LipChain is the first decentralized surfer community ecosystem


Introduction to LipChain:

LipChain is a global decentralized ecosystem for surfer community which is offering training, sponsors and unofficial competition to the surfers. The sailors and surfers will be allowed to post their photos and videos in the LipChain platform. Voting will be done for the best surfer and each month border of the community will choose a champion. The sponsors will give tokens to the athletes for their content. Within 2 or 3 years wave pools will be constructed for the training of the surfers which will be followed by LipChain resort. The surfers will also get discount on surfing services and products.

What are the problems in the previous surfing system?

  • Less training places: For surfers training less places are present on the earth with high quality surfing material. The surfers and sailors face lots of problem to get the professional training.
  • Less sources of funds: Annually, a surfer needs more than €3000 for the proper professional training of 8 years. So, many beginners are unable to become a professional athlete due to lack of funding.
  • Limited approach: Due to limited training areas and lack of funds, many talented athletes are unable to participate in the Global championship. If they take a risk and get a chance, then there is a problem of championship’s sponsors judgment.
  • Water pollution: The national government ignores the problem of water pollution. The waste material and plastic bags are contaminating the beaches and earth water. A proper cleaning plan is required to safe the marine ecosystem.
  • Lack of advertising platform: The companies face lots of problems to sell their sailing and surfing equipments to the target buyers. The limited advertising channels and forums are a big problem to connect the whole community of surfers and sponsors all over the world.

What are the solutions provided by LipChain platform?

  • To solve the funds problem, this platform is allowing the users to post their photos and videos in the LipChain ecosystem to earn tokens for surfing.
  • The limited training area problem will be solved with the construction of wave pools which will offer training sessions all over the year. The wave pool will also be followed by an inland eco resort.
  • This platform is giving the option to the community to choose their champions with the help of tools on LipChain app.
  • For sponsorship, this platform is providing the useful tools for the selection of a deserving athlete and the seal will be secured in smart contract. The surfers can also get access to a wide sailing and surfing community.
  • To control the water pollution of beaches and seas, LipChain will reserve 5% sponsorship income for the foundations which will do the cleaning activity.

What are the main features of this platform?

  • Ecological resorts: LipChain has a plan to build the first ecological resort in Portugal and it will qualify as the project of national interest. This project will generate new economy with revenue, transportation, revenue, reputation and sponsorship.
  • Safeguard of Oceans and seas: LipChain is going to safeguard the sea water by taking some fundamental actions such as cleaning of beaches, cleaning of sea, educating the people, improving eco design of plastic bottles, reducing plastic bottles distribution, consumption and distribution.
  • Security: To ensure the security, a multimodal biometric authentication system will be used in LipChain applications and wallets. Two biometric modalities will be used in the identification system i.e. Iris and face recognition. LipChain DLT will match and capture different types of biometrics.
  • LipChain Wallet: LipChain wallet is easy to use and it is supporting transferability. The users can send and receive their coins with ETH wallet address. After paying the transaction fees, no fee will be charged during the transaction of LIPS token. LipChain platform supports transparency and users are allowed to check the transaction over the ETH wallet.
  • Elimination of frauds: The biometric authentication will reduce the risk of frauds. It will safe your funds by preventing the data breaches

Which token is used on the LipChain platform?

This platform is utilizing LIPS token. This token can be used by the sponsors for advertisement in the app, for rewarding, for getting access to eco resort and lipwave pool, for buying different facilities and services.

Token detail:

  • Token name: LIPS
  • Token supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Token type: ERC20
  • Soft cap: 3,000,000 USD
  • Hard cap: 20,000,000 USD

Token distribution:

  • Bonus and crowd sale: 34%
  • App buying content: 6%
  • Bounty: 1%
  • Advisory: 10%
  • Team: 9%
  • Competition prizes: 5%
  • Sponsorship of athletes: 5%
  • Reserve: 15%
  • Lipwave pool: 15%


LipChain is a decentralized platform which is providing many new opportunities and facilities to the surfers. It has a mission to solve the problems of traditional surfing community. With its unique solutions and biometric authentication, LipChain will become a secure and transparent platform. If you are interested in future oriented crypto currency ideas, then visit its site for further information.

Links to LipChain:

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