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Introduction to OPTin Network:

OPTin Network is one of the great blockchain based marketing research platform where the users can analyze the whole market within few seconds. OPTin Network has a mission to revolutionized the advertising process by combining the consumers and advertisers at a single place where both the parties will get benefits. This platform is providing authentic data and a main ecosystem where users will get rewards in the form of token for sharing their behavior data, while publishers will directly get payments from the advertisers. It is an effective and versatile platform with more than 20 publishing companies and 5 lac users. OPTin Network strives to smooth the transactions by using advance technology.

What are the advantages to use OPTin Network?

  • Cost effective services: By using OPTin Network, advertisers can save more than half cost of advertising. This ecosystem remove the need of SSP and DSP expenses.
  • Efficient and fast payments: After the final campaign delivery through OPTin Coins, the publishers will get fast payments with 95% share in the ads revenue.
  • Better data security: The need of data security is reduced because the information is collected from the users of OPTin Network. The DataCubeLite read or write access is secure and decentralized with blockchain technology. The new GPDR rules do not allow the individuals to retrace their data.
  • Big Network: OPTin Network consists of more than 5 lac users who provide the authentic data, analyze it and collect the OPTin coin in return. More than 20 publishers have become the part of this community and the network will grow gradually.
  • Services for marketing: Soon this platform will launch their own media buying and planning tools by using API integration. A vibrant market with capable users and publishers will bring a revolution in the marketing world.

What are the problems in the traditional marketing system?

The recent marketing environment has many problems which are affecting the consumers and advertisers equally. If on one hand Users are getting fed up by irrelevant and low-quality content then on the other hand corporations are spending lots of money on advertisement to maximize their profit. The users are getting affected by unwanted ads due to the involvement of third party which gather all their browsing history and sell it without their permission. Usually users do not like to share their personal data to any marketer which leads to inefficient internet advertising. The content creator faces lots of loss due to ad inefficiency. Advertisers are unable to use advance strategies to take effective actions due to lack of essential data set. The traditional marketing ecosystem is unprotected and insecure. Even the hackers have stepped out to collect the sensitive information from the database of Palantir, Equifax and Facebook which leads to severe data security issues. The recent marketing system is depending upon ad campaign without analyzing the data points of the advertisers in the market, devices and campaign. So, no discrete analysis and data is collected in the traditional marketing system.

What are the solutions provided by OPTin Network?

  • Solution of data collection problem: OPTin Network is going to follow a strict privacy and OPTin policy to collect the user data through a Dapp. In this way the sensitive information will be collected in a protective way. This Dapp version is compatible with desktop, TV, mobile, laptop and smart TV and the users can also block the unwanted ads.
  • Reward system: The users will become the part of marketing system by sharing data and getting rewards in return. The ad blocker will force the advertisers to pay to the users or get block by the users for breaking the policy
  • Solution of ROI problem: OPTin is going to use a blockchain based ecosystem to analyze, categorize, store and retrieve the user behavior data. All the corporations from small to large scale, can get this authentic data without any problem. The service providers market value will also increase with API.

Which token is used by this platform?

This platform is using OPTi token which is comply with ERC-20 standard. The OPTin coin is used for crowd ad safety, targeting ads, counseling fees and market research. The token sale will be start on 1st September 2018 and the unsold tokens will be destroyed at the end of the sale.

Token details:

  • Token name: OPTin
  • Soft cap: 40 million OPTin tokens
  • Hard cap: 230 million OPTin
  • Accepted Currencies: BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH, XRP, USD and EUR
  • Token price: 0.01 USD = 1OPTin

Token allocation:

  • Main sale: 23.3%
  • Pre-sale: 30.2%
  • Advisors: 3.5%
  • Publishing and Panelists: 11.6%
  • Team: 2.3%
  • Reserve: 27.9%


OPTin Network is allowing the advertisers to reach the potential users at right time. By allowing the users to select the authentic campaign, this network is saving the money and time of the people. OPTin Network is going to bring a revolution in the traditional marketing system by its advance solutions. If you are interested in the future oriented plans of cryptocurrency then visit its site for more information.

Links to OPTin coin:

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