Can Water-Based Fuel Power A Car?


We are in the 21st century and it couldn’t get any better with the scientific experiments. Just as the use of technology in automobile industry is making our lives easier, the debate for an environment friendly change still looms over. With the growing number of vehicles every day, car companies are keen on experimenting fuels that come from renewable energy sources. One of the most talked about fuel source is water. One wonders how exactly something as omnipresent as water can generate enough power to run the engine of a car. Well the answers are scientific, loud and clear. Dive into this post to learn more:


Using Water as a Fuel Itself

According to experts, there are a number of ways which point at making your car run on water but surprisingly, they all come at a price to pay. The question here arises that how exactly can water be dangerous to such a grave extent? Really, it depends upon the type of fueling system used in the car and the emissions generated from it.

Water-based Fuel Kits:

The first method involves using a water-based kit that is attached to the car’s engine. This, with the help of electrolysis splits the water (H2O) into its two components, hydrogen and water. The hydrogen further goes into the engine to power the vehicle along with gasoline. These kits are a great way to increase your timely fuel needs and to decrease your monthly gas bills. A Japanese company, called Genepax has experimented a few models and has been reported it to be successful so far. As a result of this process, little or no amount of gasoline is used and it burns more cleanly.


Dangerous Method:

Despite the fact that how cheap this method could be, it is not efficient at all. Because of burning, the vehicle will produce more hydrogen into the air than it actually consumes.Since H2 is highly flammable and a dangerous greenhouse gas, you can imagine just how much damage it can cause if not handled properly.

Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell

Water-Based Fuels

The second method involves the use of a water-based fuel. This water-based fuel is designed by an Australian start-up and it not only powers a car, but is also recyclable and gives off zero emissions. This can only work with electric cars, who have rechargeable batteries.


Working of this System:

The system uses water along with a chemical BH4, and a catalyser made by the company that prompts the production of hydrogen from the mixture. Car giants, such as Tesla and Ford, use compressed hydrogen, which is expensive to store and carry. However, this fuel is basically 60% of water and can be purchased half the price as compared to any other fuel.


Eco-friendly Method:

When the vehicle uses up all of the hydrogen gas from the mixture, the remaining solution is recycled in the plant to be used again. The entire process proved to be a strong competitor when talking about bringing green energy to use and combating global warming.

The world’s first hydrogen fuel cell motorcycle. It emits only water vapors and runs almost silently.

Water-Based Fuel as Key Player of Eco-Conservation:

After conducting various experiments on the first method, the manufacturers are now more than clear about the fact that using water could negatively affect the environment regardless of it being a renewable energy resource. While using hydrogen as a fuel has been debated widely on many forums at international level, it is important to know that its compression at extreme pressure may have dangerous effects. However, using water-based fuels can change the perspective since hydrogen only releases on demand from the mixed fuels.

It is about time when companies should start switching to more eco-friendly options not just to make lives easier but also to make the planet a better place to live in- and the use of water-based fuels is one of the ways to achieve it.



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