Can Flexible Working Hours Increase Productivity?



According to a Times’ survey, every year 45% American individuals quit their full-time jobs because they can no longer comply with the 9-5 work schedule. Be it stress, work-family imbalance, or establishing a career, many people today prefer to work either part-time or with flexible office hours. Workers, today, are more inclined towards being listened to and complied with instead of being strictly administered to fit a grinding office routine. This is where the need of granting flexible working hours to workers steps in.


Flexible Working Hours can Increase Productivity!

With the norms changing every now and then, most corporate firms do offer a flexible schedule that not only helps employers cope with work pressure but also meet their family needs. Flexible working hours are actually a great co-operate initiative which has extended its roots in quite a number of professions. However, the question is, does that positively affect work productivity? The answer is yes, it does.  The reasons below describe how it does.

Reduced Stress Levels

Stress is one of the major reasons that hinder work progress. When an employee works in restricted working hours; the toll of reaching office on time, getting the days’ work done, and not leaving until his manager leaves put him under constant stress. On top of that, staying awake for more than 20 hours and increasing productivity through high caffeine intake impacts negatively on their health too.

Meanwhile, people who show up at work 3 days a week on flexible timings and work the rest of the days at home are more likely in control of their health, stress levels, and productivity. Flexi working hours undoubtedly offer workers with the family time which they need to relax and recharge. Consequently, workers feel more comfortable towards accomplishing the due tasks as they are granted with the needed family breaks.

Employees have Fewer Office Politics to Deal With

If you are working from home, there is an 80% chance that you won’t have to deal with that bad-tempered colleague or witness an office fight every day. Despite your attempts to avoid conflicts, you are bound to get stuck in a rut one way or the other. Similarly, the pressing office rules which extend from setting appointments to using the vending machines are hugely avoided. Resultantly, workers have to deal with less policy clutter and focused more on what matters the most.  The less you peek in these matters, the more focused you are towards increasing productivity.

Employees don’t have the Pressure of Deadlines

It is not as if flexible hours do not have deadlines at all. However, the good part is you can meet them at your desired productivity time. Honestly, not every person who is good at a certain job skill is cut out for office routine. The lack of discipline required to follow office routinely does not really mean that a worker cannot perform well. In fact, flexible working hours let people work on their own time of comfort which is a good thing as most of the individuals are night owls and work best at night.

Work-Family balance

Balancing your life between a 9-5 job and family is every individual’s dream. What is the point of a tedious job when you can’t spend time with your parents, be there for your children’s sports day or your wife’s birthday dinner? When an employer is stuck in a regretting situation like this, they not only lose concentration at work but also start to have a deteriorating mental health.

Allowing people to work remotely gives them the benefit of being there with their loved ones while working simultaneously. This, in , turn, develops a relationship of trust between the employer and the organization. After all, the mutual reliability of an organization over a worker’s productivity is what should matter more than anything else.


Personal Growth:

Flexible working hours give people more space and time to sort out their family differences, do part-time jobs, focus on other passions like art, music, cooking, and get enough sleep. In addition, while working at home, you can get more breaks which will help increase your creativity and so the morale. For mothers who have young kids to take care of, showing up at the office for lesser hours will help them do justice with both career and children.

Worker Satisfaction is Important!

In short, flexible working hours help in attaining the satisfaction required to increase performance.  When your employers are content, they are much happier to work, which in turn is profitable for the company.



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