CryptoSouk a decentralized crypto exchange with Arabic language support


Introduction to Cryptosouk: 

Cryptosouk is a decentralized digital asset exchange with proper license and Arabic language support. With the aim to do better international exchange operations, market analysis and trading, Cryptosouk is going to create an economical exchange environment which will provide functional liquidity solutions. To make digital currency trading simple, secure and accessible among users, this platform will deal with traders of each category from  cryptocurrency experts to professional traders. Initially this platform will focus on the trading of Litecoin, Bitcoin, Dash, Zcash, Bitcoin, Monero and Ethereum. With high standard creativity, advance improvements, cost effective service, fast transactions and world class customer service, Cryptosouk will make its way towards the top.

What is the problem in the traditional exchange system? 

According to a recent survey, the cryptocurrency market is growing day by day. Every day a new decentralized exchange makes its space in the market but still the selling, purchasing, collecting and trading of digital asset is a difficult task. People has multiple wallets to hold their digital assets, but they get fed up due to time consuming transactions and slow executive system.  More than 60% cryptocurrency users are unsure about trading procedure. These exchanges do not fulfill the market needs and lack liquidity. The unexpected shutdown of the exchanges without any notification  raise trust issues.

These exchanges have limited marketing, several banking issues, geographical restrictions or platform development problems. In Middle East to participate in the financial ecosystem, the investors and professional traders want a simple and competitive trading platform. The lack of local exchange, Arabic language operations and trustable local traders leads to less trading activity in the local areas.

What is the solution provided by CryptoSouk? 

Cryptosouk is a trading and financial company which is located in Kuwait and ST Vincet & Grenadines. Initially this trading platform will support only few top listed cryptocurrencies but with the increase in trading operations, soon this platform will also support other digital assets. This platform is also accepting fiat with cryptocurrency. With the trading of fiat currency in less charges, this company will give a tough competition to the other local exchanges. To offer profitable and efficient trading, this platform strikes to provide high standard customer service. With a unique marketing plan, Crypto souk will educate the local people with optimized channels and local Arabic language.

What are the features of Cryptosouk? 

  • Technology: To introduced affective tools and versatile features, Cryptosouk will use secure, reliable and simple technology.
  • Tracking of trades: Cryptosouk is using versatile tools to check the percentage change, duration and economy of the trading world. By using blockchain technology, the users can trace their transactions and trading.
  • Cryptosouk referral:  To attract the personal circle of the customers, Cryptosouk is going to add easy and attractive referrals programs. By using the social media accounts of the influencer, Cryptosouk will enjoy the fast growth of the exchange in the market. A unique referral code will be used for sharing among the people. If any person become a part of Cryptosouk by using that referral code, then the referee will get half amount of the transaction fees for the whole year.
  • SOUK token: To support early users, Cryptosouk will use its own token.  The SOUK token holders will get special discounts in transaction fees.
  • Custom reports: To facilitate the tracking system, Cryptosouk will generate reports related to transaction history, trade activity and treasury activity.
  • Expert team: The cryptocurrency and seniors experts will offer best services by increasing the transaction speed, accuracy and redundancy.
  • Fast transaction: By using advance and latest technology, more than 1 million transactions can be proceeded in one second through the exchange.
  • High security: By using warm wallet, cold wallet and hot wallet, high institutional grading security is provided by using proper system rules.

Which token is used by Cryptosouk? 

This platform is using SOUK token which is based upon ERC-20 standard. SOUK token can be used to buy new assets from the platform and to pay for the transfer and trading fees.

Token details:

  • Token name: Souk
  • Soft cap: 1 million dollars
  • Hard cap: 11 million dollars
  • Accepted currency: ETH
  • Start date of ICO: August 22, 2018
  • End date of ICO: September 21, 2018
  • Price: 0.5 USD = 1 SOUK

Token allocation:

  • Public: 50%
  • Team and investors: 20%
  • Airdrop: 1%
  • Bounty: 5%
  • Advisors: 4%
  • Reserve: 20%


To fulfil the requirements of the traders especially in Middle East, Cryptosouk is going to introduce a cryptocurrency and fiat exchange. Many new strategies and plans are adopted by this Cryptosouk to solve the issues of marketing, language and complex trading in the cryptocurrency world. If you are interested in future oriented plans of digital currency, then visit its site for more detail.

 Links to CryptoSouk:

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