Inspire kids to learn with holiday gifts



Holidays call for humongous shopping sprees. May it be Christmas holidays or summer vacation, there is no better way to express your emotions than to bless others with your sweet, little presents. But, have you ever imagined what would happen if we took a holiday gift shopping as a chance to teach children a thing or two? The idea not only seems fun but it has reportedly and observingly exhibited some good results regarding learning among children during the holidays. Holiday gifts are a perfect opportunity to teach children about the significance of holidays or any other event for which you are celebrating.

Why turn Gifts into Learning Mediums for children?

Undoubtedly, parenting is one difficult task to perform. But it is also very simple and easy at the same time. As a parent, it is your job to make sure that you are providing your kids with all kinds of the right information to play your role in your kid’s growth. 90% of a child’s brain is developed by the age 5 and during this whole period, they are learning, exploring and experiencing different new things.

Children are Quick Believers:

Since Kids are more accepting towards everything that is said to them. Without question, they will easily believe whatever is told to them. So, childhood is, therefore, the best opportunity to teach and coach your children with the basic knowledge they will need to perform their religious, cultural, traditional and daily-life tasks.

Teaching children about cultural religious values:

As annoying as holidays and family events may seem, holidays are the time to spend time whilst connecting with your family. Since we all exchange gifts on holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, it is also necessary that we educate our children about their importance and the reason why we do it.  This will not only eliminate all chances of curiosity and discrimination for the children but also help them to come forward to say what they are actually thinking.

Importance of gifts on Holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas:

Giving gifts at the time of Thanksgiving and Christmas or around holidays is often a symbol of expressing gratitude. Here is what you can teach your children about holidays by using gifts as teaching mediums:


Symbol of Love and affection:

Giving gifts is an act of self-satisfaction as it makes ourselves happy and joyful. As said earlier, it also represents our love, affection, and loyalty towards the other person, strengthening our relationship with them. When children get to know the meaning of these gifts, they will start bonding with their family as well as religion and culture.


Gifts keep us in Touch:

Gifts help people to stay in touch. Sending gifts to your loved ones via your kids makes them realize that there is someone who remembers them and cares for them which will make them cheerful.

Connection with Culture, Religion, and Tradition:

Gifts are an excellent tool to connect kids with their religion, culture, and tradition as:

  • The tradition of exchanging gifts at Christmas helps kids to understand the true meaning of the holiday – the art of helping poor and needy and making them happy as what Santa Claus used to do.
  • Gifts help children to connect with their tradition and culture when there is a mutual exchange of presents.
  • It helps them realize that making others happy is why we were sent to this world.
  • It develops in them gratitude and gratefulness.
  • They become more accepting and welcoming towards other people.
  • They begin to care for other people.
  • Community service and distribution of presents in poor promote charity and generosity among kids.

Development of Relationships:

In the present century, development of strong bonds between students and their parents is jeopardized by lack of proper communication.  Kids are prone to lose all the care for their parents or other relatives just because they feel neglected or discouraged.  In such a situation, giving them goodies will not only cheer them up but also teach a lesson or two about saving relationships no matter what.

Social connections and Personality development:

The art of Gift-Giving helps children to develop relationships with other individuals. The process of giving out presents help kids in understanding that there is a whole new world full of opportunities waiting for them. In this way, they start to develop trust in others which is a good thing. Ultimately, with the passage of time, the friendships and social bond grow strong to not be easily forgotten.

Gifts as a perfect medium for teaching life-long lessons to kids:

Sending and receiving Gifts is very important if you aspire to teach your children the right way of developing relationships and connecting with their ancestral roots. Gifts not only make them happy but also develop in them an attitude of appreciating others. It is a great source to educate children about their traditions, religion, culture, social potential and also their responsibilities as an individual.


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