How to Meet Marketing Goals with Social Media Marketing?



In the past decade, the use of social media along with its accessibility has been on a massive rise. There is no denying the power of social media when it comes to reaching a massive audience of billions of users with just a single post. Like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, we see a number of similar platforms emerging and audiences connecting at each end like never before. While we talk about the ‘free’ social media platforms, businesses, on the other hand, have also found this as an attainable solution to meet their marketing goals. After SEO, Social media platforms have emerged as one of the biggest marketing platforms.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media marketing is a process of gaining organic traffic and public attention through social media. It could either be posting detailed content on Facebook, broadcasting stories on Instagram, growing your business community over LinkedIn or sharing short messages on Twitter. Social media platforms have been found to be highly effective in achieving marketing goals and increasing sales for a number of businesses. In fact, over 30% of the total sales of big corporations are generated by Social media marketing.


Social Media Marketing done right:

Despite the amazing fact that social media platforms are free and rich in target audience, the task of conveying your message to the right audience is no less than a challenge. Not unless you play it smart. Find below tactics that will help you in meeting your marketing goals through social media.

Get Your Channels Ready Beforehand

Choose the platforms where you think your audience would be and create your channels. It is always better to start connecting before your business site takes-off. This way you can talk about your industry, share what you have been working on and get the audience hyped up before the actual product launches.

Connect With Influencers

Just like your audience, you need influencers to help market your business. Start looking for bloggers and journalists who’d be willing to write for you and your products. This type of affiliate marketing done through social media platforms is very effective. People tend to trust businesses more if someone recommends them to.

Learn about your Audience

Once you’re sure which type of audience your business refers to, find a platform that they use the most. Next, identify what they want to see on your social media and create content accordingly. For instance, there are people who like your product but are not very influenced by your social media content, and hence they back off.

Target your Audience:

Another good tactic is to use audience personas. You will then know how to turn your followers into potential business customers. Many business giants also perform social media analytics to find who their fans are, where they belong to, the languages they speak and what their preferences are. This data largely helps what content and ads to post for better attention.

Join Business Conversations

With the growing competition, there is no time for customers to look out for you. Instead, you should be the ones finding them! Participate in conversations and groups that relate to your business impression. Join in the conversation to not only raise awareness but also to market your idea. Make sure you have content that interests your viewers. They won’t be excited if you keep bragging about yourself all the time.and Pinterest are two of the star platforms to make use of in this regard.

Don’t think everything’s free

Creating a social media account might be free of cost but the investment of your time, energy and ideas are not. Not everyone is an expert at social media marketing. If you fail in the first place, you will eventually have to consider paying someone to do it for you. You may also need to invest in social media ads and post boosting strategies. In such cases, do not hesitate to invest ten bucks which can drive hundred bucks of profit for you in future.

Start Today:

Social media marketing has a lot of growth potential for new as well as established businesses. If you are able to deploy the right tactics successfully, you can enjoy incredible benefits for years to come. If you are not paying heed to social media marketing, we will suggest that you start doing it today!



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