AutoDesk: Future at Construction Tech


May it is engineering sciences, arts or biomedical industry, technology has intervened its networks with the very roots of every industry’s functionality. Same is the case with the Construction industry which has rapidly observed some major technology updates within a span of only a decade. Thanks to AutoDesk- the pioneering software development company which has truly made some great contributions towards the technological advancement of construction industry. When speaking about construction technology, let us keep in mind that the benefits of this technological upgrade encompass

What is AutoDesk?

AutoDesk is a pioneering Designing Academy which has come up with innovative solutions leading to the opening of new gateways in the construction industry. It is working with an objective of combining designing expertise with software skills in order to make the construction process more valuable and efficient for the related parties involved.

Since it is a designing academy at its core, AutoDesk has focused more on providing beginner and expert level software so that everyone can benefit from different software and tools according to his knowledge and need. Luckily, after the struggle of nearly a decade and almost going bankrupt, AutoDesk has risen above all else in terms of revamping the current construction industry via the introduction of new tools and software.

The Future of Construction Tech:

The future of Construction tech extends far and beyond the common perception of introducing new construction tools and on-site devices. The challenges in construction industry are constantly advancing without any proper solution being developed for them. Fortunately, AutoDesk is keeping a close eye on industry challenges and introducing suitable technological solutions accordingly. Here is what you can expect from the coming years in construction technology:


Cloud Computing (Data Storage):

One of the biggest challenges construction workers have to face is storing the architectural designs and site data for further processing and implementation. Cloud Computing and Big Data are two of the most noticeable technological innovations in the construction industry and both of them are speculated to leave strong impacts on management and design of construction projects. Apart from offering close to infinite computing power, the Cloud computing is working as a channel to connect designers and architects with thousands of CPU engaged in parallel processing systems.

Optioneering (Data Processing):

After data storage, the next big challenge construction industry has to face is the processing of data for further implementation so that valuable results can be obtained from it. This is done by using Optineering which helps us in turning data in actionable form. Apart from ingesting tremendous amounts of raw data, Optioneering has helped the construction workers in enhancing profitability and productivity of their projects and workers. Undoubtedly, in the future, Optioneering will be one of the biggest tools at disposal for the successful companies to stand out from the crowd.


Prefabrication (Additive Manufacturing):

Although prefabrication is not a new concept, it has taken an interesting form driven by the intersection of additive manufacturing. The process of Prefab extends from transforming physical building process to new project delivering.  Digital technologies are continuously pushing this conventional concept towards profitability and greater value addition.

BIM (3D Printing):

Ever since the introduction of 3D Printing, this technology has extended its roots much deeper in all kinds of industries. BIM, Building Information Modelling, is one such 3D tool which is being used in construction industry. This 3D Model-based process has led to the unlocking of greater efficiency in planning, design, construction and management of building and infrastructure. Particularly, the AEC construction professionals, engineers and architects are benefitting a lot from it.


The Overall Scenario:

The future of construction technology is bright and clear now more than ever. To support this statement, we have AI tools like drones, 3D printing, Cloud Computing, Big Data, BIM, AR and VR to facilitate us in unlocking the full potentials of our construction industry. These tools have helped in eliminating uncertainty from almost all aspects of construction. By mitigating risks and reducing the degree of rework and waste, construction technology is truly proving to be a great thing for construction industry. In future, the use of these technologies is promised to offer construction companies a competitive advantage.


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