Coffee as a miraculous skincare ingredient


Coffee has always been considered as a healthy drink. And Why Not? As its uses and benefits are infinite. Many of us can not even think of getting up and heading to work without having a steamy cup of coffee, it’s just impossible. Coffee not only is a delicious beverage but also contains a lot of health benefits for humans. Initially, the only advantages known were that it boosts metabolism and enhances blood circulation which helps you in keeping your mind fresh and active. But as the study broadened, a lot of its Skin Health benefits were also unveiled.

Here are some of the facts that will prove Coffee’s worthiness for your Skin.

Very Rich in Antioxidants:

In the present age of modern technology, air pollution has reached to an alarming extent. The free radicals and micro pollution particles present in the atmosphere harshly damage your skin to a major level. This damage not only leads to irritating acne breakouts but also in the worst case scenario, leaving behind Acne Scars. So the question arises, How to cope with such a situation? The answer is the consumption of Antioxidants. Surprisingly, Coffee is packed with them and its use can have calming effects on the skin.

Hydrates your Skin:

Water is very essential for a naturally healthy, clearer and glowing skin. Usually, eight to ten glasses of water a day are recommended by doctors in order to keep your body hydrated and help kidneys to work in a normal manner. But for the skin to retain this moisture, Transepidermal Water Loss should be lessened. Thanks to Coffee as it helps in keeping the skin hydrated by minimizing Transepidermal Water Loss to its maximum extent. Therefore preventing, scarring of pimples.

Reduces Inflammation of the Skin:

Redness and Flushing of the skin are the symptoms of a skin abnormality, Rosacea. Recent studies have shown that increasing the consumption of Caffeinated Coffee can help you in effectively reducing the risk of it. Resulting in a calm, scar-free and smooth skin.

Prevents Acne Breakouts:

As stated earlier, coffee has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Because of the Chlorogenic Acid (CGA’s) present in the coffee, regular use can fight bacteria. Other than that, exfoliation of skin using natural coffee grounds can efficiently prevent acne breakouts and also help in removing acne scars.

Shields Ultra Violet Rays:

Research suggests that coffee drinkers are less likely to develop skin cancer. But what’s the reason? The answer is coffee is packed with Vitamin B3 (Niacin) due to the breakdown of a key compound known as Trigonelline. Dermatologists recommend that Niacin may help in preventing the growth of Nonmelanoma Skin Cancers. In addition, coffee can help the skin in avoiding UV carcinogens. As the exposure to these harmful rays is reduced, so do the acne scars.

Coffee can help you in maintaining a healthy skin if consumed in a proper manner. There are a lot of DIY Video tutorials available for fabricating different coffee masks and scrubs on the internet which will help you in preparing what’s best for your skin.


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