Modern Education Subjects every Student must learn


Education plays a very significant role in every individual’s life. What you learn in the first 14 years of your school life reshapes you as a person in both your career and the real world. However, a large portion of the course material that the students are taught don’t really prepare them for their adult life – except it does, only for their careers.

We have a compiled a list of subjects that every student must learn or be taught in school that includes plenty of practical knowledge so they’d know how to survive their everyday life when they grow up.


How well are we able to track our daily fibre and protein intake? Do you know what difference each vegetable makes to your body?

The spread of a number of chronic diseases and the inability to control physical health calls for a need for nutritional education among people. The lack of awareness in the teens has also led to irregular eating habits making them more prone to health disorders. This is the reason why every educational program should have a course for nutrition so people can have better control at making dietary decisions.


They all teach you to become engineers but no one tells you how to change a flat tyre in the middle of the road. A course that teaches basic vehicle maintenance should be mandatory in all high schools. Knowing how to change your tyre, oil, belts, filter, and battery can come in very handy. Moreover, students can become more practical while also know how to save money from untimely mechanic trips.


When you step into your real life, the first step to surviving is knowing how to balance your financial needs. Especially, in independent living, a number of people don’t have any idea on how to set budgets, have control over their spending and financially settle themselves. For this reason, it is very important to have budgeting as part of school education plan so students can avoid making money blunders in later life.

First Aid

Unless you choose to become a doctor, schools never teach you how to respond to first-aid emergencies. It is about the time when we see an accident or see someone get a heart attack or is drowning; we hardly know how to react to the situation. Therefore, knowledge of this is highly important among children and teenagers so they can be responsible enough to take care of themselves and others when they see a dangerous medical emergency. They don’t really have to be a doctor to make quick and informed decisions in such cases.

Stress Management

One of the most common happenings in our society and hardly anyone talks about it. Kids these days don’t even know the meaning of stress until they find themselves in it in adult life. Mental health awareness should be one of the top priorities of every high school and experts should assist students in finding the root cause of their stress and help them cope with it.



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