How to Make Good Money from eBooks?


If you’ve spent your entire childhood writing diaries, reading the Harry Potter Series, or stacking up all your favorite book collections, then this post is for you. We know that writing is not an easy job. Besides being super creative, you are required to play with words while expressing exactly what you feel: not everyone is born with that talent. However, if you have a knack for writing, we advise you not to waste it away!

With the rocketing trend of smart devices, people nowadays prefer reading eBooks more than printed books (although printed ones can never be replaced). From a writer’s perspective, a printed book may take months to get to the audience while an eBook could be an easier way to grasp attention.

If you’re wondering how to make yourself financially stable with eBooks, follow our guide below:


Writing Your First eBook

This might sound like a flow of events to you but remember it will be a process. A process worth the entire wait. From deciding what to write, developing content, selecting the right platform, to marketing it to the audience, there is a lot you will have to do.

Pick a Niche

What are you good at? What genres do you love writing about? This will later decide on the book you will be writing. A niche gives the you authority on the content and makes it easier to write and research. For example, Roald Dahl wrote children’s books, Stephen King wrote horror content while Stephen Hawking mostly penned about Science.



Deciding what to write can be an enormous task. We believe it is good to explore yourself, get lost in your thoughts and find out exactly what your heart says. Don’t lock yourself in a room. Write; keep writing to get your ideas into shape. Focus on what you are passionate about; could be from either your technical knowledge or any artistic passion. Realise the type of audience you will be reaching to.

Put Together Your Content

Take all the time you need and write. Make sure you are well sorted out with what you are writing and why you are doing it. There are millions of books in the world, why would anyone want to read yours?


Invest Money

If you work hard, invest your energy and money into something, you will surely get a reward. You can try to make your book professional through an artistic doodle, artwork, or by hiring an expert for proofreading and editing.

Platforms to Choose From

Now let us look at some of the most renowned eBook platforms below:

  • Kindle: It’s an app owned by Amazon. Besides being free and easily accessible, you can effortlessly get to a massive audience. The book publishing starts from $2.99 to $9.99 depending on the volume and content of your book.(
  • Nook: A quarter of the world’s eBook readers use Nook. Its book prices also range from $2.99 to $9.99. Good thing is that it lets you collaborate with other writers.(
  • IBooks: Available only for Apple users, this app may get a little complicated for beginners. But it’s a great option if you are writing other than fiction. ()
  • Others include Smashwords, Kobo and Scribd.


The last step is marketing. Unless you don’t invite people to buy your book, they won’t really know much about it. In order to boost your sales and start making money, you have to choose marketing strategies to convince your target audience. Start with a blog, increase social media presence, collaborate with bloggers or you can also host giveaways to invite people.


We hope you make a great fortune from your writing journey!





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