Dealjoy a global cashback shopping platform with proper privacy


Introduction to Dealjoy:

Dealjoy is the world’s first decentralized cashback platform which is going to make a connection between the professional marketers and shoppers to provide privacy and fast cryptocurrency commissions. Dealjoy has an aim to provide new level of privacy, convenience and harmony with a distributed network and advance tools.

What is the problem in the traditional online shopping system?

Affiliate shopping network is a popular source to increase sales. With the increase in the use of virtual world and internet, more people prefer to do online shopping. But the poor state of customer privacy, late payments, lack of global payments and geographical restrictions has raised the trust issues among the buyers. The sellers get less cashback commissions due to involvement of third party.  The non private payment methods, paper checks, time consuming bank transfer and online payment leads to delay in online selling operations. The customers want to get instant payout, advance payment operations and better cashback ecosystem to have secure online shopping experience.

What is the solution provided by Dealjoy?

To deal with the problems present in the traditional online shopping platforms, Dealjoy is going to use TCS protocol to offer fast payout with secure blockchain technology. The integration of smart contracts and blockchain technology will increase the cashback by eliminating the involvement of third party. The user and professional marketer experience will become better with the reduction in the payment processing fees. Dealjoy is going to provide its optimized affiliate marketing services  to dropshippers, small merchants and content creators. By using advance technology, Dealjoy strikes to reduce the average waiting time of cashback from 1-3 months to few seconds.

What are the features of Dealjoy?

  • Dealjoy protocol: With Dealjoy protocols, the dropshippers, content creators and consumers will get fast payouts which will increase trust among the users. The merchants will not get the affiliate commission for any lost package or refunded back.
  • Cash back program of DealjoyDealjoy is going to provide better shopping experience by saving the time of the buyers with instant cashback operation and better privacy.
  • Deal shop: The customers will get the DEAL tokens for their online shopping which will instantly come in the wallet. These tokens can be spent on the Dealshop.
  • Global appearance: Dealjoy is going to offer its services all over the world, without any restriction of location, race or status.
  • Privacy: With the use of blockchain technology, Dealjoy will provide transparent and secure platform for online shopping. There is no need to share any personal data to get the membership.
  • Value strategy:  To increase the value of DEAL token, Dealjoy is supporting three main scalable and efficient procedures such as token staking, buyback frame of token and token burn long term strategy.
  • Merchants: Well known merchants have signed the affiliate marketing contract with Dealjoy i.e. iTunes, eBay, Nike, AliExpress, Microsoft Store, AliBaba, Triping etc.
  • Free services: Without any global alternation, Dealjoy will be a free to use platform for all the users. There will be no registration fees. By using the advance tools listed in the membership, users will get benefits by getting token stake. Dealjoy will also boost the sale and analyze the content with the integration of well-known blogging and e-commerce platforms

What is the criteria of registration?

The users can get the basic membership without any registration fees. After becoming the member of the Dealjoy platform, the users will gain the access to deals, cashback and Dealshop. The users can also get benefits through Dealjoy plus premium services. If the user upgrades his account to the premium membership, then the staking process will start and user has to temporary lock up a required number of DEAL tokens after depositing it in the wallet.

Which token is used by this platform?

This platform is utilizing DEAL token which is based on ERC-20 standard. The Deal tokens will be saved in the user wallet which can be used to create rewards and to pay for the shopping. All the unsold token will be burnt at the end of the sale while 1% revenue will be used for token burning procedure. In three phases the whole event of token sale will be completed i.e. pre sale, private sale and main sale. The main token sale will last for 28 day and it will be start before pre sale.

Token details:

  • Token name: DEAL
  • Token price: 40,000 DEAL = 1 ETH
  • Token supply: 1,400,000,000 DEAL
  • Soft cap: 1,700,000 dollars
  • Hard cap: 8,400,000 dollars

Token allocation: 

  • Marketing: 5%
  • Team: 10%
  • Strategic advisors: 5%
  • Reserve: 10%
  • For sale: 70%


Dealjoy is going to bring a revolution in the affiliate shopping ecosystem with its advance tools, anonymous payments and better strategies. To improve the online shopping experience of customers and merchants, Dealjoy has launched Dealjoy protocol, cashback scheme and privacy by using blockchain technology. If you are interested in future oriented plans of cryptocurrency, then visit its site for more details.

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