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Introduction to EPIK token:

EPIK token is an advance blockchain development which is going to introduce a versatile platform for the brands where they can act as a retailer of their virtual products i.e. augmented reality, virtual reality, social network gifts, mobile phone games, video games and other branded items. This platform will help to keep and access all the virtual items at any instance via EPIK application. EPIK token will smooth the development, dispensation, sale and marketing of virtual products.

Why this platform is trust worthy?

This platform is based upon advance blockchain technology which will allow the tracking of records and distribution of purchase or sale virtual products. So, the consumers, brands and digital platforms will have a complete record of the all transaction which will leads to mutual trust and transparency between the buyers and the retailers.  When all the conditions of the transaction are accepted by both the parties i.e. digital platform and brand, then implementation of smart contracts will proceed the process of tokenization, development, movement and transaction of branded products.

What is the problem in the traditional system?

The virtual world is slowly taking the place of physical world with advance and fast services. With the increase in the use of internet, the social media, video games apps, messaging and other digital products have become the big source of Entertaiment. According to a recent survey, Gamers and digital platforms have earned more than 108 billion dollars by generating, selling, purchasing and trading the digital items. The brands face lots of problems due to long paperwork, third party involvement and insecure business agreements. The licensing criteria is traditional, expensive and time consuming. Each brand has its own objective, so mostly they do not agree on the terms of license due to licensing fees, geographical restrictions, limited resources, marketing power and time issues.

What is the solution provided by EPIK token?

EPIK token is going to develop a decentralized ecosystem where customers will get the licensed digital products and facilitate the transparent transaction. After the agreement on the licensing conditions, both parties will get benefits automatically. EPIK token is powered by BLMP blockchain technology which will help to resolve the B2B issues by creating the trust, revenue and new market. This platform consists of 3 main components:

  • EPIC wallet: The customers can collect, buy, sell and trade the EPIC goods in their recommended social platform and games via this wallet.
  • EPIC Items: The EPIK products are transparent, safe and store on the BLMP market. All the EPIK products are efficient and versatile. Anytime, the customers can keep and view them in several digital platforms.
  • EPIK token: EPIK token will become the big source to buy, sell or collect the virtual products from branded emojis to video games at any virtual platform.

What are the benefits of this platform? 

  • Brand:  EPIK token powered by BLMP platform is offering traceability and transparency to the brands. This new ecosystem will help the brands to get additional earning with proper agreements. The brands on the BLMP network can trace their virtual goods from development to selling and they will also get royalties in return.
  • Customers: BLMP network will allow the customers to get all the virtual products at one place. By just using one account, the customers can earn the EPIK tokens from loyalty schemes or buy the virtual items. The loyalty programs will help the Digital platforms and Brands to attract the new clients and it will also build trust among the old ones. The customers can easily buy, trade, collect or sell the branded products and they can access their account from any participating virtual platform.
  • Digital Platform: The BLMP network will allow the digital platforms to get the advance and relevant licensed digital products for their virtual ecosystems and games. By attracting new customers, they can also increase their revenue and visibility. EPIK token is allowing the digital platform to make long- or short-term licensing contracts without any restriction.

Which token is used by this platform?

This platform is using EPIK token which is based upon ERC-20 standard. EPIK token can be used to pay for the customer purchasing, for royalty split compensation between the brands & digital platforms, for ownership process alternation and transaction of virtual items etc.

Token details:

  • Token name: EPIK
  • Total supply: 200,000,000
  • Token price: 2600 EPIC = 1ETH
  • Accepted cryptocurrency: BCH, BTC, LTC, ETH

Token allocation:

  • For sale: 50%
  • Project, employees and advisors: 15%
  • Ecosystem growth, digital platform and brand grants: 35%


EPIK token will soon become the greatest source to get the virtual product in any digital platform. By introducing a versatile BLMP platform, a new market place will be introduced, where both the parties who participate in license agreement will get benefits. If you are interested in future oriented cryptocurrency ideas, then visit its site for more details.

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