How can the New iPhones Help Video Makers?


Mobile Phone Photography has gained a lot of attention in the last few years. From YouTubers and video Bloggers to online gamers and live video-makers, everyone is switching to cutting-edge smartphones for the sake of professional video making and photography. Before you decide to get a smartphone for video making, it is essential to determine the specs of the smartphone in question as well as the requirements for which you need it.

Smartphones and the evolution of video making:

Modern smartphone cameras are super rich in quality that they have even replaced Digital Cameras. But, as success causes competition, the rivalry in the smartphone industry has reached its maximum point. Quality cell phones are being developed day by day, loaded with all the modern day technologies and advancements, such as drone compatibility. The added advantage of portability, fewer accessories to carry and the ease of use are the reason as to why the market has seen an increase in smartphone sales for video making. Several Smartphone manufacturers have hoped on the Bandwagon of creating the ultimate video-making device.

iPhones for the win!

iPhone, being on top of the list, never disappoint its customers. No matter how much people oppose their ideas, no one can negate the fact that they know what they are doing and that’s why Apple stands out. Recently, Apple has introduced such models in the market like iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR which give tough competition to the professional cameras.

But are these cameras really worth it? How they really help Video Makers? Find out here.

Computational Photography Technology:

The new iPhones are equipped with modern computational photography technology. In the process, the camera takes a set of multiple images to form the final picture. The advantage is that, due to more frames present, the details of the photo or video are exceptional. And these details are the most significant thing when it comes to filming a video. Otherwise, what’s even the point of video making?

4K Video Shooting:

4K video shooting with the help of mobile phones was debuted by none other than Apple. The new iPhones are capable of shooting elegant quality 4096 x 2160 pixels sharp images and videos. You’ll be surprised to know that if one photo from a professional camera and one from iPhone are placed in front of you for examination, it will be hard for you to differentiate. Believe it!

Low Light Capabilities:

The wider pixel size on iPhone XS (1.4 microns vs. 1.1) has a great advantage in low light shooting. These cameras provide video qualities that are beyond extraordinary even in the dim lights which in turn makes it a perfect choice for filmmakers.

Slow Motion Videos:

Slo-mo videos have always been a sweet treat for bloggers and video makers. iPhone XS offers a range of slow-motion video recording options. You can record 1080p HD video on 24 fps, 30 fps, or 60 fps. Therefore, better quality slo-mo videos can easily be recorded.

Advanced Portrait Mode:

The newer and advanced portrait mode in iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR are best for portrait photography. It can even automatically blur the background, therefore, giving a professional look to your portraits.

Wide Range of Applications:

One of the main reason that video makers prefer the iPhone for filming is that it offers a diverse range of photography and editing applications. These applications, no doubt, offer a huge range of professional editing tools that one uses to give a fine end to their stunning videos.

iPhone has always been on top due to its extreme capabilities. Now with the introduction of new iPhones in the market, it has even conquered the mobile photography field. If you are looking for suitable smartphone options for video making, we would highly suggest you take a look into the new iPhone models. In short, it can be easily predicted iPhone cameras are now headed to replace professional cameras in the near future.


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