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What is HyperQuant about?

Introduction to HyperQuant:

HyperQuant is a multifunctional professional platform where users can perform portfolio management, automated cryptocurrency trading and dApps creation on the basis of blockchain technologies, risk management, cutting-edge AI and fast order delivery protocol.

What is special about HyperQuant?

This platform is designed by the professional quant traders who have a vast knowledge of entire capital management industry. By using HyperQuant, every type of intelligent solution from crypto trading to crypto investment processes can be easily accessed by the market participants i.e. professional capital managers, minor crypto investors, VCs, hedge funds etc.

What is the vision of ?

HyperQuant has the vision to create a platform based on AI system, neutral network, and smart algorithm. With the aim to get the actual economic value from the pioneering technologies, HyperQuant wants to build an ecosystem with a huge potential for growth. The business model of HyperQuant is based upon the determination of market share strategies, identification of high profit zone and protection from the competitors.

What is the innovative idea of HaperQuant?

Recently many traders are using outdated trading technologies and most of them desire to get the smart services for trading and investment. HyperQuant is creating a new concept by combing the different modules at a single platform i.e gamification, artificial intelligence, chart bots, smart contracts etc.

HyperQuant strives to bring every kind of business system on a single platform which has a complex architecture. With the use of SaaS model, this platform is offering the multifunctional solutions in an open framework to allow the thirds party developers to develop and improve the platform. So, HyperQuant is itself an innovative platform with many technological solutions for crypto trading.

What are the important modules of HyperQuant?

HyperQuant is integrating the professional capital management system into the blockchain technology to allow the quant traders to do a secure automated investment or trading in cryptocurrency. This platform consists of following modules:

  • Operation Layer: It is a smart contract realization mechanism based upon Ethereum blockchain.
  • Core Layer: The use for the formation and development of the algorithmic trading solution is provided by HyperQuant core system.
  • AI layer: The management of various platform elements is handled by this governing layer which is based on artificial intelligence and rating system
  • Application layer: This layer offers the final solutions and services to the corporate and retail system users.

What are the benefits of HyperQuant?

  • This platform is providing fast solutions for trading. HyperQuant is using a quick order delivery protocol which runs faster than the same auto trading solutions.
  • HyperQuant can manage more than 1000 millions orders every day with 1 KB size. HyperQuant is maintaining the computation efficiently and conducting its traffic by using Ethereum blockchain.
  • This system is reducing the associated trading risks by using the algorithms. The AI technology and risk management system is helping to control the platform components by using the accumulated market data.

What are the components or strategies of HyperQuant?

  • Risk management system: The cryptocurrency investment and trading have a high risk factor which can lead to huge unexpected losses. So, for the professional risk control in the cryptocurrency market, HyperQuant is offering SaaS solutions.
  • Smart Contracts: To develop the unified protocol with advanced quality settings, HyperQuant is integrating algorithmic strategies into the smart contracts.
  • Electronic communication network: To facilitate the seamless auto trading, this system is uniting all the exchange at one platform.
  • Strategies based upon machine learning: Machine learning is based upon the model for future price prediction and historical data.
  • Counter trend strategies: If the trade is done in the selected price range for different trading operations by following the trend of the society then traders will get the high benefit. The counter trend strategies of this platform are based upon consequent positioning in an opposite direction and significant price movement.
  • AI advisors: HyperQuant is offering AI technology for the efficient risk management. To establish the efficient and adequate trading moves, AI technology learns from the market data of the users.
  • Market making algorithms: To invest in the order book, the HyperQuant market maker is encouraging two way quotations.

Token detail:

The token which is used by HyperQuant platform is known as HQT token. The HQT coin holders can efficiently manage their crypto asset by becoming the creators of this innovative platform. On the basis of the rules of the HyperQuant platform, the HQT token holders will get different level of access to the solutions and products. The number of tokens in their wallet will decide their access level to the features of the specific product. This token can be held to get the aggregated market data and to use trading bots. The token holders can spend the HQT tokens to modify the investment plans or to create their own hedge fund software/application on the HyperQuant platform.

Token detail:

  • Token type: ERC20
  • Token name: HQT
  • Token Price: 1 ETH= 3500 HQT
  • Total number of token: 320 million HQT
  • Available for token sale: 45%
  • Acceptable cryptocurrency: ETH

Token Allocation:

  • Token for sale: 45%
  • Reserve tokens: 30%
  • Advisors and partners: 9%
  • Team: 15%
  • Bounty: 1%


The HyperQuant platform is offering a new standard for automated trading investments. It has an aim to make the investment process more transparent and simple for the market participants. Based upon the blockchain technology, AI, and risk management, HyperQuant is an innovative platform for automated trading of cryptocurrency. For further information about HyperQuant, visit their site.

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