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What is P2PEP about?

Introduction to P2PEP:

P2PEP is an energy trading platform which sells or buy the clean energy in a simple way. By using the DApp of this platform, users can begin the trading of renewable energy. This is an amazing platform for the large-scale renewable energy producers because lots of users on the network who are tired of the eco-unfriendly energy sources want to get green energy at an affordable price. So, the companies need to make a login in the platform to start selling the energy to the clients at their set price.

What is the vision of P2PEP?

Peer to peer energy protocol has the vision to provide a global trading platform to sell or buy the renewable energies directly from consumer to consumer or peer to peer with the help of a utility token. To encourage the green energy peer to peer trading, P2PEP is going to motivate the producers and energy consumers to leave the outdated polluting energy sources. This platform will directly connect the existing green energy companies with the end consumers. To make the clean energy available for all users, P2PEP is especially getting engage in those projects which will bring clean energy solutions to the places that have worst energy infrastructure.

What are the problems in the current energy industry?

  • Inefficient energy markets: If on one hand consumers are facing difficulties to find and install a best clean energy system, then on the other hand, clean energy producers have to do lots of hard work to sell their energy supply at a reasonable price.
  • Unfair balances: There are many options to produce clean energy in those places which have a bad energy infrastructure but still many people are left to buy the costly pollution causing energy.
  • Polluting energy cartels are powerful: The current industrial energy system is giving too much power to the old fossil fuel companies who are a major cause to stop the promotion of clean energy.

Benefits of using the P2PEP platform (The best energy solution provider):

  • This platform strives to lower the cost, boost convenience, increase efficiency and revolutionize the traditional energy system for all parties to promote the green energy in the world.
  • P2P energy trading: Through P2PEP network, the trading of clean energy on the global level from peer to peer will become simple and fast.
  • B2B and C2C: This platform is giving an opportunity to the companies to directly connect with the customers to reduce the dependency on the polluted, limited and outdated energy industry. This platform can be used in business to business or consumer to consumer manner to sell or buy the clean energy.
  • Complex but a simple platform: Based upon blockchain technology, P2PEP is an advanced platform which is utilizing PEP payment tokens for the trading of clean energy over the network. It is very simple to use because the users can start selling or buying the clean energy after downloading the mobile app.

What are the features of the P2PEP platform?

  • Safe integration: To develop the standard of energy trading, P2PEP platform is using the ECM (standard electronic confirmation matching) to decrease the operational cost, risks, and delay during the confirmation process.
  • P2P meets blockchain: the P2PEP platform is integrating the blockchain protocol into the REMIT regulations for peer to peer trading. To offer the transparency and security, this platform records the transaction and distribute it immediately on the network.
  • Latest technology: P2PEP is using the latest technology for the convenience of the contributors. This platform is making the clean energy trading simple by using the new Ethereum protocol (ERC223) through which the payments can be done easily without having any blockchain knowledge. It will eliminate the requirement to copy and paste the long hexagonal addresses. The developer can also control the incoming token transaction by rejecting the non-supported tokens.
  • Easy usage: The users need a smartphone and P2PEP app to sell or buy the clean energy all over the world. A complex energy system with an innovative approach is needed to shift the market towards the clean energy industry.
  • PEP cash: This platform is introducing PEP cash for the trading of renewable energy. It will allow the general public to handle their security and freedom during selling or buying on the P2PEP platform. PEP cash is the backbone of the P2PEP network.

Which token is used by this platform?

The P2PEP platform is utilizing a PEP token. The users can get the token from different private sale packages i.e. PEP basic pack, PEP business pack, PEP premium pack and PEP gold pack. They can also select the type and desired amount of PEP token in the input field. This token can be used to buy or sell the solar or any other type of clean energy on the platform.

Token detail:

  • Token name: PEP
  • Price: 1 PEP = 0.01 USD
  • Total supply: 1532,221,000
  • Token type: ERC20 compatible

Token allocation:

  • Private sale: 10%
  • Pre-sale: 10%
  • Token sale: 20%
  • Future sale: 10%
  • Reserve: 30%
  • Team: 9%
  • Community:5%
  • Assistance: 6%
  • Bounty: 5%


P2PEP is a clean energy trading platform which uses DApp to connect the consumers and energy producers on the blockchain network. The peer to peer nature of this platform eliminates the need for the third party and decrease the cost. With an aim to revolutionize the traditional energy industry, the P2PEP platform is expanding the use of clean renewable energy. If you are interested in green energy future-oriented ideas of blockchain and crypto world, then visit P2PEP site for more detail.

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