Facts to know about Artificial Intelligence


As intimidating as the subject matter of Artificial Intelligence may seem, it has actually captivated the interest of tech geeks, businessmen and enlightened lay men from all over the globe. From face recognition and smart devices to the era of autonomous cars, Artificial Intelligence has progressed like forest fire over the last ten years. Recently, AI has expanded its roots to weaponry and defence in China which has forced the manufacturers to rethink their decisions of promoting AI to such a dangerous level. Despite its threats, AI continues to win in several industries and has been predicted to take over man labour for good.

What exactly is AI?

According to the basic definition, AI is a phenomenon where machines tend to think, act and behave like human minds. They are trained in a way to perform tasks that humans may not be capable of doing. As fascinating as the idea of thoughtful machines is, there is a lot to know and yet to discover about AI.

AI’s multi-faceted Influence

Other than smart devices, AI is influencing many areas such as business, medicine, sales, marketing, engineering, automobiles, weaponry and production. Its impact has changed lives, improved efficiency and transformed the way we think about everything around us. Read on below to discover some astounding facts about Artificial Intelligence that may surprise you in every aspect:

All your Modern Home Devices are Powered by AI

Be it your smart speaker Alexa or your Google Assistant, they all know what music you listen to, movies you watch, the room temperature you like to have, and the food you order every weekend. Artificial intelligence backs 70% of most of the smart home devices we own. The benefit of AI controlling home devices lies in the convenience which we enjoy as an additional advantage to automation of routine tasks.

AI is paving ways for Different Types of Learning

There are a number of fields encompassing through AI such as machine learning, deep learning, neural networks and deep inference. AI has been found to be highly effective in promoting learning of difficult subject matter by making the learner interact with the information. They describe how machines learn and analyse data that is generated every day.

 Most Products we Buy Online are Suggested by AI

AI Machines can now learn what products we buy or the websites we visit. The same systems then recommend us products and deals on eCommerce platforms, such as Amazon, that we would like to purchase. Hence, AI has strong hold in the ecommerce platforms too. Businesses who tend to understand the way AI operates enjoy a marketing as well as sales age in the online marketplace.

 AI will Replace Jobs in Future

The introduction of robots and automation in industries will replace a number of jobs instead of creating new ones. According to the great Stephen Hawking, the rise of AI will eliminate most of the factory work increasing frustration among individuals. Although this may seem as a threat to labour force and financial sustenance, AI will actually work towards increasing production efficiency which is a positive change for everyone in one way or the other.

Almost all apps have Recommendation Systems made through AI

You might have noticed various applications suggesting you types of music, videos, TV shows or even restaurants near your location. They include giants like YouTube, Netflix, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Google and Sound Cloud. All these platforms deploy AI to grasp the interests of users and offer more customized services and content.

Automobile Industries now have AI too

Car companies like Tesla, Nissan and Volvo have all stepped out in the market with self-driving and electric cars that are driven by AI. These cars will not only put technology to a great use but also help eradicate global warming in future.

Majority of the Customer Services Representatives are Chat Bots

Many online businesses have AI assisted chat bots for customer interaction, which have believed to replace most of the human representatives.  This has helped in streamlining buyer-seller communication.

Is AI posing a threat to our future?

Some tech leaders feel that the presence of AI, which is already contributing $15.7 billion every year, may pose a serious threat to our future. Not just the destruction of jobs, AI generates autonomous weaponry which may lead to dangerous circumstances if falls into the wrong hands. In addition, they predicted, by 2035, machines could become smart enough to outdo humans in all departments. We can only hope for AI to be used for fair means only.





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