How to boost your Sales using Video Marketing?


It is true that online businesses nowadays have to put up strong competition in order to prove themselves. Without a compelling website design, well-managed SEO and accurate marketing strategies, it is near impossible to stand out in audiences’ rankings. However, we believe, there is one thing in addition to all this that can add a boost to your rankings is the use of videos.

Despite them being time-consuming and typically expensive than other strategies, they add a certain value to your services and directly influence your sales.


Why should you be Doing Video Marketing?

Having a classy video on your website not only is more engaging than an image and its text but also gives a clear understanding of your product/service in real life. For instance, if you are a retail owner and add a video demonstration instead of still images of your clothing. This will give more information to customers along with an idea of how the clothes feel and look from the inside.

A powerful video on your website:

  • Gives more confidence to users when they are making a purchase
  • Increases 20% more conversion rates
  • Allows people to imagine themselves with the product
  • Increases sales over 25% in comparison to an image
  • Doubles your click-through rates from anywhere

How you should do it?

To start off, design short videos of your products or services combining with key points to add more value. The main channels where you can add videos are your website, emails, social media platforms and Ad campaigns. For each channel, target the specific audience so you can easily redirect them to your website.

However, it is important to note the difference between each type of product videos you are supposed to add. Some of them are given below:

1.      Close-Ups

If you deal with various products that need a demonstration, make small Product Close-Up videos to improve its selling. Text and sound may not be necessary but a clear demo is.


2.      How-to-Use Tutorials

There are a number of products or services that look great online but can’t be used without a user manual. We know, nobody reads manuals but they sure do watch tutorials. Show your customers exactly how to use the product. When customers are clear in understanding, they’ll definitely buy the product.


3.      Setting-up videos

These are also similar to tutorials but they add extra information to set up the product, troubleshoot and maintain it technically.

Tips to Remember

Your videos contribute to 40% of your audience so make sure they are of good quality and control to turn visitors into customers. For best results, keep these in mind:

  • Keep your videos short and to-the-point
  • Invest more in quality – both in sound and content.
  • Minimize all kinds of distracting background sounds
  • Use powerful and modern tools
  • Make sure that your videos reach your audience – strong social sharing
  • Focus more on boosting sales rather than getting views



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