I Will Do Custom Desktop And Web Bot

For web automation tools in Python, HTML and jQuery / Ajax or desktop application in Python Gui Modules (PyQt, Tk, wxpython .)
webApp can collect information from any source (even the necessary access or data is from hidden js) and insert the information collected into the database or export it in csv, xlsx or normal txt file. You can find pictures / pdf and download directly to the server. You can send any form where you do not need captcha . It can be converted to the desktop application.
Examples of web applications:
Get information about the products from the distributor’s website, such as pictures, titles, description, attributes, price … and put it on your site so that the unique products
Download product information from your website and create a table for Amazon imports
Bulk price change in your store related items

All you can imagine: The tool / bot design will not be very good, except that a good design is required to get extra dollars, but it will answer so you can use it from your phone / tablet.

  • The desktop application can do all this + captchas and multi threading, but without custom design.
Please contact me below for order!
skype: masud.rana01916


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