How to cut down Ocean Pollution


Oceans and the aquatic life are the major contributors to the food chain. But unfortunately, the carelessness of human beings has imposed a major threat to this natural beauty. The excessive use of harmful and non-degradable materials has to lead to water toxicity in oceans. In the present age, pollution is one of the biggest issues being faced by all the regions.

Plastic as the main culprit:

The main and most hazardous pollutant is Plastic. Approximately 4 to 12 million metric tons of plastic enter the ocean every year, resulting in the death of marine life. The problem of plastic pollution in oceans is not only limited to excessive manufacturing but also the fact that plastic takes millions of years for its decomposition. The severity of this issue can be identified from the fact that all the plastic ever manufactured in the world is still present in ocean bodies, beneath the earth surface and many other countless places. In short, we are not only manufacturing plastic at an excessive rate but also contributing to the overflow of already present plastic waste. So, the question arises; what can be done in order to reduce ocean pollution caused by plastic?

Here are some basic and very simple ways that everyone can adopt in order to help in reducing ocean waste:

Use Recycled products:

One of the most important things to do in this regard is to maximize the use of recycled products. These products can be your grocery bags, packaging boxes, glass, and paper. Surprisingly, only 9% of the total plastic is recycled worldwide just because lack of awareness and carelessness that exists. A lot of people don’t take the importance of recycling into consideration. While in reality, they are putting their own lives at stake. So, recycle what is meant to be recycled. If all of us pledge to do so, our earth can be saved and consequently our lives.

Terminate use of One-time Plastic products:

Believe it or not, plastic is causing more damage to the quality of environment and our lives than we can even think or imagine. It is important to put an end to the use of single-use plastic products that can be plastic bags, water bottles, straws, cups, utensils, and dry cleaning bags. Moreover, another useful thing to do is to switch from using a disposable razor to the cartridge razors.

Reduce the use of Fertilizers:

Although fertilizers are necessary to meet the increasing food demand, they are actually causing great damage to water bodies. The hazardous chemicals used in fertilizers end up mixing in the ocean. The ingredients contained in them can be extremely harmful to the aquatic life. Switching to zero-waste lifestyle or organic lifestyle can be helpful in this regard.

Prefer eating Sustainable Seafood:

Seafood is globally eaten as an exotic dish. In some places, the consumption of seafood is done excessively which is leading to instability of ocean ecosystems. While dining out, always pick sustainable seafood. In this way, the process of overexploitation of a particular species can be reduced.

Keep the Beach Clean:

Beach littering is another major cause of ocean pollution as the waste ends up being added into the ocean by the waves washing the shore. Avoid littering the beach. In fact, if someone else does make it a lesson for them by asking to dispose of the trash properly.

Avoid use of Micro-beads:

Microbeads are the tiny plastic particles used in different products. They can be present in your facial scrubs, toothpaste and body wash. Avoid use of such products by looking up for the word ‘polyethylene’ and ‘polypropylene’ in the ingredients portion.

Buy Eco-friendly Products and Gadgets:

As the world is advancing, eco-friendly electronics and other gadgets are being introduced. It is no doubt a great initiative and will help us in using the energy more efficiently. Similarly, while traveling in a car or in a ship, refrain from throwing the trash out. Also do boating, kayaking, and other recreational activities on the water with responsibility.

Spread Awareness and Educate people about it:

Awareness plays a key role in elimination of ocean pollution. You cannot expect the oceans to be cleaned overnight as this thing requires time and maximum participation driven by awareness campaigns. Spread awareness to minimize the use of plastic use by conducting seminars, supporting plastic bans and running T.V campaigns. This can help in educating people to save the earth for coming generations as well as for the marine life.

It is high time that we take ocean pollution as a serious threat to our own lives. We cannot completely cut down the use of plastic but it can be controlled. Recycling and minimizing the use of one-time non-degradable products is important to control ocean pollution. Only this way survival will be possible for us  in the future.




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