Fanfare a decentralized social-eCommerce platform


Introduction to Fanfare:

Fanfare is a social commerce decentralized ecosystem where users can get, curate or develop the shoppable videos. This platform is going to connect the consumers and brands in a precise way by offering advance features and new tools. The brands are allowed to get any shoppable video from the consumer generated videos. With the integration of better consumer and brand engagement, the brands will deal with their consumers on the basis of trust and positivity.

What are the benefits of using Fanfare?

  • Video verification: This unique feature will help the brands to categorize the consumer generated videos on their Fanfare channel. Their viewers can easily watch the video content without any trouble.
  • Blockchain technology: The users and brands can trace the whole history and transaction records by using blockchain technology. It will also remove the need of any third party and build a transparent and distributed platform.
  • Posting and sharing: Users are allowed to easily post and share the videos on fanfare to add incentive in the brand. The brands will be allowed to generate their own video library within their channel to market their products.
  • Reward for the content creator: The consumers and content creators will earn tokens for participating in the fanfare platform. For example, the consumes can upload their own videos related to a brand which can be converted into the shoppable videos for the other users.
  • After giving incentives, consumer can explore and watch the high quality trusted videos. They can also filter better products and brands on Fanfare which will save their time.
  • Generate revenue for the Fanfare: The brands can get the shoppable videos easily by purchasing the consumer videos which will leads to increase in purchase and profit.
  • Time saving ecosystem: The shoppable videos will save the time of the consumers in virtual world. They are allowed to choose and get the relevant data of the shoppable video to have better shopping experience.
  • Fanfare store: It will offer better branded Digital items which can be purchased with the help of Fan tokens.

Direct connection: Fanfare will be a global versatile platform which will directly connect the brands and consumers with each other. The e-Commerce platform or brands online store will have a direct link with their shoppable videos which they can sell as their digital item.

Background of this platform:

The advance technology has increased the use of internet which leads to the rapid growth of the e-Commerce market. Many users are involved in the social media due to cost effective information and use of smart contracts. The common use of social media will make the space of social-commerce. According to a recent survey, live videos and review videos has become the basic part of marketing plan.  If on one hand the traditional social commerce system is not generating high quality content and brands face problem in managing and monetizing the large volume of content then on the other hand the content generators also do not get better compensation for their work. The involvement of third party affect the relation of brands and content creator and decrease the potential of Social ecommerce ecosystem.

What are the solutions provided by Fanfare?

Fanfare is a company which is located in Singapore with professional employees, experienced, business owners and entrepreneurs. More than 200 brands and 90 ambassadors are the part of this ecosystem while upto 2 lac users are using its app. Fanfare has an aim to revolutionize the social-ecommerce world by offering versatile and functional features. To ensure the stability in the social commerce world and build the trust, fanfare is going to introduce the reward system which will increase the consumer growth and sharing efforts. The conversion of user content into shoppable videos will enhance the economy and generate new opportunities in the social ecommerce world.

Which token is used by this platform?

Fanfare is using FAN token which is based upon ERC-20 standard. The FAN token can be used for various purposes on the platform. The FAN token will create an environment where content creator and brands can deal with each other by using the exchange.

Use by the brands: The brands which are the part of fanfare will use the FAN token to get shoppable videos from  user generated videos. The brands can use the FAN token to give rewards to the video content creators, to add and verify the videos on the channel, to purchase the tickets, to launch a campaign and to trade on the exchange.

Use by the consumers:  The users can utilize the FAN token to participate in the campaigns, to access the website and to buy digital products from the Fanfare store. They can also use the FAN token to vote for the videos, to purchase the products or for trading.

Token details:

  • Token name: FAN
  • Token supply: 400,000,000 FAN
  • Token price: 0.0001 ETH = 1 FAN
  • Acceptable cryptocurrency: ETH
  • Soft cap: 4,000,000 USD
  • Hard cap: 40,000,000 USD

Token allocation:

  • Team and advisors: 20%
  • Cost: 2.75%
  • Bounty: 3%
  • ICO sale: 45.25
  • Strategic investors: 9.5%
  • Reserve: 19.5%


Fanfare is providing a better platform for social-ecommerce where FAN tokens can be used to exchange the value. With the integration of blockchain technology and reward system, the entire ecosystem will become transparent and secure with more economical growth. The consumers can get benefits from the attractive features and discounts. If you are interested in future oriented plans of the cryptocurrency then visit its site for more details.

 Links to Fanfare:

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