Instagram Tips and Tricks for Affiliate Marketers


While many of us use social media platforms as a means of entertainment, some use it as a marketplace for developing opportunities. Unlike other apps, Instagram has grown into an active platform with over 700 million monthly users. The social media portal, in recent years has outgrown massive other giants like Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn and Twitter with its daily users of over 400 million.

A platform like Instagram that offers a wide array of interaction and marketing opportunities also provides a million other ways to earn money from the puddle of prospects that evolve every day. Let’s find out how as an affiliate marketer, you can utilize this tool too:

1.      Add links of Websites to your Instagram Bio

One of the best tips to convert your traffic into sales is to add shopping links to your Instagram Bio. If you’re always promoting your favourite brands and their products, people will eventually get curious and would want to buy it too. Hence adding links is a great way to divert traffic to the brand’s website.

2.      Use Coupon Codes

When you collaborate with a brand, they usually give you coupon codes that include various shopping discounts. As an affiliate marketer, when you promote a product, add a coupon code so people can not only avail discounts but purchase products through your reference, which in return will bring you profits.

3.      It’s not necessary to make selling products your main focus

Being a marketer requires you to be more creative. In order to convince your audience, you need to come with ideas that not just promote your products, but also compels your fans to buy them too. For instance, when you post a picture about a certain clothing brand you are promoting, don’t just try to focus on the clothes themselves. You can shoot at a beautiful location or with some friends while concentrating on some other topic and add a link to the brand in the end.

4.      Do your own photo shoot

Well, you have to make it look real. If a professional does every shoot you do, people might end up thinking its fake. Therefore to add a natural vibe, shoot your own pictures and style your own self so it looks genuine and gives a good word of mouth to your followers. Video marketing will simply add cherry on top.

5.      Use a lot of Instagram Stories

We know due to the growing number of public posts, Instagram’s algorithm displays you the posts from the accounts you engage the most with. Moreover, most of the time, users don’t get to see your posts as they are pushed down the newsfeed.

To prevent such a situation, Instagram stories are a great rescue. They always stay on top whether people have seen it or not. A resourceful way for marketing is to add stories from time-to-time while also adding links of the brand you’re working it. This is a quick way to redirect people to websites and increase the site’s conversations.


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