Make your Home Stylish and Expensive in Few Steps


You step in a home. You are instantly welcomed by a combination of picturesque crown moldings, fresh flowers and striking artwork. No sooner have you satiated yourself with these elements, the host’s house engulfs you in ambiance with its stylish, cozy cushions. Such houses instantly give an impression of style and luxury. Living in a stylish and grand home is a dream of every homeowner. Homeowners are seeking new ways of adding a luxurious touch to their home with the advancement in interior designing industry. Although styling a home to make it look more expensive may sound like something which can break your bank, it is quite affordable if only you have the right expertise to back you up. Here is a quick guide to help you in making your home elegant and regal:

Add Crown Molding:

Crown molding is the simplest, easiest and cheapest method of adding detailing in your home. Blank walls without any borders or detailed intricacy give an impression of monotony and honestly, there is nothing special about them. You do not have to go a long mile and opt for Victorian styled crown molding. Instead of that, you can easily level-up the sophistication in your home by adding simple crown molding on ceilings, baseboards, ceiling beams and chair rails of smaller and larger rooms.

Update old Fixtures:

The moment you enter into a home styling outlet, you are met with a collection of chunky and cheap door knobs and similar fixtures. Although these inexpensive fixtures may seem like a good way of up-scaling your house, they offer nothing more than momentary satisfaction of making an effort. If you really want to add a stroke of regality in your home, it is recommended to visit antique shops, garage sales and warehouses to find some high-quality fixtures. You may need to spend an extra couple of bucks on antique fixtures but they are truly worth it.

Hang Art and Mirrors:

The next important thing you can do to make your home look more stylish and expensive is to add wall art and mirrors. Hang striking, bold and famous art on your walls to add an element of art and culture to your walls. Similarly, incorporate 2 or three mirrors in the overall layout of your home, at places on which the sight goes frequently. Remember the rule of threes i.e arranging art and mirrors in a number of three to give a comprehensive look to your home. Art and mirrors make a perfect combination to attract visitor’s attention.

Window Treatment:

Stylish and expensive homes have one thing in common after crown molding and that is high ceilings. If you are living in a home whose ceilings can not be made any higher, window treatment


Play with cushions:

Whether it is the addition of comfort or luxury, cushions are the favorite home styling element for interior designers and homeowners. Try to mix and match the cushions with different patterns according to the color of your furniture and walls. Make sure that your home has plenty of cool cushions but don’t get too over board as excess of the cushions will give a bad impression.

Add Accessories:

Next up is the addition of accessories to accent your home. Weekly magazines and book are one of the most frequently used style elements in expensive homes. The addition of a book stack, newspaper or a magazine lying beside a fresh flower vase on main table or side tables leaves an artsy yet bold impression on visitors and home members.

Light it up:

Ceiling medallions, lamps and stylish LED lights are a great option of lighting up your home to make it look more expensive. Golden and yellow lights are of special importance here as they boost the ambiance of your home and add a struck of regality in it.

Styling your home to make it look more expensive is not a tricky business if you manage to follow the thumbs rule of sticking to your personal aesthetics and preferences. Remember everyone has a different perception for style and that is where uniqueness steps in any home styling strategy.

What is the next styling element you are going to add in your home? Share your ideas below.


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