Latest Innovations in Weaponry.


As the world is advancing rapidly and Smart, Artificially Intelligent Technologies have taken over the world, Smart Weapons are also being produced. Ironically, where the world is striving hard to sustain life on it, humans are doing the exact opposite. The inventions of lethal Bombs, Guns, Missiles, and Drones have made a major threat to peace in the world. But that doesn’t mean that one should not work for the defense of their own and protect their homelands, it’s the fundamental part of patriotism.

Here are some of the latest innovations in weaponry and things to expect in the future of Defense.

Robotic Wars:

Robots have already become an essential part of our lives. From replacing the workmen in industrial processes, they are now aiming to replace humans in the battlefield. But it has its own benefits. One of them is that instead of losing a human life, a robot would be responsible for his own life based on its own artificially intelligent decisions. If somehow, the system malfunctions, we would only lose a machine and not a human being. But the question is how robots can fight in a war like situation? The answer is Machine Learning and Facial Recognition through Artificial Intelligence! Robots can be made to learn to pull the trigger as soon as the enemy is recognized.

Satellite Meeting Gadgets:

As we all know, spy satellites are constantly watching our movements. They are aware of even the slightest change in one’s position. So, in such a situation, how can one work for its safety? Probably the answer is satellite melting gadgets. Devices capable of generating so much heat through pointed reflections of sunbeam, around the satellite that the machinery melts.

Self-steering Bullets:

Self-steering bullets are the new face of combat. Bullets capable of changing their directions in accordance with the target’s position, mid-air in a fraction of second to maximize the chances of casualty.

Blast Resistance through Plasma fields:

Bulletproofing has become old technology. Now to maximize protection bulletproof is being used collectively with bomb proofing. To make the vehicles safer, it is now being proposed to reflect the heat of blast by generating a plasma field around the vehicle through ionized particles.

Hypersonic Air Warfare:

Hypersonic is a speed starting from Mach 5 and going above, five times the speed of sound. Airstrike at this speed would make the target’s chance to avoid it impossible! Moreover, it would be safer for pilots to escape in case the situation reverses.

Laser Weapons:

Laser weapons have the ability to melt the target within a few seconds. The technology is being used in naval safety now but the plan is to make it so much portable that it can be installed on tanks and other armed vehicles.

Protection of lives of people is important but weapons should not be the way to do that. rather we should come to the terms of peace so that not only we can work for the progress of this world but also can make life safer and sustainable for the coming generations.



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