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Introduction to Emmares?

Emmares is a system which is going to improve email marketing by reducing spams. The word EMMARES stands for email marketing rewarding system, in which the email recipients and email marketers both will get high benefits. The email content providers will get a global reputation through this platform while the email recipients can find required high-quality content on the basis of quality score and trusted evaluations. By making digital content reputation public to all viewers, Emmares will help content providers to get a digital appearance.

What is the vision of Emmares?

Emmares has a vision to start a new version of email marketing in which email marketing will build a trust among the people by offering best quality content. Through this platform email marketers will produce better content and spams will be minimized by the trusted evaluations.

What is the problem in the traditional email marketing system?

By replacing landline telephone and traditional mailing system, Email has become the widely used mean of communication. Email is the fast and easy way to do marketing and according to a survey more than 66% online purchases are done as a result of email marketing. That’s why companies need email marketing and millions of high or low-quality emails are send to billions of people daily. The email marketers collect the contact list by using some simple methods i.e. usage of public directories. It results in unsolicited mailing problem where lots of email is generated and sent to irrelevant people. Due to this system, many companies are unable to reach the target people while the recipients also get irrelevant emails and face lots of spamming issues. For a perfect email marketing, proper segmentation and targeting is very important, so the world needs a new email marketing system with new strategies.

What are the solutions provided by Emmares?

Emmares is going to disrupt the traditional digital ads market by delivering high returns on investment. Emmares is offering a new way of email marketing. The system is beneficial for both content providers and recipients as better-quality content will be generated with less spam and targeted data will be sent to the interested people.

  • High quality relevant emails: Emmares is going to create a crowd evaluation quality assessment system which will increase the quality of the content. The visibility of the system will create a competition and it will motivate the email marketers to gain the attention of the target potential buyers.
  • Relevant emails: The recipients will receive the emails related to their interest. To get access to the relevant information, recipient can leave his email address and Emmares will help them to get the required content and they can choose the top-rated sender to get the high-quality content.
  • Evaluation system: Emmares wants to clean the whole email ecosystem by improving the evaluated content. The low quality content will get banned through anti-spam system.
  • Minimize spams: The global content evaluation system will decrease the spams ratio. The mailing recipients will get awarded with EMA tokens after evaluating the received emails. The reward pool will send high quality and trusted emails to reach the new customers.
  • Emmares intelligent service: By using blockchain technology and smart contracts, Emmares will unite consumers of information with information sources which will lead to the targeted leads and higher ROI.
  • Blockchain technology: Emmares is a blockchain system which is based upon global rewarding and assessment. The evaluation will become reliable and trusted through sufficient sampling rate.

What are the benefits to use Emmares?

  • Publishes (Email marketers): On this platform publishers will get encourage to send interesting and relevant content. As an email marketer you can get access to the targeted recipients who want that service or product. As a quality email marketer, you can improve the recipient’s engagement.
  • Token buyers: You can support the new potential project by buying the EMMARES token. Being an Emmares token holder, you will be a part of the system in which email marketers gain higher ROI and every recipient gets the required content. You can also get amazing discounts on different services.
  • Email recipients: The email recipients get EMMARES token for evaluating the email content. After subscribing to your required content, you will start receiving the emails. You can exchange your received tokens with the marketers or use them in your rewarding pool being a publisher.

Which token is used on this platform?

Emmares is utilizing EMA token which is an ERC20 token. The EMA token will be rewarded to recipients after email evaluation. Through DEX exchanges, users can change the ETH token to EMA. To cover the service and blockchain fees, gas fees will be deployed within every email marketing cycle.

Token detail:

  • Token name: EMA
  • Hard cap: 35.000 ETH
  • Token price: 1ETH = 5100 EMA.
  • Total token supply: 500,000,000 EMA
  • Acceptable cryptocurrency: ETH, BTC, NEO, LTH etc.

Token allocation:

  • Presale: 51%
  • New account incentive pool: 23%
  • Team and founder: 17%
  • Advisors, Ambassadors, Future strategic planners: 5%
  • Crowd sale contributors: 3%
  • Bounties: 1%


Emmares is an amazing project which will bring a revolution in the email marketing system. Through mass evaluation, Emmares is creating the digital reputation of the email marketers. This system will help the marketers to find new interested public by generating a smart content connection. Emmares is available for common email users as well as for legitimate ESPs. If you are interested in future oriented plans of cryptocurrency then visit its site for more detail.

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