Tauraus0x is not limited to digital currency, it is a base layer protocol instead of an exchange which strengthens the derivative market for any other exchange. Decentralized and centralized exchanges can plug and play Taurus0x in the advance digital ecosystem and without writing any line of code, it provides automatic support for derivative trading.


This protocol is powering the decentralized peer to peer network trading without any centralized point of presence. Taurus0x is building trust management, running off chain cryptographic functions and setting the contracts on Ethereum blockchain without any downtime issue.

Open Source:

For the whole blockchain community, Taurus0x is serving as an open source project. To bootstrap the developer adoption, this project consists of JavaScript software development kit and solidity smart contracts. The protocol evolution is governed by DAO or Decentralized Autonomous Organization.

What is token registry?

Taurus0x protocol is implementing a core smart contract known as TokenRegistry. This contract is storing the supported ERC20 token metadata: symbol, address, decimal and name. The token registry does the job of keeping the mapping because Ethereum blockchain understand the addresses instead of symbols or names. The issued contract does not need to implement with token registry as they are self-contained. The tokens can be removed or added but they cannot be edited.


This protocol is utilizing Taurus0x token which is based on Ethereum blockchain technology. By choosing a protocol version, the users will allow to choose a proxy to provide ERC20 token allowance to publish a contract. Taurus0x do not charge any fees and serve as an open source for the users. The other independent DApp or exchanges relayers on the protocol will come with attach fees to contract engagement. Fee is charged per contract and dominates in the protocol token but Taurus0x is free to use.

Token detail:

  • Token name: Taurus0x
  • Symbol: Taur
  • Price: 1ETH= 10000 Taur
  • Total supply: 250 million Taur
  • Soft cap: none
  • Hard cap: 15,090 ETH.

Token allocation:

  • Team and advisors: 15%
  • Taurus0x trust: 15%
  • Growth reserve: 5%
  • Pre-sale: 5%
  • Round 1: 10%
  • Round 2: 20%
  • Round 3: 30%


Taurus0x protocol is a network agnostic so the contract is transferred to the takers directly from the makers. This protocol is supporting derivative assets along with cryptocurrency. The blockchain scalability limitation mitigates due to the off chain contracts which decrease the number of needed tips for the blockchain network. This protocol has message formats facility to facilitate the inter DApp operability, inter exchange and mitigate data fragmentation. If you are interested in this ICO then visit its site.

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Veiag.com Virtual Economic Investment Academia Guild

What is VEIAG about?

Introduction to VEIAG:

VEIAG is an international organization which is working for the implementation and development of the value-based business ideas all over the world. VEIAG is integrating its operations and strategies into the global principles of human rights, labor, anti-corruption, and environment. This platform strives to promote the action of the society to develop an environment in which people can contribute in the stable development projects.

What is the vision of VEIAG?

VEIAG has an aim to promote sustainable economic growth for development and growth of the communities. It will also help the people to pursue their dreams and get the new opportunities. This platform strives to enable economic empowerment, poverty eradication, and environment strengthen ship. By working on the highlighted unsustainable development goals, this platform wants to resolve the international challenges. This platform will use the responsible and innovative business operations at the center of economic growth.

What are the main components of VEIAG?

  • VEIAG academia: To develop a comfortable environment in which educators, investors, and guild members will gain access to extensive knowledge, this platform is also offering access to several practical tools to help the learners to adopt a practical solution to many relevant problems in their community.
  • VEIAG Virtual Academy: To strengthen the personal learning skills, VEIAG virtual academy is providing instructional videos, exercises and live online classes in various topics i.e. investment, economics, business. finance, the standard of ethical psychology and its rules. The people can share their opinions and can have a deep discussion on an innovative idea.
  • Research Institute: VEIAG research institute is different from the virtual academy. It is specially developed for the search of the advance investment strategies and business ideas. The members can ensure their full participation by providing input personally or virtually. The projects will be implemented after proposing and assessing. The main goal of this component is to maintain a high standard of advancement and VEIAG community.

What is VEIAG guild?

VEIAG guild is a community which includes the VEIAG leader team along with the people with the same outlook. There is a large number of sub communities who manage all the things from application process and academia to implementation and development of the strategies for advance business projects.

VEIAG guild deals with every problem from real estate purchases to business ventures and acceptance of new candidates. But the consensus model demands the participation of every guild member in daily operations in the organization. All the token holders are the part of VEIAG community and they can contact by using the chatting feature on the platform.

Rights of the contributor in the community:

These are some rights which are provided to the VEIAG token holders.

  • They can apply for guild membership.
  • They can offer new business ideas and ventures.
  • They can participate in different sessions of VEIAG academy classes on any current topic.
  • They can attend the annual VEIAG summit to discuss the new business plans.

How to become a member of VEIAG guild?

The contributor should completely be vetted by the recent leader team to get the membership of VIEAG guild. The participating member has to follow a complex application process, demonstrate their commitment to promote the advance research and confirm their participation as a leading professor in the respective department.

The guild is looking for a person who actively participates in the discussion and understands the community relation for the consistent assessment. Each new participant becomes a member of a research institute to interact with the education and business.

VEIAG guild is the programmatic platform to promote the business and education, so the members are expected to act socially, respectfully and mindfully on each matter.

What are the benefits of VEIAG?

  • Catalyst: VEIAG platform will support and catalyze the innovative businesses, value-based projects, its solution, and maintenance.
  • Transparent management: To encourage a stable ecosystem, VEIAG will launch a transparent management system which developed on the communal social base.
  • Transparent and ethical profits: By using the transparent and ethical profits, VEIAG will increase the token holder relation, strengthen the supply chain, increase the project sustainability value and recognize the advance business opportunities and improve the social responsibility.
  • Stability and transparency: With the introduction of real-time gold-backed, VEIAG will create transparency and stability in the growing crypto market.
  • Physical and Tangible value: By providing an exceptional level of security, VEIAG will give tangible and physical value to the token holders on their holding.
  • Gold billion: With the allocation of 25% from the organizational profit, VEIAG will give a continuous stream of earning to the token holders.

What are the sustainable development goals of VEIAG?

VEIAG is working to gain these goals in near future i.e. zero hunger, no poverty, quality education, good and well-being, clean water and sanitation, affordable and clean energy, required inequalities, decent work and economic growth, responsible consumption and production, climate action, life on land and partnership for the goals.

Which token is used on this platform?

VEIAG is utilizing the VEIAG token which is running on the Ethereum blockchain. Due to the secure blockchain protocol, the users can do the transaction without any fraud.

Token details:

  • Token name: VEIAG
  • Token Supply: 1 billion tokens

Token allocation:

  • Team: 10%
  • Bounty: 5%
  • Pre ICO-sale: 10%
  • Future sale: 25%
  • ICO sale: 40%
  • Founders: 10%


VEIAG has an aim to promote the transparent investment & transaction and allow the business ventures to work for the maintenance of the planet by offering the services and good for the development of the community which is linked with small-scale businesses. VEIAG is a community of experts who want to gain knowledge and advice from other experts. If you are interested in future-oriented crypto plans then visit VEIAG site for further information.

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Coinect.com Cutting-edge blockchain system

Introduction to COINECT:

COINECT is a based decentralized AI investment platform which helps the users to analyze the market and do risk free trading. The economic potential of the trading product will be increased when there will be systematic chances that the potential risk of the trading will be reduced by using COINECT trading system. This platform is created on the hype wave of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology whose market is growing continuously with a capital income and monthly profit of 20-25%.  Due to increase in investment, the digital currency market is still growing and it will soon replace the fiat trading system.

Why is this project important?

Today there are several opportunities to gain profit from investment on several financial platforms but classical trading is the most popular private investment for the traders. They buy the product at low price and sell it at the high price to earn money. Due to the advance approach in the trading market, the traders want to minimize the potential risks of the investment and increase the average investment outcomes. To fulfill the requirements of the traders, COINECT team has developed, created and used the algorithmic system in several financial platforms. The COINECT team is using its strategies and experience to deal with the major financial instruments, simple funds, and institutional clients.

What is the vision of COINECT?

COINECT has the vision to find opportunities for the growth of financial profit of their client and team. Daily to improve the quantity and quality of the financial sector, many new ideas are introduced in the crypto market. Each platform is developed on some rules and introduced new ways to earn the profit. So, COINECT strives to be ahead of time by interacting with latest financial instrument, products, and exchanges. To minimize the effect of external factors on the investment and stabilize the price, most of the contributors are using COINECT Artificial intelligence system in the trading world.

Which problem is solved by COINECT in traditional system?

Due to the emergence of new ideas and technology the trend of trading led to the proliferation of cryptocurrency. The artificial and natural demand of the digital currency become the reason for the creation of many international trading platforms. The investors and users want to participate in the cryptocurrency world but the increase capitalization of cryptocurrency and increase in liquidity of these platforms causes the loss of long term investment appeal of the users. To fulfill the needs of the users, COINECT has designed an amazing system which will draw the attention of the traders and investors to the next generation of digital investment products. Based upon the decentralized arbitrage algorithm, COINECT is using the machine learning algorithms to introduce the next generation automated crypto trading system.

What is the mission of COINECT?

COINECT is going to launch an innovative decentralized trading system through which the users can get and capitalize on returns on the basis of the size of the investment ranges from 20 to 25 percent per month. By using algorithm, the potential risks of trading will be reduced and stock exchange investment will increase the economic attractiveness of the product.

What is the main advantage of this system?

By executing the arbitrage option, final results will become independent from the market investment of crypto instrument. The self-learning algorithm will eliminate the need of input of other parameter and online risk management system.

What are the benefits to use COINECT?

  • Artificial intelligence: To maximize the profit and to find the best arbitrage way, COINECT is taking the help from algorithm of machine learning. (Artificial intelligence)
  • 200+ trading tools: The users can analyze more than 200 trading tools and instruments at the same time.
  • No delay: This system works continuously without any error or delay due the series based executing trading platform.
  • 25+ cryptocurrency exchanges: At the same time, the users can analyze more than 25 cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Less risk: The risk of trading is reduced due to the deep learning algorithm and point arbitrage trading based upon Artificial Intelligence methods.
  • Without human factor: This system is independent of the human involvement. It is based completely on the automatic platform.

How does this system work?

COINECT system uses the machine learning method i.e. Arbitrage and historical data.

  • Historical data: To search for the maximum profitable series of digital trading, COINECT system analyze the learning, historical data and take help from the calculated expected data values.
  • Arbitrage: To do a best decision, this system is using median calculation methods.

Which token is used by this platform?

COINECT is utilizing the COI token which can be purchased by using the existing cryptocurrency i.e. Bitcoin cash, Bitcoin and Ethereum. Any user who will support the COINECT ICO in its early stages will get the COIN token in bonus. COINECT is going to launch a decentralized AI based investment system with automatic payout and transparent condition which will depend upon blockchain technology. The team of COINECT is supporting this project by taking a commission of 20% from the received profit from the trading which will happen from this platform

Token detail:

  • Token Name: COI
  • Total supply: 25 million COI
  • Sale will start: 25th June 2018
  • Sale will end on: 28th June 2018

Token allocation:

  • Token holder: 95%
  • Bounty: 5%

Rounds of ICO 1st round limit: 3 days

  • Bonus: 20%
  • Value: $0.7
  • The release of token: 2 million COI

2nd round limit: 5 days

  • Bonus: 10%
  • Value: $0.8
  • The release of token: 3 million COI

3rd round limit: 7 days

  • Bonus: 5%
  • Value: $0.9
  • The release of token: 8 million COI

4th round limit: 14 days

  • Bonus: 0%
  • Value: $1
  • Release of tokens: 12 million COI

Conclusion: COINECT is the best platform for market analysis and trading which is integrating AI system into the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. This system is completing the need of the traders who want to do potential investment in best projects of digital currency. If you want to analyze the digital currency market then visit the site of COINECT for further information.

Learn more about COINECT

Website:https://coinect.com/ Telegram:https://t.me/coinect_ico Github:https://github.com/CoinectOfficial Whitepaper:https://coinect.com/WP_en.pdf

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Shipit.me NextGen Crowd Express Delivery Platform

What is Shipit about?

Introduction to Shipit:

Shipit is a blockchain based platform which connects the senders and travelers with a mobile app to decide the ship packages and affordable cost of the shipment. Shipit wants to offer the best courier, crowd shipping and crowdsource services all over the world. With the unique and revolutionary services, Shipit will change the entire traditional shipment business and it will become an irreplaceable platform for shipping. Shipit is going to integrate the blockchain and smart contracts in the shipping business to make the life of the people easy all over the globe. With the use of Shipit tokens, this platform is ensuring the safety, transparency, and ease of tracking on all deliveries.

What is the problem in traditional shipping business?

The traditional shipping business has lots of issues i.e. delay delivery, high risk of loss of shipments, expenses of shipping services etc. The inefficient postal and customer services are causing many problems from theft to excessive paperwork.  Commercial courier companies involve many machinery, people, and equipment to handle insurance policy of the shipment and it leads to high shipping cost. They have their own railway, motor, water or air ways for transport but the collection of data on shipping processing and status involve many intermediaries whose cost is borne by the customer. Delivery of the shipment also takes more time from one place to another due to the lack of conversation between the people involved in the shipment, so delivery occurs in days, weeks or months. Sometime, the security issues arise when the shipment get lost in the other country. Although parcel and courier delivery make our life easy, but it has many issues which need to be solved.

What are the benefits of Shipit platform?

  • Simple: Shipit is the most simple and efficient platform where you can find out who is going to travel to the place where you want to deliver your shipment and who is ready to deliver your item.
  • Safe: Shipit platform has a shipping system of review, deposits and multi-factor verification to ensure the secure delivery.
  • The advantage for Sender: Shipit is offering best services which are efficient and safe for the senders. It also reduces the shipping costs of the order.
  • The advantage for the traveler: Shipit is using an efficient tool which allows the travelers to make their trips cost-efficient and simple.

What are the features of Shipit platform?

  • Crypto Wallet: The cryptocurrency integration into shipping business will allow the instant transactions. The user can convert the fiat into cryptocurrency to pay for the services in the app. The crypto tokens are held in the wallet of Shipit platform.
  • Safety and reputation: This platform deals with the security issues in a serious way. The travelers and senders have to follow the strict rules to make this platform safe for each user.
  • Security deposits: Deposits are treated as an insurance for shipping but they are optional. To prevent loss, theft or damage to the goods, Shipit utilizes the security deposits.  It safeguards the sender rights.
  • Friendly community: To ensure the transparency and security, the users pass the verification process. Shipit supervises the service quality and supports the traveler/client during shipping.
  • Usability: The sharing economy and crowdsource model are very effective and popular. Shipit is going to create a history by operating the shipping business on a mobile app.
  • Efficiency: Shipit is allowing the clients to save their money for shipping their items to far off places, after finding the best person for the delivery.
  • Factoring: Shipit changes a small factoring fee to make a deposit for the travelers. For shipment security, the travelers pay the Shipit factoring to solve the problems of deposit.
  • Smart Contracts: Without any moderator, the smart contracts are the excellent solution to automize the shipping process. The tractions history is recorded on the blockchain whenever a traction is proceeded by a smart contract.
  • Mail forwarding: Shipit has the vision to create an advance trading network which can get items from any country. Mail forwarding is buying a thing from cross-border and take it out from the purchasing country by utilizing intermediary services.

How Shipit platform work for the traveler and sender?

Shipit monitors all the shipment after verifying the users. The whole process becomes fast and simple due to the interactive interface.

  • Senders: After posting a list they set a meetup with the traveler. They can track the delivery by using the Shipit tracking system. When the shipment is complete they pay for the delivery.
  • Travelers: After picking a list they set a meetup with the sender. They deliver the shipment after communicating with the customer. When the shipping is complete they get paid.

Which token is used by this platform?

Shipit is utilizing the SHPT token to proceed the shipping business all over the world. This token will allow the users to pay for the services of Shipit app. Total 500 million tokens will be generated and unsold tokens will be burnt out at the end of the sale.

Token detail:

  • Token name: SHPT
  • Total supply: 500 million
  • Hard cap: 24 million USD
  • Soft cap: 3 million USD
  • Price: $0.1 = 1 SHPT
  • Accepted payment: BTC, ETH, LTC

Token allocation:

  • Token sale: 75%
  • Partners or advisors: 5%
  • Bounty campaign: 5%
  • Team: 15%


Shipit is going to revolutionize the shipping business by integrating the blockchain and smart contracts in shipment. To solve the issues of the expensive and complex courier services, Shipit is offering many solutions to allow the users to track and ship their shipment at low risk and cost. If you are interested in the advance shipping cryptocurrency idea, then visit their site.

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Trendnetwork.online an anonymous, decentralized, people-oriented service showcasing and distribution platform

Introduction of Trend Network:

Trend Network is a people-oriented service showcasing, decentralized, anonymous and distribution platform which is developed on an interplanetary file system and tested Ethereum protocol. The token holders can do the transactions on the platform by using the ERC20 based Trend Network token. This token work with IoT, so it is compatible with any advance system and can last for hundred of years.

What is the vision of Trend Network?

Trend Network has the vision to develop a platform which can fulfill the requirements and purposes of the clients and service providers. To provide the cost-effective and easy showcase or selling services, Trend Network is utilizing smart contracts over the Ethereum protocol. Trend Network has an aim to incorporate the advanced user interface to allow the users to view and browse the services. Trend Network wants to offer the most convenient platform by supporting the fiat and crypto currency.

What is the mission of Trend Network?

To encourage the growth of the ecosystem, Trend Network is going to integrate the blockchain technology into the business industry. This platform has a mission to promote the utilization of digital currency among the common people by solving the problems for the well-being of the service providers community. Trend Network is supporting several payment options along with TREND NETWORK token to familiarize the general public with the usage of cryptocurrency. Though TREND NETWORK token is the main mode of value exchange on this platform, the other fiat or cryptocurrency can also be used to purchase the services. By using the Fiat Currency this platform is allowing the common users to enter into the digital currency and blockchain domain.

What is the problem in the business industry?

The traditional business industry consists of clients and service providers who spend most of their time to produce asset, services or creative pursuits to grow their businesses. Due to the increase in the usage of internet, most of the service providers are shifting towards the online work where their clients can directly buy from their showcasing platform. Most of the service providers prefer to use the third party platform i.e. online content distribution and showcasing platform which charges a high fee from 15% to 40 % on service usage. These high charges forced them to settle for lesser payout or to increase the cost of their work.

The business owners are facing lots of problems in the traditional business system, starting from the low frequency of latest content updates, high prices, lack of fresh talent, complex payment support and geographical barriers for accessibility. In past, many ideas were attempted to solve the main issues but they all failed due to their complex technology.

Problem solved by Trend Network:

To deal with all the problems of the traditional business system, Trend Network is going to create a simple and efficient platform which can be used by all the users around the globe irrespective of their knowledge of blockchain technology or digital currency. This platform is going to integrate the blockchain technology in the business system to eliminate the involvement of the third party. With the use of fiat and cryptocurrency, this platform will offer low transaction and operating cost to the users who can access Trend Network from any place in the world. To the main stakeholders, this decentralized platform is offering high flexibility and freedom to upload their work on their own selling price. Due to the elimination of intermediates, this platform is reducing the extra cost of commission.

What are the benefits of Trend Market platform?

  • This platform is offering the service discovery tool to the clients to search for the latest work of a new talent.
  • The users can vote for the best services by using GLOBAL DAO. The voting level can help them to know about the latest best talent.
  • Trend Network is a secure and hack-proof platform which avoids the loss of information due to many invisible security breaches.
  • To maintain the accountability and transparency, Trend Network is tracking and recording all the transactions.
  • Trend Network is offering many new money making ways to the content creators by monetizing the new content opportunities.

Why Ethereum protocol and smart contract is used on Trend Network?

To develop the decentralized applications, Trend Network is created on Ethereum protocol which is an advance blockchain technology. Trend Network is using the smart contract to maintain the record of the providers or their services and to revolutionize the technological development by increasing the automation on blockchain platform. If multiple providers are creating the work or companies then on the basis of the predefined percentage, the smart contracts will ensure the automatic distribution of the revenue in the providers. On the basis of staking of each voter, the DAO of Trend Network will implement the smart contract to rate the votes gained by every provider.

Which token is used by Trend Network?

The coin which is used by this platform is known as TRD token which is based on Ethereum ERC20.  The TRD token is the main medium of value exchange on the platform which can be used by the users to buy services offered by the providers. The users can buy the TRD token with fiat or cryptocurrency, after which it will be stored on their personal desktop wallet. Each recorded transaction is verified by the Trend Network block explorer.

Token detail:

  • Token name: TRD
  • Acceptable payment: Fiat Currency, BTC, ETH
  • Total supply: 500 million

Token allocation:

  • Airdrop: 70%
  • Advisors and Sponsors: 10%
  • Team: 7%
  • Bounty: 10%
  • Open sale for exchange listing: 3%Conclusion:

    Trend Network platform is solving the problems of the traditional business system by integrating the smart contracts and blockchain technology into the business environment. This platform is offering many advanced features to clients and providers i.e. top services, search engine, discovering tool, new showcases, profile, and categories etc. If you are interested in innovative cryptocurrency ideas, then visit their site.

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P2pep.com Breaking Free From The Old Polluting Energy Industry

What is P2PEP about?

Introduction to P2PEP:

P2PEP is an energy trading platform which sells or buy the clean energy in a simple way. By using the DApp of this platform, users can begin the trading of renewable energy. This is an amazing platform for the large-scale renewable energy producers because lots of users on the network who are tired of the eco-unfriendly energy sources want to get green energy at an affordable price. So, the companies need to make a login in the platform to start selling the energy to the clients at their set price.

What is the vision of P2PEP?

Peer to peer energy protocol has the vision to provide a global trading platform to sell or buy the renewable energies directly from consumer to consumer or peer to peer with the help of a utility token. To encourage the green energy peer to peer trading, P2PEP is going to motivate the producers and energy consumers to leave the outdated polluting energy sources. This platform will directly connect the existing green energy companies with the end consumers. To make the clean energy available for all users, P2PEP is especially getting engage in those projects which will bring clean energy solutions to the places that have worst energy infrastructure.

What are the problems in the current energy industry?

  • Inefficient energy markets: If on one hand consumers are facing difficulties to find and install a best clean energy system, then on the other hand, clean energy producers have to do lots of hard work to sell their energy supply at a reasonable price.
  • Unfair balances: There are many options to produce clean energy in those places which have a bad energy infrastructure but still many people are left to buy the costly pollution causing energy.
  • Polluting energy cartels are powerful: The current industrial energy system is giving too much power to the old fossil fuel companies who are a major cause to stop the promotion of clean energy.

Benefits of using the P2PEP platform (The best energy solution provider):

  • This platform strives to lower the cost, boost convenience, increase efficiency and revolutionize the traditional energy system for all parties to promote the green energy in the world.
  • P2P energy trading: Through P2PEP network, the trading of clean energy on the global level from peer to peer will become simple and fast.
  • B2B and C2C: This platform is giving an opportunity to the companies to directly connect with the customers to reduce the dependency on the polluted, limited and outdated energy industry. This platform can be used in business to business or consumer to consumer manner to sell or buy the clean energy.
  • Complex but a simple platform: Based upon blockchain technology, P2PEP is an advanced platform which is utilizing PEP payment tokens for the trading of clean energy over the network. It is very simple to use because the users can start selling or buying the clean energy after downloading the mobile app.

What are the features of the P2PEP platform?

  • Safe integration: To develop the standard of energy trading, P2PEP platform is using the ECM (standard electronic confirmation matching) to decrease the operational cost, risks, and delay during the confirmation process.
  • P2P meets blockchain: the P2PEP platform is integrating the blockchain protocol into the REMIT regulations for peer to peer trading. To offer the transparency and security, this platform records the transaction and distribute it immediately on the network.
  • Latest technology: P2PEP is using the latest technology for the convenience of the contributors. This platform is making the clean energy trading simple by using the new Ethereum protocol (ERC223) through which the payments can be done easily without having any blockchain knowledge. It will eliminate the requirement to copy and paste the long hexagonal addresses. The developer can also control the incoming token transaction by rejecting the non-supported tokens.
  • Easy usage: The users need a smartphone and P2PEP app to sell or buy the clean energy all over the world. A complex energy system with an innovative approach is needed to shift the market towards the clean energy industry.
  • PEP cash: This platform is introducing PEP cash for the trading of renewable energy. It will allow the general public to handle their security and freedom during selling or buying on the P2PEP platform. PEP cash is the backbone of the P2PEP network.

Which token is used by this platform?

The P2PEP platform is utilizing a PEP token. The users can get the token from different private sale packages i.e. PEP basic pack, PEP business pack, PEP premium pack and PEP gold pack. They can also select the type and desired amount of PEP token in the input field. This token can be used to buy or sell the solar or any other type of clean energy on the platform.

Token detail:

  • Token name: PEP
  • Price: 1 PEP = 0.01 USD
  • Total supply: 1532,221,000
  • Token type: ERC20 compatible

Token allocation:

  • Private sale: 10%
  • Pre-sale: 10%
  • Token sale: 20%
  • Future sale: 10%
  • Reserve: 30%
  • Team: 9%
  • Community:5%
  • Assistance: 6%
  • Bounty: 5%


P2PEP is a clean energy trading platform which uses DApp to connect the consumers and energy producers on the blockchain network. The peer to peer nature of this platform eliminates the need for the third party and decrease the cost. With an aim to revolutionize the traditional energy industry, the P2PEP platform is expanding the use of clean renewable energy. If you are interested in green energy future-oriented ideas of blockchain and crypto world, then visit P2PEP site for more detail.

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Parqtoken.com a Green, Smart and Connected City Platform

What is Parksen about?

Introduction to Parksen:

Parksen is a smart, green and connected city platform with an aim to revolutionize the traditional infrastructure of the parking business. To benefit a wide range of stakeholders from small cities to the urban metropolises, Parksen is providing various smart contracts and solutions by using the PARQ utility token and Ethereum blockchain. This platform operates on a Parksen parking cloud and the users can easily access it through the public API.

How Will Parksen platform revolutionized the traditional parking industry?

Parksen has the vision to replace the traditional technology with the green field appliances, IoT devices smart parking solutions, universal dashboard and real-time parking app.  To record and analyze the data from the main checkpoints in the urban area, Parken is utilizing a universal and open ledger. After analyzing the collected information, Parksen will try to improve the traffic flow and decrease the pollution or congestion level by controlling the CO emission from the moving vehicles.

What is the problem in traditional parking system?

Loss of money and time: Drivers face many problems to search a right parking area and sometimes pay extra money to reserve it. The inability of selection and searching of a right parking place or gradual decrease in the inner-city congestion cost leads to huge loss of money and time.

Outdated System: Most of the garages and companies are using different hardware and software which results in lack of cooperation between the various parties. The lack of universal software system, modern technology, and clear communication causes an irregular increase in the price and driver’s frustration. Many parking places remain unused and their maintainers or administration become difficult due to the outdated system.

Dependency:  If the user forgets to renew his parking session or turning off his parking app then he has to pay some extra cost. The traditional system is set up in a way to waste the precious time and money of the users.

Environmental issue:  According to a recent research, congestion is the main problem in the big cities of U.S. This connection results in health issues and pollution due to the reduction in traffic speed.

What are the solutions provided by Parksen?

Parken is going to replace the ancient and outdated city infrastructure. By using the parksen parking application, the users will remain informed about the congestion, traffic situation, and the nearest affordable parking spot. By providing the universal dashboard to the parking garages, companies, emergency services, maintenance workers and consumers, this platform is eliminating the third-party involvement. The dashboard is in connection with the smart city solutions which is based on the smart car technology and IoT integration. the users will get the accurate and current situations of the street by using Parksen platform and app which rely on the collected traffic data. The drivers can use the PARQ tokens for parking while parking spot can earn and utilize the PARQ tokens to buy or upgrade the software of their existing system.

What are the benefits of utilizing Parksen services?

Benefits for the divers:

  • The drivers will get the real-time information which will help them to find the most affordable and closest parking spot.
  • They can earn PARQ tokens by sharing the information of local traffic congestion, available parking spot, and pollution level.
  • The drivers can get benefits from the developed smart parking solution and IoT of this platform.

Benefits for the providers:

  • They can easily manage the available parking area by using the simple one size fits all Parksen’s universal dashboard.
  • The smart and sustainable IoT devices will save the efforts, repair and maintenance costs of the providers all across the board.
  • The dumb city will be transformed into a smart city by using the ground floor of innovative technology within the city development.

Which token is used by Parksen?

The coin which is used on the Parksen platform is known as PARQ token. This token is built on Ethererem blockchain and it is ERC20 compatible. It is suitable for smart contracts and various wallets. The contributors can buy the PARQ token with fiat or cryptocurrency i.e. ETH, BTC. After purchasing the tokens will directly transfer to the wallet of the token holders.

Benefits of PARQ token:

  • The drivers can pay for the parking by using the PARQ tokens. Before leaving the house, the drivers can use the parksen app to search, reserve and pay for the suitable parking spot. This app will also help them to follow the short possible route.
  • The parking garages or companies can integrate or purchase the advance system and hardware updates by using the PARQ tokens of smart, green and connected city Parksen platform.
  • Any user can earn the PARQ tokens by observing and submitting the information related to pollution level, parking space and congestion etc.
  • The users can also earn the PARQ token on the Parksen platform by registering and paying for the corporate parking area which belongs to them.

Token Detail:

  • Token name: PARQ
  • Accepted payment: ETH, BTC
  • Token supply: 1000 million tokens
  • Token price: 1PARQ = 0.10 USD
  • Soft Cap: 150 million tokens
  • Hard cap:8 Billion tokens

Token allocation:

  • Charity Funds: 1%
  • Private Sales: 3%
  • Bounty Program: 2%
  • Founders and team: 5%
  • Pre-sale: 5%
  • Bounty program: 2%
  • Public sale: 20%
  • Marketing: 20%
  • Smart city project funds: 25%
  • Apps and platform development: 15%


Parksen has an aim to offer a smart, green and connected city platform which will help all the cities to invest in green solutions and a fight against extortion, pollution and wastage of money or time. Parksen is integrating the parking industry into the blockchain technology, IoT, and cryptocurrency to offer great benefits to the drivers and providers. If you are interested in future orientated plans of cryptocurrency then visit PARQ site for more details.

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