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Introduction to COINECT:

COINECT is a based decentralized AI investment platform which helps the users to analyze the market and do risk free trading. The economic potential of the trading product will be increased when there will be systematic chances that the potential risk of the trading will be reduced by using COINECT trading system. This platform is created on the hype wave of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology whose market is growing continuously with a capital income and monthly profit of 20-25%.  Due to increase in investment, the digital currency market is still growing and it will soon replace the fiat trading system.

Why is this project important?

Today there are several opportunities to gain profit from investment on several financial platforms but classical trading is the most popular private investment for the traders. They buy the product at low price and sell it at the high price to earn money. Due to the advance approach in the trading market, the traders want to minimize the potential risks of the investment and increase the average investment outcomes. To fulfill the requirements of the traders, COINECT team has developed, created and used the algorithmic system in several financial platforms. The COINECT team is using its strategies and experience to deal with the major financial instruments, simple funds, and institutional clients.

What is the vision of COINECT?

COINECT has the vision to find opportunities for the growth of financial profit of their client and team. Daily to improve the quantity and quality of the financial sector, many new ideas are introduced in the crypto market. Each platform is developed on some rules and introduced new ways to earn the profit. So, COINECT strives to be ahead of time by interacting with latest financial instrument, products, and exchanges. To minimize the effect of external factors on the investment and stabilize the price, most of the contributors are using COINECT Artificial intelligence system in the trading world.

Which problem is solved by COINECT in traditional system?

Due to the emergence of new ideas and technology the trend of trading led to the proliferation of cryptocurrency. The artificial and natural demand of the digital currency become the reason for the creation of many international trading platforms. The investors and users want to participate in the cryptocurrency world but the increase capitalization of cryptocurrency and increase in liquidity of these platforms causes the loss of long term investment appeal of the users. To fulfill the needs of the users, COINECT has designed an amazing system which will draw the attention of the traders and investors to the next generation of digital investment products. Based upon the decentralized arbitrage algorithm, COINECT is using the machine learning algorithms to introduce the next generation automated crypto trading system.

What is the mission of COINECT?

COINECT is going to launch an innovative decentralized trading system through which the users can get and capitalize on returns on the basis of the size of the investment ranges from 20 to 25 percent per month. By using algorithm, the potential risks of trading will be reduced and stock exchange investment will increase the economic attractiveness of the product.

What is the main advantage of this system?

By executing the arbitrage option, final results will become independent from the market investment of crypto instrument. The self-learning algorithm will eliminate the need of input of other parameter and online risk management system.

What are the benefits to use COINECT?

  • Artificial intelligence: To maximize the profit and to find the best arbitrage way, COINECT is taking the help from algorithm of machine learning. (Artificial intelligence)
  • 200+ trading tools: The users can analyze more than 200 trading tools and instruments at the same time.
  • No delay: This system works continuously without any error or delay due the series based executing trading platform.
  • 25+ cryptocurrency exchanges: At the same time, the users can analyze more than 25 cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Less risk: The risk of trading is reduced due to the deep learning algorithm and point arbitrage trading based upon Artificial Intelligence methods.
  • Without human factor: This system is independent of the human involvement. It is based completely on the automatic platform.

How does this system work?

COINECT system uses the machine learning method i.e. Arbitrage and historical data.

  • Historical data: To search for the maximum profitable series of digital trading, COINECT system analyze the learning, historical data and take help from the calculated expected data values.
  • Arbitrage: To do a best decision, this system is using median calculation methods.

Which token is used by this platform?

COINECT is utilizing the COI token which can be purchased by using the existing cryptocurrency i.e. Bitcoin cash, Bitcoin and Ethereum. Any user who will support the COINECT ICO in its early stages will get the COIN token in bonus. COINECT is going to launch a decentralized AI based investment system with automatic payout and transparent condition which will depend upon blockchain technology. The team of COINECT is supporting this project by taking a commission of 20% from the received profit from the trading which will happen from this platform

Token detail:

  • Token Name: COI
  • Total supply: 25 million COI
  • Sale will start: 25th June 2018
  • Sale will end on: 28th June 2018

Token allocation:

  • Token holder: 95%
  • Bounty: 5%

Rounds of ICO 1st round limit: 3 days

  • Bonus: 20%
  • Value: $0.7
  • The release of token: 2 million COI

2nd round limit: 5 days

  • Bonus: 10%
  • Value: $0.8
  • The release of token: 3 million COI

3rd round limit: 7 days

  • Bonus: 5%
  • Value: $0.9
  • The release of token: 8 million COI

4th round limit: 14 days

  • Bonus: 0%
  • Value: $1
  • Release of tokens: 12 million COI

Conclusion: COINECT is the best platform for market analysis and trading which is integrating AI system into the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. This system is completing the need of the traders who want to do potential investment in best projects of digital currency. If you want to analyze the digital currency market then visit the site of COINECT for further information.

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