How to Avoid Doing Stupid (Dumb) Things?



Stupidity, as much as we try to avoid it, this behavior slips into our lives like an uninvited guest. We all come across a myriad of people at different stages of our lives. Some, we become friends too; some are just an acquaintance, a few leaves behind a strong impact, while the rest we remember through the oddest of encounters. Do you happen to remember some? A funny conversation, a bizarre exchange of words, an unfamiliar reaction or a gesture that didn’t fit into your standards of conduct.

Well, this type of behavior is referred to being stupid. However, it in no way means you are not intelligent enough. It is just a tiny phase where we land ourselves in situations rather embarrassing by acting or speaking something insensible. As much embarrassing as stupidity can be, find gratitude in the fact that it can be very managed and very effectively be ridden off. Sleep better at night by being a little careful in your manner of conduct. Let us find out how you can avoid stupidity by following some life-line tips:


Always Think Before you speak

We all go through situations where we tend to say something out of context and regret later. Be it during an argument, or while when you’re angry, it is always possible to say something that you don’t mean to. In such situations, the major source of embarrassment is none other than our distasteful choice of words. It is highly advised that you always take a close look at what you are about to say, ask yourself if a stupid would say it and if the answer is “Yes”, avoid saying that thought out loud at all costs.

Use Humour to lighten it down

It is true that words can’t be overturned once said. If your stupidity has led to an argument, try to calm it down using some humor. Make sure not to take it too far or unintentionally hurt someone’s feelings. Humour will help you regain your lost self-confidence and composure.

Or Rather leave the Conversation

If it has gotten to a point, where your words have made the situation very awkward, leave the conversation or simply apologize. Staying might make you do something even stupider. Whereas, you will save yourself from further embarrassment by leaving the conversation or changing the topic.

Validate before Passing on everything You Hear

Many people have a habit of spreading rumors about just everything. Don’t believe someone unless they have proof or you have witnessed the situation yourself. Furthermore, it is important to share Information ONLY when you think it’s Appropriate to.One of the stupidest things people do is to share personal and highly-sensitive information or facts without validating their authenticity. Before passing on information or any gossip about anyone, always do your research. Share only if you think it is appropriate and might not ruin someone’s career or reputation.

You don’t have to be THAT Overconfident

Overconfidence usually leads to stupid mistakes. Be it workplaces, colleges or even our daily surroundings, when you rack up all the praises around you, you tend to think of yourself capable of doing everything which, leads to unavoidable blunders.

You don’t always have to be right

Everyone makes mistakes. It is a natural phenomenon. However, you should always be willing to admit the fact that you can’t always be right. Accepting this will not only save you from embarrassing situations but also prevent you from doing something stupid.  Once you know you are wrong, you’ll be able to outgrow from the mistakes you do and avoid doing them again.

Take Feedback Positively

Some people tend to undervalue others’ opinions or have a hard time absorbing negative feedback. However, feedback is one of the most effective and reliable mediums to transform the wrong in you into something better. When you learn from what others think of you, you tend to behave and speak better in front of them.

It is true we all have impulsive reactions to many situations, but if we respond to them calmly, it can make a major difference. Stupidity can be a real bone of content between your outer appearance and inner confidence. Take help from the above-mentioned tips to steer away from bottleneck situations.



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