Can potatoes help in weight loss? Check with potato diet.



Who does not love to eat potatoes? Whether they are in the form of French fries or other delicious snacks, we all love them. Potatoes may seem like food which can make you fat. However, potatoes are great for our health and can actually help us in losing weight if cooked and eaten in a healthy way. Potatoes are one of those vegetables which can actually help you in weight loss.  Potatoes are rich in fibers, vitamin C and potassium which makes their use nutritious and beneficial.

Here is a proof that eating potatoes in a healthy way leads to weight loss:

Prevents Overeating:

Potato is a tummy-filling vegetable, it tops the satiety index as the number one filling-food. It is super rich in fibers and also in resistant starch which takes the longest to digest. Resulting in a prolonged feeling of fullness to guarantee minimum hunger cravings. People who want to give up frequent food cravings can get help from the potato diet.

Contains Least Number of Calories:

Calories are the main culprit which cause instant obesity if consumed in more than recommended quantities. In case of potatoes, the problem of excessive calories is reduced to a minimum. A medium white potato surprisingly only contains 163 calories. It’s all about how much healthily we consume them. Lower calories indicate lower fat-building. This makes potatoes a perfect weight loss diet.

Good source of Complex Carbohydrates:

The fact that a potato has got a bad reputation in the context of weight loss is simply because it is a starchy veggie. However, this fact is not true entirely. In fact, potatoes are a rich source of complex carbohydrates. These carbohydrates are quickly broken down into glucose and utilized by the body for meeting energy needs. In this manner, the complex carbohydrates obtained from potatoes are actually good for weight loss.

Tips to make your Potato intake “Healthy”:

As said earlier, potatoes can have both; good and bad effects on our health. The thing which determines their use healthy or injurious to our health is how we cook and consume them. Here are some mouth-watering, low-calorie potato meals that you can prepare for a balanced yet tasty weight loss diet:

Roasted Potatoes:

Roasted or better known as Baked potatoes with fluffy stuffing and crispy skin are the perfect pick for a delicious and mouth-watering meal. Roasted potatoes can be served with butter, cheese, and creams of different types as fillings for a change in taste.

Oven Fries:

Are you on a diet and still want to enjoy fries? Oven fries are always there for you. Baked in a hot oven with a coating of olive oil, they are soft and buttery inside and crunchy outside.

Creamy Potato Salad:

Creamy potato salad is probably the one and only most desired and tasty salad of all salad types. This healthy snack is made by using freshly harvested crispy cucumbers and radishes with plain mustard as a creamy dressing to give it a final touch.

Potato Soup:

This silk textured potato soup cooked with fine quality Turkish red-pepper paste is a perfect treat for potato lovers. Soup made from sweet and hot peppers is also worth a try.


Crispy Potato Stacks with Fresh Sage:

Use a mandolin to slice the potatoes extra-thin and stack them against each other to make an extraordinarily tasty side-dish. These potatoes are crispy on the outside and tender in the center. You can also season them with sage and butter to make them extremely luscious.

Garlic Mashed Potatoes with Chives and Greek Yogurt:

Mashed potatoes are very yummy even when served alone. But with Greek yogurt and garlic paste, they become even more creamy and appetizing.

What to avoid?

Avoiding deep-fried potato dishes can help you lose weight even faster. Use olive oil on mashed grilled potatoes for a head start on weight loss. Apart from diet control. Healthy eating habits are a key to weight loss without falling ill. Otherwise, potatoes will make you gain weight faster than any other vegetable will.


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