Keto Diet – Is It Really Worth It?


Ketogenic Diet, better known as Keto Diet is an efficient diet method for effective and faster weight loss. The diet usually consists of very high Fat intake usually 70% – 75%, eating a moderate quantity of Protein 20% – 25% and consuming very little amount of Carbohydrates like just 5% – 10 %.

The ultimate goal of a keto diet is to switch the body to a process called ‘Ketosis’ where, due to less consumption of carbs, the body shifts its energy source towards fats. Resulting in the burning of fat in a more speedy way as it is the body’s main energy source.

Ketogenic Diet mostly consists of Oils, Avocado, Cheese, Unsweetened Butter, Meat, Eggs, High-Fat Fish, Nuts and Seeds, Leafy and Non-starchy Vegetables.

Where the keto diet seems to be the best option available for weight loss, but is it really worth it? Here is a little comparison that describes how it can benefit you and the risks involved while your body is on a Ketogenic Diet


Enhanced Mental and Physical Focus:

When on a keto diet, the human body uses ketones as a fuel or energy for powering the mind and body. Since fats are a consistent energy source unlike carbohydrates, a person appears to be more focused and active.

Better Sugar Levels:

The ketogenic diet is really helpful for the people who wish to lose weight but are suffering from diabetes. Since the keto diet eliminates carbohydrates and sugars from the diet, the sugar levels appear to be more stable and maintained at a particular normal and healthy level.

Limited Junk Food:

Nowadays, One of the major cause of fatal diseases among people is the consumption of Junk foods. Most people rely on packed/processed foods as snacks which contain a lot of harmful chemicals in them. Since the keto diet eliminates these foods completely from your diet, your health seems to be improved.


Digestive Problems:

Keto diet causes a lot of digestive problems. But there is no need to worry as they occur at the beginning and are only for a short span of time. The most common diseases are constipation, diarrhea, and irregular bowel syndrome. It is all because the keto diet lacks in fiber-rich foods which are generally fruits and vegetables.

Increased Cravings:

The keto diet chiefly consists of healthy fats, meat, and salty foods, so there are a lot of possibilities that hunger cravings for other types of food like sweetened foods will be unbearable. But that is where the patience is required because the only purpose of the keto diet is to eliminate sugar from the diet.

There a lot of other risks and minor problems related to keto diet like bad breath, loss of electrolytes from the body and difficulty to sustain the diet food. But they are not as serious as they seem. Because when the results appear, it’s definitely worth the hard work a person has put in towards controlling the diet. If you are really serious about weight loss, we would recommend you to get in touch with your nutrionist and start keto diet today.





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