Best Technical Skills to Learn Now



We live in an era where technology is growing faster than humans do. With the rapid advancements every now and then, it should be your primary goal to stay a foot ahead of your competitors. Learning various technical and mastering a single favorite one out of the is a great way to stay one step ahead of your game. For an instant lifestyle change which could not be brought forth by a college degree, learning technical skills is the best choice for everyone.

You don’t necessarily need to have a degree or a certification to be on top. In fact, the debate regarding skills Vs. College degree is one of the hottest topics discussed nowadays. We’re not saying that it is not important. But getting strong grips on certain skills can land you amazing jobs that you could’ve never achieved without a degree.

Here are seven of the most on-demand and accessible technical skills that you need to learn to give your resume a powerful boost.

Website Development

As smartphones have become a necessity, so has the use of web and mobile apps. Also, with applications increasing every day for every utility, the industry needs more web developers as compared to ten years ago. It is not only an ideal skill to learn, but will also prove fruitful in the years to come. Website development combines technical skills with creativity so you can expand your skillset in both dimensions.

Google Analytics

For many online businesses, tracking performance from time to time is a key for growth and development. Google analytics does this job by providing statistics and analytical data related to your social media posts, website views, and KPIs. Learning this skill will do a great deal for you if you are a business owner yourself.

Learning to Code

We are in the middle of a tech revolution and coders are the only ones to have a huge advantage. With high-paying jobs, open markets and a plethora of personal development programs, coding is a massive skill that every person needs to start learning immediately. Start with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript then moving on to Python and R (The most in demand right now). From web designing to app development, everything involves coding and learning these skills will give you an edge over everyone else.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a highly in-demand skill to get into any of the giant firms today. With online businesses growing like wildfire, advertising has become a crucial constituent. Therefore, if you are good at communicating with people, this is something to get started on!

Microsoft Excel 

Be it for making charts and bar graphs, keeping track of your company’s expenses, or analyzing long sets of data, Excel is one of the most desired skills every individual must know of. Start learning techniques through online courses and master yourself now.


If you dream of becoming a businessperson, you will need more than just an idea. Apart from a well-structured business plan, you will have to learn entrepreneurial skills to not only start your business but also to take it forward in times of difficulties. With start-ups and small business developing every day, this skill will be a push forward in pursuing your dreams. Get online courses or a free master’s degree from Udemy today!


Good content doesn’t come off that easy. To constantly engage your readers and drive more traffic for their websites, companies look for exceptional and skilled writers to get the job done. Apart from technical writing, creative and fictional writing is also a great scope to pursue in this era. Writing is a skill with a continuous growth curve and helps you learn a lot of other stuff.

With the rise in demand for skilled people, there are high chances for everyone to grow in a dimension they like. If you want to enjoy a bright future ahead, now is the time to start working on skill development. The best thing is that learning a new skill only takes a few months of hard work after which you are all set to rock the world with professional and skilled aura. The above-mentioned skills can help you in turning heads towards your resume whenever you apply for a job.


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