Opu first global decentralized skin care ecosystem


Introduction to Opu Labs:

Opu is the first decentralized digital platform which is going to manage, monitor and measure the skin care requirements. This platform is going to open new ways through which the treatment centers, patients, brand specialists, dermatologists and product manufacturers can connect to each other. Opu strives to revolutionize the skin care industry by providing a secure and reliable platform for information, data exchange and earning. To reward the users and to develop an advance blockchain based ecosystem,  Opu will launched its skincare mobile app and token.

What is the problem in the traditional skincare industry?

People faces various skin problems at different stages of their life. The skin of the individuals varies from person to person, but due to high fee of skin specialists and less awareness, most of the patients rely upon the advice from social media, newspaper, product marketers and shop keepers. The consumers waste alot of time to search for the affordable skin care  treatments. The insecure marketing of the skin care product manufacturers, decrease the trust of the consumers in their product. Due to the issue of trust, budget, confusion, and availability, dermatologists are unable to connect to their target skin patients. According to a recent survey, most of the social media users want to know about skin care treatments but unfortunately still there is no versatile environment which offer global skin care services.

What is the solution provided by Opu?

Opu is going to solve the problems of traditional skin care industry by improving the standard of skin specialist’s advice with its efficient and versatile digital platform. The users who face different problems of skin can determine their skin condition, analyze the progress of the treatment and get best consultation from the Opu AI and skin care experts.

What are the main features of this platform?

Opu store: Opu products and shop is handle by secure data mining technology.

Opu Artificial intelligenceTo determine, describe and recommend the best treatment for the skin problem, Opu is going to use a machine learning automatic technology which will observe the skin color, type and its condition.

Blockchain technology: To build trust, Opu is going to use blockchain technology which will make users independent to own, secure and share their data with anyone by using some information packages.

Opu Search: To find and filter the best skin care treatment information,  Opu will offer a search platform which will be directly connected to the e-Commerce partners and customer skin care specialists.

Advice system: By using Opu connect feature, users can connect to their specialists and doctors to get best advice.

Opu Record: The customer retention management will help the specialists and doctors to keep the patient’s data and mobile history save.

Free app: The users can get Opu app without any fees. They can take part in different challenges or have consultation with a doctor at a fix price.

Skin Diary:  Opu is offering advance tools for tracking the search history,  users’ goal, charting and future preview.

Specialists and advisors: This platform is allowing the users to contact skin specialists and advisors for consultation along with reviews, chats and skin care product recommendations.

What are the benefits of using Opu platform?

  • Benefits for the professionals: The professionals can easily connect to their patients, skincare publishers and product manufacturers to get a better ranking. Opu will give them a global appearance with advance tools.
  • Benefits for the consumers: Opu will prove a cost effective and trustable platform for the users. The consumers can easily get best skin care treatment information and advice from the leading brands, dermatologists, influencers and publications.

Which token is used on decentralized Opu  platform?

This platform is using Opu coin which is based on ERC-20 standard.  The users can utilize the Opu coins to do any kind of activity on the platform i.e. to participate in Opu loyalty campaigns or to buy skin care specialist’s services. The consumers can buy Opu coin with Bitcoin or Ethereum. The value of Opu coin will increase with the increase in the number of the users in the platform.

Token details:

  • Token name: OPU
  • Token price: 0.037 USD = 1 OPU
  • Acceptable cryptocurrency: BTC, ETH
  • Soft cap: 3,000,000 USD
  • Hard cap: 37,000,000 USD

Token allocations:

  • Team: 25%
  • ICO distribution: 50%
  • Reserve: 7%
  • Reward pool: 7%
  • Partners: 11%


Opu is going to revolutionize the skin care ecosystem with its advance strategies and better technology. It is going to become your skin care mobile advisors. Opu has an aim to connect researchers, developers. dermatologist, advertisers, manufacturers, skin care clinics and consumers with each other. Both consumers and dermatologist can get benefits from Opu lab, Opu AI, Opu search, Opu CRM and Opu coin.  If are interested in leading  cryptocurrency ideas, then visit its site for more details.

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