College Degree: Useful for Entrepreneurs?


It is not something new to watch young students taking inspiration from the stories of Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates to ultimately skip college, believing they can also become billionaires before they reach their 30s. No doubt that the success stories of successful entrepreneurs are a code of life for blooming entrepreneurs to live by but, they really do not justify one’s decision to skip college completely.


Say you and your friend start your careers at the same time but in different ways. You take your way to getting a college degree whereas; your friend decides to head straight into entrepreneurship right after completing high school. While you will be making efforts for completing your degree, your friend will already be chasing new clients everyday. However, in the long run, both of you will be successful but in very different ways. Ultimately, you will start your own earnings and your friend is highly likely to go back to college to get his degree. This scenario has numerous factors associated with, an overview of which is given below:


College degree has no substitute:

No amount of startup success can substitute a college degree. From attaining credibility in your credentials to establishing stability in the market, college degree is worth much more than a piece of paper. It will help you in connecting with leads which prefer credibility over self-made claims.

You need to build credibility:

The more you dive deeper into the entrepreneurship world, the more you will get to know that serious investors seek startup owner’s with verified credentials. From making a successful commitment to completing the funding procedure, you will need to add your college degree credentials at each step of the way.


Startup friendly environment:

Colleges nowadays have attained advancement to an appreciable extent. Apart from offering traditional textbook knowledge, colleges are rapidly acknowledging the importance of startups and creating startup conducive environments for young aspirants. You can refine your entrepreneurship skills at colleges before entering real-time markets.


Early access to incubation programs:

Another major advantage which colleges offer is an early access to renowned organizations via incubation, training and placement programs. In your entrepreneurship career, the main thing you struggle with is connecting with well reputed companies. This problem can be easily solved through colleges.

Multi-dimensional learning environments:

Apart from entrepreneurial knowledge and startup conducive learning, colleges offer a multitude of learning opportunities of all kinds. You can get to refine your hidden skills in order to establish a highly successful startup in future.


When should you skip college?

Skipping college is justified in following conditions:


Skipping the debt:

Colleges are expensive. Colleges put you in huge debts. If you want to skip the hassle of getting caught in student loans, it is best to skip college and start earning. You can continue your degree later when you have enough income.


Taking a Gap year:

Gap years have literally saved hundreds of talented individuals from falling a prey to impulsive and uninformed decisions regarding their academic careers. If you want to obtain a clearer image of what you really want, skipping college for a year so can be effective to clear your head.


Learning what college can not teach you:

Although college can refine your skills and make you optimistic about your future, the truth is that the real world is full of risks which are a vague concept in college courses. If you want to develop a strong grip on street knowledge to help you in dealing with common vendors and related matters, it is best to start gaining experience and participating in related forums. Street knowledge can not be obtained from colleges.


Decide carefully!

College or no college, the decision depends on you really. However, if you take a look at the necessity of a college degree, we will suggest you to go for getting one while you still have time.


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