Get out of Abusive Companionship with these Tips


Good relationships are built out of trust, understanding and respect. No matter how hard you try, you can never make a relationship successful unless both parties put in the same effort. Such companionships might end up being one-sided, violent or even abusive – physically and emotionally.

If you are trapped in a situation like this, where even after giving a number of second chances, you see no signs of hope, then it’s time to leave. Read on some of the tips below to get out of an abusive relationship. Remember, you are not alone.

1.      Recognize the Exploited Relationship you’re in

The first step to pull yourself out of an abusive relationship is by identifying the abuse. At times, we are so deeply in love that we hardly recognize the line that is being crossed by your partner. This could be physical abuse, emotional abuse (forms of possessive behaviour, controlling, humiliation, no respect etc.), sexual abuse or even financial abuse where your partner is restricting you from working, taking control of your salary, or forbidding access to bank accounts. Identify the situation you are in and take the next step with confidence.

2.      Keep a Record of Everything

It is important to have evidence in case if your relationship has gotten to a critical point. Document everything that has happened. Record audio, make videos, and take pictures if you were physically abused. Keep all that in a safe place, somewhere away from your own home. This will later count as strong evidence to ensure you get adequate protection from court.

3.      Pack your Bags for any Emergency

If your relationship has turned to a point where you need to leave any minute to save your life, prepare yourself beforehand. Pack an emergency bag with necessary clothing, money, medication, toiletries, keys, and any important legal documents that you will need for later. Remember to keep the bag somewhere away from your partner – could be at a trusted friend’s place, neighbour or your office.

4.      Start saving money

Abusive relationships means leaving their house and in most cases nowhere to go. In such a situation, it is important to have some cash saved. If you don’t have a good job, start saving money every week. Keep it away in a bank account or an emergency bag. Leaving a relationship is hard and will bring an emotional toll on you, so don’t leave yourself vulnerable and dependant after you escape. Prepare for every outcome in advance.

5.      Reach out to People you Trust

There is no harm in asking for help. Reach out to your friends and family for their support. They are the immediate ones who you can share with; ask for shelter, food and money. You should be able to trust these people in this difficult time and expect their emotional support to get you out of this situation. Make sure to stay in contact with them when you leave so they will be able to keep a check on you in case if something does not go well.


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