Best book to read for financial advice


Rich dad Poor dad is a best book to read if you want to learn about financial independancy.

There are many good points in this book.

In a nutshell this book tells us there is no need to get a 6 digit salary to become financially independent. Instead of acquiring liabilities, we should acquire assets and the best asset is our mind. So, learn skills along with your education. After getting a degree or a job we become so relax that we do not want to grow further. But we have to evaluate how far we have grown and how grown up we actually are..There are two mindsets and two routes of social status. Some people think that they can enter in the zone of high status if they have power, money and access to interested fellows. But in the race to get a high status or a better post they break their own self due to poor planing of life.
Its your choice if you want to become an employee or an owner. If you are planing for a retirement or for a new opportunity.

Many questions arise here..

  1. Why we wait for a job, why we are not becoming the source to generate jobs?
  2. Why we are working to get a high income, why we do not utilize our income to work for us?
  3. When there is no need to buy a new dress or car then why we buy it?
  4. For our happiness or just to show off? Why we become disappoint and get stuck in the stage of grief and loss of a job?

The answer is simple, we should invest to learn instead of investing to earn. Try to trust yourself and skills instead of trusting others.
If your social cycle is getting limited but you are becoming more mature after learning new things then its okk.


In order to relax in a clear conscience, manage your time and plan the things out. Utilize the 24 hours of a day more effectively and rely on yourself more after taking the responsibility of your own shortcomings. So, instead of showing off do your work with efficiency and do not wait for a compliment. Start planing the next step and surprise everyone.

What you learn with this book tell us in comment section..


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