Desk Job? Don’t worry, eat this to Stay Fit at Work



According to a survey, half of the corporate sector in this world sits for at least 10 hours a day while munching on so-called fast food. The diet irregularities and imbalances are the major factors contributing to a greater degree of obesity in office workers than any other professional sector. Well, if you belong to this particular category, then congratulations, all your fitness goals are going in vain. However, there is still hope. Read on to find out the best food for weight loss and which can help you stay fit at work.


Why are Office Workers more Susceptible to Obesity?

Being tied to a 9-5 job is not only a burden to your health but also the fact that we eat unhealthy foods alongside makes it even worse. Moreover, if the job is stressful, and keeps you busy all day, you tend to eat more. By the time you get home, you are completely exhausted, even for a walk, and choose to lie down and watch TV. The result? Unwanted and uncontrolled obesity which is in fact a root cause of some serious and fatal illnesses.

Eating Habits for Staying Fit at Work:

So, what to do? We bring you a few changes to your eating habits that will make you feel light and active. Here are the six easy-foods to eat to stay fit at work:



Food cravings are a common thing from desk workers. From time to time, you will always find a co-worker munching on high-fat snacks or similar food items just to take a break from the stress of work. These cravings take no time to turn into lifelong habits. Therefore, if the quality of snacks is not controlled, you can easily gain lots of unnecessary weight in a matter of days.

Instead of munching on junk food and sweet treats between meals, try to eat various types of nuts so could stay active and Vitamin E sufficient. Almonds, cashews, peanuts, and even pistachios are a great source of just the right amount of carbohydrates, proteins and fat which you need to keep performing. Similarly, Vitamin E is crucial to physical and mental health.

Pro-tip: Keep a bottle full of unsalted nuts on your office desk to remind you to eat them time to time.

Olive Oil

The type of oils which you use for cooking food directly contributes to the quality of your health. If you use high fat vegetable oils like canola and sunflower, you are susceptible to high cholesterol levels and heart diseases. On the other hand, foods prepared in Olive oil have inflammatory properties that prevent you from heart diseases and putting on weight. Make quick meals like salads, pastas, and stir-fried meat in olive oil for office lunch rather than going out.


Indigestion and lack of energy are common problems for desk workers. If you want to get rid of digestive problems in a natural manner, try pineapple. Apart from its anti-inflammatory properties, pineapple is easy to digest and it is great for your immune system. Try to opt for fresh pineapple from local fruit vendors instead of the canned fruit, which is high in sugar.

Green Tea

Also known as the miracle tea, green tea does wonder that no other tea can! This beverage is famous to have helped thousands of people in controlling their appetite and ultimately losing weight. It has waist slimming powers that can help you digest any type of food within minutes. It is ideal when you don’t have time to go for a walk after meals. (And oh, no sugar allowed).



In your mission to stay fit, avoid all kinds of processed foods. Not only do they have high concentrations of chemicals but also are made with Trans fats which are not recommended for daily usage. Switch to healthy meals like fatty fishes including salmon, tuna, sardines, and mackerel, which are nutrient-rich and high in omega-3 fatty acids.

Dark Chocolates

If you are craving for chocolates while working, get yourself a bar of dark chocolate. They are great for losing weight and help to lower the risks of heart attacks, high cholesterol levels, and cholesterols and excessive use of calories. A quick munch can give you a power boost of nutrients and will help you concentrate better.

Physical Activity is Equally Important!

When it comes down to staying fit at work, diet alone wouldn’t do the job. It is important to incorporate a considerable degree of physical activities in your day to day office routine. Apart from maintaining a healthy diet, it is also important to take short breaks from work for a small walk or maybe a little tour of office to keep your blood circulating.

In addition, drink 2 liters of water every day. If you don’t like drinking plain water, substitute with detox water, fresh juices, lemonades, honey water or low-sugar smoothies.

Staying fit at work is important, especially when your job demands long sitting hours. These tips can help you n regaining a better health in a short period of time.


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