Heroic an AI powered advance cyber-security platform


Introduction to Heroic:

Heroic is a decentralized cybersecurity ecosystem which is powered by blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. To protect the large corporations from cyber security threats, Heroic is utilizing peer to peer threat protection decentralized platform to offer Heroic Guardian, Heroic reactor and Heroic cryptocurrency.

What is the problem in traditional Cybersecurity system?

Common users and Companies are struggling hard to keep their sensitive data save in the online world. With the increase in the use of internet and technology, digital strategies are becoming more advance but cyber criminals have also stepped out to harm the consumer trust, brand reputation and entire economy. The recent cyber security solutions are outdated and insufficient to deal with the growing complex cybersecurity threats. According to a recent report, more than 64% Americans have faced the issue of data breaches.

  • Inefficient cybersecurity solutions: Due to increase in the malicious attacks, recent cybersecurity solutions have failed to keep the system and data save from attacking threats.
  • Intelligent attacks: The traditional cybersecurity system is outdated and all the solutions are ineffective to protect the important information from the advance intelligent attacks.
  • Large corporation powered by AI: To deal with advance cyber security data breaches, large corporations are utilizing AI based threat protection. But small corporations, families and individual users are unable to get benefits from the advance expensive solutions and softwares.
  • High risk: Due to data breaches and cyber security issues, millions of medical, personal and companies’ records are at high risk. Any individual who uses the internet can be affected by cyber criminals and malwares, which leads to the loss of significant amount.

What are the solutions provided by Heroic?

Heroic is an efficient and AI powered cybersecurity environment which is offering constant, trust worthy and long term cyber security threat protection. To solve the problems of the traditional cybersecurity system, this platform is providing three basic features to the users.

  • Heroic Guardian: To get  better solutions and manage the cybersecurity issues, HEROIC is offering a unified and online interface to the users. To analyze and save the system from cyber-attacks, Guardian uses artificial intelligence along with threat information from the database. To add advance apps and integrations for the monetization of creation and growth of the developers, Heroic will encourage the organizations and software developers. These integrations will connect to the data layer and Guardian. By using HRO token, users will get access to the guardian premium services with additional integration. The users will also be able to use safe wallet for their HRO tokens.
  • Heroic Arc reactor: To offer the effective ecosystem, cyber threat intelligence and easy technological access to the information, Heroic is providing a blockchain based decentralized cybersecurity exchange powered by AI. The data will be collected from data partners to individual threat miners, then it will go through an extraction process and at the end it will be secured in a distributed database. The categorization and leveling of the sample will be done by machine learning algorithms. By using SDKs and APIs, users will get access to the collected information. With the increase in the number of users, Heroic arc reactor will become more effective. Based upon smart contracts and HRO token, Heroic arc reactor is offering a safe and efficient ecosystem for the users.
  • R & D environment: Developers are able to analyze, create and check their algorithm in a hosted ecosystem, after getting access to the community softwares. This feature offers a main location to the organizations and companies where they can technically deal with the recent and previous threat data of the Arc reactor.

What are the benefits to use Heroic platform?

Heroic is a secure cybersecurity platform which is providing various level access and support to facilitate the powerful data, softwares and tools to solve the data security threats.

  • Benefits for the Organization: The schools, businesses, mining pools and non-profit government organizations are able to integrate the ecosystem with additional branded services and products. They will also get rewards in the form of HRO token for the contribution of important information. They can increase their cybersecurity tools by downloading the data threats.
  • Benefits for the users: Users who will join the Heroic platform will get advance cybersecurity solutions i.e.
    1) Threat mining functionality
    2) Safe wallet
    3) Al powered threat protection
    They will also earn tokens for searching, analyzing and highlighting the sensitive data along with protecting their system by Heroic softwares. More participants in the ecosystem will leads to more secure cybersecurity community. Heroic is a simple and secure platform for the users which will also provide online courses for proper guidance.
  • Benefits for the Developers: Heroic is offering great benefits to the talented developers for their cybersecurity solutions and algorithms. Developers are free to access the whole Heroic platform. At R & D environment, they are able to find, create and analyze their private algorithm and softwares. In return of their beneficial services or creating Dapps, they will get reward in the form of HRO tokens.

Which token is used by this platform?

Heroic ecosystem is using HRO token which is based on ERC20 standard. The HRO tokens will be secured in safe wallets and users will be able to hold and transfer their tokens to other participants. By using HRO token, the participants are able to pay for the services and manage the incentives.

Token details:

  • Accepted cryptocurrency: BTC, ETH, fiat
  • Soft cap: 2,500,000 USD
  • Hard cap: 41.000.000 USD
  • Token supply: 1,000,000,000 HRO
  • Price: 0.1125 USD = 1 HRO

Token distribution:

  • Funds: 25%
  • Ecosystem incentive: 25%
  • Token sale: 50%


Heroic has a mission to solve the issues of data breaches and security of the traditional cybersecurity system with the Artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. From organizations to users, this platform is helping all the contributors to get a more secure appearance in the online world. If you are interested in future oriented ideas, then visit its site for more details.

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