Check out the Newest Smart TVs for 2019


While you all are desperately waiting for the best smart screens to come out this year, we don’t mind taking you out on a short tour. The first glimpses of the epic Smart TV Screens that we had a sneak peek on were in early January at the CES 2019 in Las Vegas. Technology coupled with ingenious creativity proved that 2019 might just be the right year for TV’s. Whether you want a new TV or looking forward to replacing that old one, you’re in the right place!

Let us take a look at the top five Newest Smart TVs for 2019:

1.      Samsung Q90R Q-LED TV – 2019

After the successful launch of Q9FN last year, Samsung has come up with another QLED Version. It’s fascinating image quality with bright highlights and natural colours are breath taking and dynamic in its own. In addition to its high-level picture quality, Q9FN also offers unbelievable HDR performance with viewing angles wider than the previous version. One drawback for this QLED TV is that it does not support Dolby Vision.

2.      LG C8 OLED Series – 2018

Still one of the best sellers of LG, the OLED range is now available for both 55 and 65 inches. With an array of comprehensive features and an impressive picture quality, this smart design platform is no doubt one of the best TVs up to date. It provides 4K content with intricate details and vibrant colours that add a massive difference to its image quality.

3.      Samsung 75-Inch Micro LED 4K TV

After OLED, the biggest jaw-dropping technology by Samsung was Micro LED. The 75-inch 4K Micro LED was first debuted at the CES 2019 but the company says it won’t reveal much until the product is ready for consumers. For now, all we know is that this beauty has amazing looking HDR, and relies on Micro LED technology that can be customized to various sizes. A perfect addition to your living rooms!

4.      LG 88-Inch Z9 8K OLED

If you are thinking something other than the mainstream Samsung products, try this one. The LG 8K 88-inch OLED is the company’s new thin TV that almost entirely runs your smart home. It is equipped with both Alexa support and Google Assistant so you have the choice of picking whichever voice assistant you like.

5.      Sony 98-Inch Z9G 8K TV

2018 was pretty slow for Sony in terms of gadgets and new technology. However, this year they have come back strong with their traditional LCD TV Display with size as massive as 98-inches. The Smart TV will have ultra-dense LED modules, which will let its backlight to selectively bright and dim areas to provide good visual contrast between dark and light.

The size may seem very large for some homes. However, in that case, you can pick Sony’s A9G that is a little smaller of 77-inches and only a 4K model.


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