Modern Eco-Friendly housing Trends to adopt in 2019


Eco-friendly is the one trend which has taken over almost all aspects of the routine life of modern human beings. Since the older generations mindlessly contributed towards innovations and development, the current generation is required to be much more mindful when it comes to environmental impacts of these innovations. From the turbulence in scrap industry to the extensive popularity of zero-waste lifestyle, humans are continuously working towards restoration of planet earth.

Though we’ve just landed into February, various eco-friendly trends are already making waves for the entire 2019. The trend of eco-friendliness has also made its ways inside our homes because of its rapid popularity. The new interior design and housing trends are directly or indirectly contributing to green earth.  Fresh interior designing and sleek decoration are key factors when we look for apartments or housing properties.

This year, as we become more prone to climate changes, home designing businesses are switching to greener architectures and sustainable ways so we get to live more in congruence with the natural environment. Let’s find out some impeccable eco-friendly trends that will not only add a modern touch to your living space but also contribute positively to our mother Earth:

Have Indoor Plants

Adding plants to each room in your house and living area will help take in the extra carbon dioxide in your surroundings. Most of the synthetic products, carpeting, and windows release volatile compounds and toxins, which ruins the house environment. Thus, having plants not just brings a fancy vibe, but helps filter out contaminants and keeps the house fresh.

Natural Paints

Always choose paints that are natural i.e. low in VOC (volatile organic compounds) as they prevent carbon emissions evaporating into the air. Whereas, paints high in VOC have contributed to various health issues like headaches and nausea.

Opt for Renewable Furniture  

Instead of getting new furniture or home-items made from scratch, a very sustainable idea is to opt for renewable ones. To add a classy touch, you can pick vintage or raw furniture as well. Besides, if you like branded furniture, you can check out with designers who make materials from renewable or recycled sources to minimize landfills.

Pick Quality over Everything

A lot of us usually get attracted to a number of house-items such as décor goods or showpieces. These are not only low-priced but also come with a short lifespan. We recommend buying products that have a higher lifespan and quality regardless of their price, so at least you save a tiny bit of landfill every year.

Have Natural Floor Coverings

Ever experienced a weird smell from old rugs and carpets? That is because some of the floor coverings made from artificial products release chemicals over time. They intoxicate your living space along with ruining the entire floor covering. To be safe and sustainable, we suggest buying materials that have natural products and fibers that are washable.

Decorate your House with Environment-Friendly Materials

We’re all obsessed with wood interiors and decorative items but what about all the deforestation happening behind? To be an eco-savvy, go for options like metal, glass, stone, and bamboo for embellishing your kitchen tops, floors, cabinets, and outside interiors. They not only look modern but also easy to handle and clean!

More Windows

Large glass windows in the living room or your bedrooms sure looks modern but according to a study, if you keep them open for a few hours every morning all the toxins and chemicals inside will escape along with the wind. Not to mention the fact that glass is much more easily recycled than cement, bricks or wooden planks. Therefore, choose houses that have more windows so it is easier to ventilate and get fresh air in return.

To sum it up, we can safely say that modern eco-friendly trends for interior design and housing are major sources of alleviation of environmental pollution. It is about time that we start taking our responsibility towards green Earth seriously and step forward to incorporate these trends into our homes.


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