Nebula AI a decentralized AI blockchain platform 


Introduction to Nebula AI:

In order to speed up the organizational operations and change the business outcome, Nebula AI is going to combine artificial intelligence and blockchain technology for a transparent and secure platform. This platform will allow the programmers and developers to create, compute and use the AI apps efficiently.

Nebula AI is using a customized blockchain technology for promoting the business appearance on a secure, scalable and efficient platform. This platform is serving many networks i.e. government agencies, manufacturing, financial services, e-commerce and logistics. To leverage the blockchain technology latest business solutions are offered for the creation of new networks, building trust and optimizing the company processes.

What is the mission of Nebula AI?

Nebula AI strives to change the traditional mining process into AI computing services to decrease the cost of PoW. To increase the quality and availability of the Dapp, this platform will allow and reward the developers to create the DAI apps by using generic programming interface. The entire team of this unique ecosystem is on its way to grow the global artificial intelligence by offering cost effective services.

What are the main features of this platform?

  • Latest Blockchain technology: By helping the developers for the creation, operation and deploying of DAI apps, Nebula AI is going to change the centralized cloud computing into decentralized secure AI app.
  • BaaS: With the help of a fixed distributed blockchain all the transactions will be recorded and secured. Nbai foundation will control the digital identity to deal with the anti money laundering rules and customer analysis.
  • Artificial intelligence services: Nbai foundation on Nebula AI is providing special decentralized AI apps with best solutions. The users can get best custom solutions any time after providing the requited information.
  • Smart contracts: To manage the work, all device contracts and complicated agreements will be transferred into efficient automation tool via smart contracts.
  • Privacy and security: Without affecting the IP ownership and user privacy all the data, resources and work models can be transferred in a safe and decentralized manner.
  • Global appearanceWith a diversity of millions of nodes all over the world, Nebula AI is going to reduce the Artificial intelligence computing cost upto 70%.

Why Nebula AI is unique?

During the first phase of this platform ether chain helix will be utilized to ensure the efficiency then Nebula AI will use PoG with  Nbai credit procedures to secure the platform. To perform the tasks of AI computing, the AI computing service execution work node along with ledger will be used. The components are decentralized with the use of cross chain service. The homomorphic encryption with optimized Nbai model will save the information while the data processing will be speed up by distributed system optimization. The users can earn Nbai tokens after the task implementation while for mining ledger and task revenue will be earned at the same time. To prevent attacks and increase the efficiency of the system, Byzantine consensus system is used on the joint ledger for the communication among the groups

What are the benefits of using Nebula AI? (Nbai foundation or Nbai system)

  • Reliable and safe: To offer 100% secure platform, Nebula AI is providing a temper proof network with valid signatures. Only verified participants will get the access of transaction and ledger.
  • Proper handling: Nebula AI has created a big blockchain ecosystem to offer the sub transaction latency. Blockchain technology allow the consumers to handle all the transaction with ease.
  • Flexible: Several protected agreements are made to secure the user data. The transactions can be made and recover fastly without any downtime.
  • Enterprise incorporation: To find and share the latest blockchain updates and functions, modern API techniques are provided by Nbai foundation which will create a model of enterprise system.

Which token is utilized on Nebula AI?

  • Token name: NBAI token

To buy the computing services, NBAI coin is used as an ERC-20 utility token. The value and number of NBAI token is based upon the training time, cost and computing level decided for a unique task.

Application of NBAI token:

  • To buy the training services of DAI for a perfect model.
  • To buy the AI services and use the DAI apps.
  • To get training and pay for the developer tests.

Token details:

  • Soft cap: 5000 ETH
  • Hard cap: 12000 ETH
  • Price: 100000 NBAI = 1 ETH

Token distribution:

  • Foundation and Community: 25%
  • Team: 15%
  • Investors: 10%
  • Supporters and marketing: 5%
  • Private sale: 45%


Being a global AI blockchain platform, Nebula AI is going to serve the mankind by creating an effective blockchain platform with advance Artificial intelligence to allow the developers to create, compute and use the AI effectively. With the removal of the issues of the traditional centralized and less effective decentralized world, Nebula AI wants to achieve its sub goals to get a more secure platform. AI physical computing units, shared AI computing, decentralized AI apps, AI engineer training institutes and IPFS distributed storage will reduce the maintenance workload and solve the problems of internal leakage. If you are interested in future oriented cryptocurrency ideas, then visit its site for more details.

Links to Nebula AI:

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