Best 10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Travelers

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Best Gift Ideas for Travelers

If you happen to have friends who are always traveling, then this holiday season, how about customizing your gift list a bit. Since travelers cherish experiences more than anything, gift them something that doubles their experience, and becomes a part of their memories. (

To end the year with unforgettable gift exchanges, we bring you 10 mesmerizing gift ideas for all the wanderers in your life:

A practical waterproof backpack

For anyone who loves mountaineering, a practical backpack would fit the best. We recommend one at Pacific Northwest. It not only has a large capacity up to 24 liters but also folds into a squeezed carry case. Its lightweight with an easy front zipper, is waterproof, can be used as both a backpack and carry bag.

Wireless Headphones

Travelling means endless wandering. If they like traveling alone, then music is surely the best company to go along with. Check out Beats, Amazon or Buttons wireless headphones. You can select various sizes, colors, versions for different sound quality and extra pair of earpads as well.


If your friends love binge-watching anywhere they are, you’d probably want to gift them this little projector from Anker’s. The device can let you watch anything in HD even on your own palms. Just connect with your smartphone and enjoy theatres at rooftops, camping tents, or trains.

 Compression Socks

Long flights can lead to swelled up ankles, jet lag and foot pains. But not anymore! Compression socks as gift items will be a great way to minimize any discomfort while traveling. They provide healing from ankle to joints to improve circulation.  In addition, many brands now have socks in stylish patterns to match with your outfits.

A Travel Pillow

Travel pillows come in a number of sizes, depending on comfort and style to make sleeping on planes less of an agony. They are easier to carry and very useful.

Travelling Yoga Mat

Working out is a key essential, gift your friend an incredibly amazing folding yoga mat so they can practice anywhere they feel the need to – mountains, near the beach, or in their hotel room.

Power Bank

The ability to charge smart devices without relying on electricity might be a traveller’s greatest gift. Some trips are long and can take all day in planes or buses and running out of power can just be a traveler’s biggest nightmare. This holiday, make their traveling dreams come true.

Mini Speakers

As they say, music can be a wanderer’s best friend. The amazon mini speakers are now portable, waterproof and can play music anywhere you go.

Travel Map

What could be any better than a detailed travel map? It can be great in places where phone signals are dead and Google Maps is unavailable.

Travel Journal

Lastly, for people who love to keep a record of every little place they visited, gift them a travel journal. It’ll be easier to carry, and may become their lifelong memory!

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