Buglab an Ethereum Blockchain based platform for Cybersecurity Penetration Testing

Introduction to Buglab:

Buglab is a decentralized platform which is utilizing Ethereum’s power to provide reliable, secure and versatile penetration testing for the digital solutions of the enterprise. This platform strikes to offer an ecosystem where companies will be able to connect to the experienced cybersecurity researchers in the global network. Two main programs will be initialy offered by Buglab which will help the companies all over the globe to fix the vulnerabilities of their digital assets or to get best solutions.

What are the two main programs of Buglab?

Vigilante protocol: By using this program, a special platform will be provided to the WhiteHat where they can upload their vulnerability discoveries. To highlight  the companies which are at high risk or to verify the discoveries, Buglab will take help from CERTs worldwide. Following tasks will be accomplished by vigilante protocol.

  • Authentic reporting
  • Partnership with CSIRT and CERT
  • Whitehats automatic generated rewards

Contest: In an incentivized ecosystem, Buglab will connects the customers or companies with an international network of experienced cybersecurity penetration testers. In the deadline based competitions, the testers will get reward for their best cumulative discoveries. Following tasks will be completed by this program.

  • Real time collaboration
  • Certified penetration
  • Full customization

What is the problem in the traditional penetration testing system?

Many new companies or individuals with digital assets, face the problem of cybersecurity. The scammers get breach in to the system and hack the whole website. Corporations are well aware of these security issues but it is very difficult for them to find  a certified experienced cybersecurity professional or researcher at the exact time. The other main problem of traditional penetration testing systems are

  • Lack of sources and exposure: Pentesters do not get much exposure in the traditional system because limited work is allotted to them in each task. So, the traditional cyber security firms are limiting the talent of the penesters.
  • Cost inefficiency: Companies spend alot of money but do not get the high-quality work in return. They are paying for vulnerability structure of bounties or on pentesting billable hours model,
  • Irrelevancy in reporting: In case of bug bounties, a very little amount is given by the clients, so researcher do not do deep analysis and it results in  irrelevancy in reporting.

What is the solution provided by Buglab?

Buglab is going to solve the problems of the traditional system by allowing the clients to get help from the mass of pentesters or to choose an expert team from a well known company. On this platform, the researchers are allowed to uncover a large number of vulnerabilities to get the high score. On the basis of sensitivity of data, various privacy options will be offered to the clients. Depending upon the needs of organization, a large number of customizations will be offered by this platform such as

  • Private contest: The customers  have a choose to select any talented team from a famous company or to choose a specific number of penesters to complete the security challenges.
  • Public contest: The community or a single person will get the public participate invitation after providing the basic information and launching the contest.
  • Selection of the filters: In case of a private challenge, clients can use various filters like skillset, score, score etc. to select the pentesters.
  • Triage system: To identify the duplicates, the reported vulnerabilities will directly move to the sorting system and then it will be notified on the customer’s dashboard. The customers will get notification of relevant submissions only.
  • Reports: The company will get the reports related to its security contest i.e. summary of every performance of the contest. The clients are allowed to graphically analyze the progress of its assets and security status.
  • Client managed: The clients are allowed to choose the required contest management from Basic, Pro and Enterprise. In case of enterprise, client will be responsible for classifying, sorting and grading reports.
  • Leader board: On the basis of the results and experience on the platform, the ranking of the community pentesters will be appeared on the dashboard. It will help the clients to search for the best pentesters for a private challenge.
  • Chat: The report of vulnerability will allow to get help from the pentesters after proper conversations.
  • Fix companion: Buglab will also do the verification of the fix implementation at enterprise level.

Which token is used on this platform?

Buglab is utilizing the BGL token for the incentive penetration testing. The tokens can be utilized for covering the cost of contest, to pay transaction fees, to reward the contest winners, to give funds for BTR or VPR and to reward CSIRTs or CERTs for the triaging vulnerabilities.

Token detail:

  • Token name: BGL
  • Token price: o.15 USD = 1 BGL
  • Acceptable currency: ETH
  • Hard cap: 20,000,000 USD
  • Soft cap: 6,000,000 USD

Token allocations:

  • General token sale: 40%
  • Advisors: 7%
  • Team: 10%
  • Marketing: 10%
  • Reserve: 1%
  • Future product development: 10%
  • Community campaign: 2%
  • Vigilante protocol reserve: 20%


Buglab is going to link the community of expert cybersecurity penetration testers with the organizations which face cyber security issues. The testers earn BTR coins on uncovering system vulnerabilities and ranked by potential impacts or severity. By solving the major problems of the traditional system, Buglab will soon become a high standard platform. If you are interested in future oriented ideas of cryptocurrency then visit its site for more information.

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Rubius, a decentralized blockchain based exchange and banking platform

Introduction to Rubius:

Rubius is a decentralized platform to sell, buy, send or receive the cryptocurrency. This platform is going to develop the crypto services, products and solutions to strengthen the blockchain technology and develop the economy. Rubius is the name of both cryptocurrency coin and a company. The Rubius coin will operate similar to Ether and Bitcoin while Rubius company is blockchain based start up in Tampa, Florida, USA.

What is the problem in the traditional banking system?

According to a survey, more than 1.7 billion adults have no access to any type of electronic or financial service and they remain un-banked in the world. The traditional banking system is forcing these adults to get use in barter or cash system which is promoting corruption and crime. Smartphone use is increasing day by day, but still many users do not have access to the potential solutions due to cross border restrictions and limited software. The users in the war-torn countries need to protect their earnings in a safe system. The economic development is limiting and millions of people are un-banked due to the trust dependency of the traditional financial system. Domestic crisis in a country can cause by the fraud activities in the bank. While the interconnection of non banking sector with banking sector become the cause of full blown international crisis. The entire world is unable to use cryptocurrency due to the terrible software. Most of the cryptocurrency wallets are not user friendly so minimum people are able to use them.

What are the solutions provided by Rubius?

Rubius is going to solve all the issues of the traditional banking with a peer to peer payment system. No trust is involved and no loan or interest is required by this platform.

  • Rubius software: This platform is going to develop easy to use Rubius software for the consumers which will be improved and upgraded continuously. Rubuis has an aim to offer free to use, open source and zero trust involve products to the users. To promote mass adoption, Rubius products will be rebranded in specific regions. Rubius product will operate on blockchain platform and it will use decentralized applications.
  • Rubius protocol: Decentralized blockchain based solutions will be offered through the Rubius protocol for exchange and transfer of Rubius coin. This protocol will serve the Rubius software ecosystem which will offer the world ubiquitous and trustable financial services.

What are the main features of Rubius?

  • Rubius exchange: The users can trade and purchase the digital currency in an intuitive environment. As compared to its competitors, this exchange is offering great value on extremely low fees.
  • Aryl wallet: Aryl wallet serve as a best exchange facilitator and decentralized bank. Confusion free payments are offered by the user friendliness feature of the wallet. Aryl’s users can get access to their wallet via centralized cryptocurrency exchange Rubiex. After signing up for Rubiex, the users will be able to sell, buy and trade the selected digital currency directly through Aryl app. In-iMessage usage will help to send and get payments via iMessage conversation.
  • Aryl volatility shield: By converting the unstable cryptocurrency into the steady currency, wallet value is protected by Aryl volatility shield. Without facing the problem of excessive fees and time taking cashing out methods, the streamlined conversions through Rubius will allow the users to fastly liquidate their cryptocurrency from an exchange.
  • Low transaction fees: User who will do the transaction in Rubius token will get 50% off transaction fees on all the platforms. The innovative Rubius ecosystem will be empowered by the Ruby token. Rubius transactions charges 2% average cost of the total cost of trading bitcoins. The less transaction fees make Rubius protocol more sustainable and scalable than bitcoin.
  • Transaction speed: Rubius protocol is allowing 40 times faster transaction than bitcoin. The Rubius users will get the efficiency and speed benefits from Ethereum platform. Average Rubius transaction speed is 4 second.

    Which coin is used on this platform?

This platform is using Rubius coin. Rubius is a decentralized digital currency which is based on the ERC20 standard token. The transactions through RUBY is safe, simple and low cost. It is an autonomous cryptocurrency which is supported via EVM which ensures the transparency by recording, verifying and publishing the transactional data.

Where can you use RUBY coin?

RUBY coin can be used in Rubiex exchange and Aryl payment app. On Rubiex, the preferred members will get 50% reduced fees on RUBY trading and RUBY coin will be considered as a main trading pair. . In Aryl, RUBY coin will be treated as a default digital currency for the frictionless safe payments. The Aryl payment app has endless real life use such as you can pay the bills by using Aryl app and you can also get the payments for your services via Aryl.

Token detail:

  • Token name: RUBY
  • Token price: 1ETH = 7000 RUBY
  • Acceptable currency: ETH

Token allocation:

  • ICO: 70%
  • Team: 10%
  • Reserve: 12%
  • Advisors: 3%
  • Bounty: 5%


Rubius is a blockchain based platform which will soon convert into a superb banking institution, where all services, products and solutions will be based upon blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. The trustable financial products will be provided to the users such as Aryl payment app, RUBY coin and Rubiex cryptocurrency exchange. Rubius platform will bring a revolution in the traditional banking system. If you are interested in future oriented ideas of cryptocurrency then visit its site for further information.

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Emmares a decentralized platform to improve Email marketing

Introduction to Emmares?

Emmares is a system which is going to improve email marketing by reducing spams. The word EMMARES stands for email marketing rewarding system, in which the email recipients and email marketers both will get high benefits. The email content providers will get a global reputation through this platform while the email recipients can find required high-quality content on the basis of quality score and trusted evaluations. By making digital content reputation public to all viewers, Emmares will help content providers to get a digital appearance.

What is the vision of Emmares?

Emmares has a vision to start a new version of email marketing in which email marketing will build a trust among the people by offering best quality content. Through this platform email marketers will produce better content and spams will be minimized by the trusted evaluations.

What is the problem in the traditional email marketing system?

By replacing landline telephone and traditional mailing system, Email has become the widely used mean of communication. Email is the fast and easy way to do marketing and according to a survey more than 66% online purchases are done as a result of email marketing. That’s why companies need email marketing and millions of high or low-quality emails are send to billions of people daily. The email marketers collect the contact list by using some simple methods i.e. usage of public directories. It results in unsolicited mailing problem where lots of email is generated and sent to irrelevant people. Due to this system, many companies are unable to reach the target people while the recipients also get irrelevant emails and face lots of spamming issues. For a perfect email marketing, proper segmentation and targeting is very important, so the world needs a new email marketing system with new strategies.

What are the solutions provided by Emmares?

Emmares is going to disrupt the traditional digital ads market by delivering high returns on investment. Emmares is offering a new way of email marketing. The system is beneficial for both content providers and recipients as better-quality content will be generated with less spam and targeted data will be sent to the interested people.

  • High quality relevant emails: Emmares is going to create a crowd evaluation quality assessment system which will increase the quality of the content. The visibility of the system will create a competition and it will motivate the email marketers to gain the attention of the target potential buyers.
  • Relevant emails: The recipients will receive the emails related to their interest. To get access to the relevant information, recipient can leave his email address and Emmares will help them to get the required content and they can choose the top-rated sender to get the high-quality content.
  • Evaluation system: Emmares wants to clean the whole email ecosystem by improving the evaluated content. The low quality content will get banned through anti-spam system.
  • Minimize spams: The global content evaluation system will decrease the spams ratio. The mailing recipients will get awarded with EMA tokens after evaluating the received emails. The reward pool will send high quality and trusted emails to reach the new customers.
  • Emmares intelligent service: By using blockchain technology and smart contracts, Emmares will unite consumers of information with information sources which will lead to the targeted leads and higher ROI.
  • Blockchain technology: Emmares is a blockchain system which is based upon global rewarding and assessment. The evaluation will become reliable and trusted through sufficient sampling rate.

What are the benefits to use Emmares?

  • Publishes (Email marketers): On this platform publishers will get encourage to send interesting and relevant content. As an email marketer you can get access to the targeted recipients who want that service or product. As a quality email marketer, you can improve the recipient’s engagement.
  • Token buyers: You can support the new potential project by buying the EMMARES token. Being an Emmares token holder, you will be a part of the system in which email marketers gain higher ROI and every recipient gets the required content. You can also get amazing discounts on different services.
  • Email recipients: The email recipients get EMMARES token for evaluating the email content. After subscribing to your required content, you will start receiving the emails. You can exchange your received tokens with the marketers or use them in your rewarding pool being a publisher.

Which token is used on this platform?

Emmares is utilizing EMA token which is an ERC20 token. The EMA token will be rewarded to recipients after email evaluation. Through DEX exchanges, users can change the ETH token to EMA. To cover the service and blockchain fees, gas fees will be deployed within every email marketing cycle.

Token detail:

  • Token name: EMA
  • Hard cap: 35.000 ETH
  • Token price: 1ETH = 5100 EMA.
  • Total token supply: 500,000,000 EMA
  • Acceptable cryptocurrency: ETH, BTC, NEO, LTH etc.

Token allocation:

  • Presale: 51%
  • New account incentive pool: 23%
  • Team and founder: 17%
  • Advisors, Ambassadors, Future strategic planners: 5%
  • Crowd sale contributors: 3%
  • Bounties: 1%


Emmares is an amazing project which will bring a revolution in the email marketing system. Through mass evaluation, Emmares is creating the digital reputation of the email marketers. This system will help the marketers to find new interested public by generating a smart content connection. Emmares is available for common email users as well as for legitimate ESPs. If you are interested in future oriented plans of cryptocurrency then visit its site for more detail.

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LipChain is the first decentralized surfer community ecosystem

Introduction to LipChain:

LipChain is a global decentralized ecosystem for surfer community which is offering training, sponsors and unofficial competition to the surfers. The sailors and surfers will be allowed to post their photos and videos in the LipChain platform. Voting will be done for the best surfer and each month border of the community will choose a champion. The sponsors will give tokens to the athletes for their content. Within 2 or 3 years wave pools will be constructed for the training of the surfers which will be followed by LipChain resort. The surfers will also get discount on surfing services and products.

What are the problems in the previous surfing system?

  • Less training places: For surfers training less places are present on the earth with high quality surfing material. The surfers and sailors face lots of problem to get the professional training.
  • Less sources of funds: Annually, a surfer needs more than €3000 for the proper professional training of 8 years. So, many beginners are unable to become a professional athlete due to lack of funding.
  • Limited approach: Due to limited training areas and lack of funds, many talented athletes are unable to participate in the Global championship. If they take a risk and get a chance, then there is a problem of championship’s sponsors judgment.
  • Water pollution: The national government ignores the problem of water pollution. The waste material and plastic bags are contaminating the beaches and earth water. A proper cleaning plan is required to safe the marine ecosystem.
  • Lack of advertising platform: The companies face lots of problems to sell their sailing and surfing equipments to the target buyers. The limited advertising channels and forums are a big problem to connect the whole community of surfers and sponsors all over the world.

What are the solutions provided by LipChain platform?

  • To solve the funds problem, this platform is allowing the users to post their photos and videos in the LipChain ecosystem to earn tokens for surfing.
  • The limited training area problem will be solved with the construction of wave pools which will offer training sessions all over the year. The wave pool will also be followed by an inland eco resort.
  • This platform is giving the option to the community to choose their champions with the help of tools on LipChain app.
  • For sponsorship, this platform is providing the useful tools for the selection of a deserving athlete and the seal will be secured in smart contract. The surfers can also get access to a wide sailing and surfing community.
  • To control the water pollution of beaches and seas, LipChain will reserve 5% sponsorship income for the foundations which will do the cleaning activity.

What are the main features of this platform?

  • Ecological resorts: LipChain has a plan to build the first ecological resort in Portugal and it will qualify as the project of national interest. This project will generate new economy with revenue, transportation, revenue, reputation and sponsorship.
  • Safeguard of Oceans and seas: LipChain is going to safeguard the sea water by taking some fundamental actions such as cleaning of beaches, cleaning of sea, educating the people, improving eco design of plastic bottles, reducing plastic bottles distribution, consumption and distribution.
  • Security: To ensure the security, a multimodal biometric authentication system will be used in LipChain applications and wallets. Two biometric modalities will be used in the identification system i.e. Iris and face recognition. LipChain DLT will match and capture different types of biometrics.
  • LipChain Wallet: LipChain wallet is easy to use and it is supporting transferability. The users can send and receive their coins with ETH wallet address. After paying the transaction fees, no fee will be charged during the transaction of LIPS token. LipChain platform supports transparency and users are allowed to check the transaction over the ETH wallet.
  • Elimination of frauds: The biometric authentication will reduce the risk of frauds. It will safe your funds by preventing the data breaches

Which token is used on the LipChain platform?

This platform is utilizing LIPS token. This token can be used by the sponsors for advertisement in the app, for rewarding, for getting access to eco resort and lipwave pool, for buying different facilities and services.

Token detail:

  • Token name: LIPS
  • Token supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Token type: ERC20
  • Soft cap: 3,000,000 USD
  • Hard cap: 20,000,000 USD

Token distribution:

  • Bonus and crowd sale: 34%
  • App buying content: 6%
  • Bounty: 1%
  • Advisory: 10%
  • Team: 9%
  • Competition prizes: 5%
  • Sponsorship of athletes: 5%
  • Reserve: 15%
  • Lipwave pool: 15%


LipChain is a decentralized platform which is providing many new opportunities and facilities to the surfers. It has a mission to solve the problems of traditional surfing community. With its unique solutions and biometric authentication, LipChain will become a secure and transparent platform. If you are interested in future oriented crypto currency ideas, then visit its site for further information.

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Eloncity the first decentralized self sufficient microgrids power system


Introduction to Eloncity:

Eloncity is the first global platform which is going to decentralize the the traditional power infrastructure into self-sufficient millions of microgrids. A transparent energy price will be offered to all the users. The local produced energy will be available to utilities for 24 hours through out the year. People can use the clean energy to electrify the world. The open technology offered by Eloncity is the best way to make the electricity virtually free.

What are the problems in traditional power generating system?

  • Problem of Safety and reability: In the traditional power generating system, human or natural induced accidents cause serious loss at any vulnerable point which is located on the complex centralized power grid and it affect badly the large geographical area. So, the traditional power grid cannot give the gurantee of realiable and safe energy service. In 2011, more than 7 million residents of California had faced the problem of blackout due to power grid failure. While power grid vulnerabilities in previous system become the cause of some major incidents.
  • Health and environmental problems: The nuclear accident, gas leakage or centralized grid accidents at the traditional power generation sites release airborne radioactive particles, particulate matter or toxic gas which affect the health of the local residents. It also causes severe environmental problems.
  • Resilience and adaptability: In future it is expected due to the increase in ambient temperature, the electricity generation and transmission will be further decreased and blackout will be caused by the supply shortage and power network failure.
  • Costly electricity: The cost of the electricity is increasing due to the inefficient centralized design of the AC power grid.

What are the solutions provided by Eloncity?

Due to the challenges of population growth, natural disasters and climate change, new approach for the energy distribution and generation is needed. To deal with the problems present in the traditional system, a non-profit organization of Singapore AI grid foundation wants to introduced a decentralized renewable energy system. The local renewable energy sources like wind and solar power will be used to produce the electricity for local consumption. The cost effective and reliable energy supply will be provided due to the community coordination for energy exchange and energy equipment sharing.

What are the benefits of using Eloncity?

  • Efficient and unified energy marketplace: An open market will be created by Eloncity token which will allow the community to get the global renewable energy solutions and products by resource sharing and energy exchange locally.
  • Greater reliability: Through the decentralized energy system, Eloncity is offering amazing energy service. This design will increase the ability to adapt, absorb, anticipate and rapidly recover from the blackout or disruptive events.
  • Lower cost: Eloncity is going to introduced such a effective design which will lower the energy expenditures of the community. The energy expenditure will be saved with the combination of renewable local energy, local grid network in each community and centralized grid energy purchasing.
  • Social benefits: The renewable clean energy will be provided to the community with the use of community based renewable microgrid (CRM). CRM also ensure the community safety and energy security in case of emergency and disaster events.
  • Adaptation: By using Eloncity decentralized energy infrastructure, better energy resilience and security will be provided to the community to deal with the potential climate or human induced disasters. Eloncity is using intelligent network BESS to redundant and decentralized the local renewable energy generations.
  • Economic development: Energy will be supplied by eloncity for local consumption which will support the local economy by decreasing the significant energy expenditures.
  • Environment and Health benefits: With the GHG emission reduction and increased safety, Eloncity will increase the energy storage, decentralized renewable energy generation, targeted energy efficiency retrofits.

What are the features of Eloncity?

  • Trading system based upon AI algorithm and blockchain: The trading of energy is transparent due to the blockchain based trade system while fair market prices can be found due to the AI algorithm.
  • Smart energy storage systems: With the supply of local renewable energy, all the demands are balanced by the energy storage system based on IOT technologies.
  • Switching DC power bus: The peak load will be removed permanently with the advance last mile network.
  • Proof of stored power: The ESS investment becomes a grade financial property due to the new mining scheme.
  • Direct current appliance: The traditional repetitive power conversion will be eliminated with the improvement in the production of local competitive renewable energy, with this new appliance operated on DC.

Which token is used by this platform?
Eloncity is using ECT utility token for the energy exchange facility. The functions of Eloncity token:

  • Exchange medium: ECT will be used for energy exchange on the Eloncity network. The consumers can get ECT token by offering their surplus energy to the network’s peers. The ECT token can be used by the community members to get local ECTP products and electricity services.
  • A store of value: Sufficient ECT is needed to reserve by the ECTP compliant BESS device which is equal to the electricity capacity value to participate in automated exchange. The value of the ECT will be depend upon the velocity of ECT transactions and ecosystem energy transaction volume.

Token detail:

  • Total supply: 1,000,000,000 ECT
  • Token name: ECT
  • Token for private contribution: 320,000,000 ECT.


Eloncity is a model of constructing, planning and operating community based renewable microgrid which is bringing a revolution in the traditional energy production system. Its decentralized renewable energy system consists of crypto utility token, blockchain technology, community or customer sited renewable energy generators and DC appliances. If you are interested in future oriented ideas of cryptocurrency then visit its site for more detail.

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Traveler the first global decentralized traveling ecosystem

Introduction to traveler:
Traveler is the first global, fair traveling ecosystem which is accepting cryptocurrency for flight or hotel booking, car rentals and many other travel services without getting any profit margin on the net prices. On this platform, customers are allowed to pay their dues directly to the supplier and aggregator on current OTAs. The TVLR token holders will enjoy the travelling with lowest rates which is negotiated by the smartest wise wholesale buyers all over the world. The TVLR tokens will allow the development of a new innovative blockchain for the travel industry.

What is the background of this idea?

Due to sudden growth in the cryptocurrency and online travel market, more than 59% travel searches are made from travel lovers. In previous 5 years, mobile travel booking has increased to 1.700%. More than 85% cryptocurrency holders are using mobile wallets to hold their digital currency and 60% Bitcoin holders are 25 to 44 years old. But still there is not a single platform which is allowing the crypto customers to enjoy the online travel services. The online travel Agencies like Priceline and Expedia are not serving the cryptocurrency holders. So, traveller.com wants to offer low travel rates to the digital currency holders with the same content.

Who can buy the TVLR token to get the services of Traveler platform?

With the use of cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin cash (BCH), Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), the digital currency holders can buy the travel services. Recently this platform is accepting Bitcoin only but in the coming months they will also include another cryptocurrency. Any user who wants to use other digital currency to complete travel purchases, can convert their crypto currency to bitcoin by using Changelly.com. Higher discount will be offered to the TVLR token holders on each purchase on the platform. TVLR token is used for the partial payment of travel services and goods on the platform.

What are the features of traveler.com?

  • Token wallet: The users can buy and save the TVLR tokens securely and safely in the token wallets.
  • Blockchain technology: The users can enjoy the travelling by using a cloud based travel with all information stored in the blockchain.
  • More funds: Users can enjoy more travelling by saving 20%-50% amount.
  • Use cryptocurrency on travelling: To purchase travel services, TVLR tokens can be used on the platform.

What are the advantages to use traveler platform?

  • Comparative prices: Traveller.com offers the best value and lowest rates by comparing the rates of multiple suppliers all over the world.
  • Buying power: Traveler.com offers the rate below than the retail and leverages the purchase power of largest aggregators of 25 hotel content.
  • Inventory sourcing: The technology stack of traveler.com has the API integrations from the major primary resellers and suppliers all over the world.
  • Secure transactions: All the travel transaction and purchases on the traveler platform is private and secure. The data of the TVLR token holder will not share or sell to any third party.
  • Expanding the logic of crypto currency: Traveler is offering extra ordinary travelling opportunities to the digital currency holders with best lowest cost of travelling.
  • Non-published rates: Traveler.com offers the exclusive prices. Due to the reseller open market restrictions, these rates are not available to public before.
  • Direct dealing with airlines and hotels: By making cash commitments to some high demand specific services, traveler.com is better dealing with its users by using approximately 20% of the TGE.
  • Availability: With the same inventory name of airlines, brand travel providers, hotels and cruises, Traveller.com is offering the same functionality as the leading OTAs. The name of the few brands are: Airlines (AIRFRANCE, AIR CANADA, Alaska, American Airlines etc.), Hotels (Barcelo, Carlson, Choice, Golden Tulip, Dorint etc.), Cruice lines (MSC, Costa, VIKING, AZAMARA, Carnival etc.), Car rentals (dollar, Heryz, Europcar, National etc.).

How the Traveler platform work?

During first development phase, traveler.com is using the existing platform with trustable suppliers. After buying the TVLR token, the user will become the part of the platform. The TVLR token holder can save 15% to 50% money on comparable rates on typical OTAs or hotel sites. After buying the tokens, users are allowed to use their token on traveler.com. Due to this reason, TVLR token is becoming a standard digital currency among the travel enthusiasts. Traveller.com is also offering the same functionality as Expedia or Priceline to its users by giving the best possible prices on more than 1.2 million properties all over the world.

What is the future plan of traveler.com?

In future for it second phase, traveler.com will use the raised fund of TGE to build and license the software which will be exclusively used in the cryptocurrency sector. This new platform will have its specific optimized features. In this crypto sector, cryptocurrency users will get the exclusive deals and they will be connected with more than 100 largest consolidators, resellers, aggregators and several other providers. On each token generation event, participants will be allowed to use their tokens to access the inventory similar to OTAs.


This platform is using TVLR token which is an ERC20 token. This token can be used on traveler OTA site to get the different travelling services and the users can also save several TVLR tokens on each trip by getting amazing discounts.

Token details:

  • Type: ERC 20
  • Supply: 1,000,000,000 TVLR
  • Token price: 1 TVLR = $1
  • Accepted digital currencies: ETHs, BTC

Token allocation:

  • Sponsors, Incentives, advisers: 27.5%
  • Token sale: 2%
  • Reserve: 34.4%
  • Token sale: 36.1%


Traveler platform wants to bring a revolution in the traditional online travel market. By introducing a new class of travelers (Crypto holders), this platform will offer the lowest travelling rates and smarter buyer opportunities. If you want to get more details then visit its site.

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Gemstra first global marketplace for social selling economy

Introduction to Gemstra: Gemstra is a blockchain based platform for social selling economy. It’s a first global marketplace which is going to connect sellers and brands in social selling. Gemstra is going to create Gemstra SDK and BOUTIQUE marketplace software for merchants who will be allowed to add their favorite social selling channels to the business. The blockchain based ecosystem ASTRA is a technology infrastructure which is specially developed for the merchants who want to join the social selling economy.

What are the problems in traditional social selling world?

The traditional social selling market and industry was controlled by few companies who have all the power of the market. It leads to many problems such as

  • Sellers held captive: Companies were selling its products directly to other companies and hold the seller’s captive by making it difficult to do data transaction, transfer customer data and genealogy data. Sellers were at high risk to lose the income due to which they were doing hard work. The average seller salary was $250 to $500 after working for 10 to 20 hours. The merchants enjoy too much power and leverage in the relationship with the sellers.
  • Inefficient market: New merchants were facing lot’s of problems due to the high entry barriers of a new space. The fragmented and expensive system wants the management of rewards, commissions, customer service, accounting, commerce and back office operations. The reduction in the market entrants were decreasing the opportunities for the sellers. An inefficient market is developed for the sellers when the merchants overprice the products in social selling. In the retail economy sellers were unable to compete with the brands due to less freedom.

What is the solution of the problems by Gemstra? Gemstra is introducing an ASTRA platform which will decentralize the traditional social selling model by giving management and ownership of information to the accurate actor. The smart contracts will allow the transparency of the transactions within the platform.

  •  Merchants will manage sellers and curate brands: The merchant’s job in ASTRA is similar to traditional retailer in retail market but the brands in traditional system were not good enough to manage the per order logistics, interfacing with customers and merchandising. So, Gemstra is going to involve retailers as merchants from wide retail economy to social selling. These merchants will interface with sellers or customers and curate the products from different brands.
  • Democrative data: In ASTRA platform, the sellers will get the ownership rights of transaction data, customer information, and network. By using the transaction data, sellers can understand the customer in better way to develop a strong relationship. Seller are also allowed to build a seller network which they can easily sponsored. Seller network is a team which will work on compensation plan to unlock the achievements. Consistency is also maintained by the sellers.
  • Rewards and customized commision by Brands: ASTRA platform is allowing the brands to offer customized commission to the merchants. All the brands are created unequally. Brands wants an effective way to deal with the incentive of sellers at per product level and catalog level. So, ASTRA platform will fulfill all the demands of a brand.
  • Brand integration Portable catalog: The brands can easily get exposure to the several seller networks and their catalog can be integrated with multitude of merchants.
  • Decentralized Model: Gemstra is going to introduced a blockchain based ecosystem where all actors will have a fair behavior. Merchants, sellers and brands will do right by each other. There is no third-party involvement and a true commonwealth sense will be promoted in the social selling economy.

What are the main components of Gemstra?

  • BOUTIQUES: For social selling, BOUTIQUE is a decentralized marketplace. It will allow the sellers to choose the products and brands of their own choice to participate in the retail economy by easily integrating their catalog. The rapid growth of BOUTIQUES proved that sellers want a freedom and retailers want to get involve in social selling.
  • ASTRA platform: The BOUTIQUE success inspired Gemstra to create ASTRA which is a blockchain based technological infrastructure for the social selling market. The sellers are allowed to keep the network and customer data, brands are allowed to offer rewards and commission with portable catalog which is integrated with several merchants, and merchants are allowed to host the transaction between myriad sellers and different brands.

What are the benefits to use Gemstra platform for social selling?

  • Sellers: Seller will get the freedom to choose any product and merchant. In the Gemstra ecosystem, sellers can participate with any brand or merchant. The transaction and user data of the sellers will belong to them. They can control the data access on the platform.
  • Merchants: Merchants can use the BOUTIQUE open source software to participate in ASTRA or can integrate their platform to ASTRA through SDK. The merchant’s layer is allowing the retailers to activate the dormant customers/ influencers by participating in social selling and attracting many brands to do business.
  • Brands: With the help of smart contracts, brands can control each transaction settlement economy. The brands will get more exposure on this platform because their products will be listed across multiple merchants.
  • Customers: Customers will get more opportunities to deal with wide range of products with their family or friends who are actively involved in social selling.

Which token is used on this platform? Gemstra is utilizing ERC-20 based GMS token for ASTRA platform. This token will be used for commission friction for sellers and reduced the payments. The robust rewards will be offered to the actors in the form of GMS token. Token Detail:

  • Token name: GMS token
  • Token supply: 16,000,000,000 GMS
  • Tokens for sale: 6,400,000,000 GMS
  • Token price: 1 token = $0.01

Token allocation:

  • Advisors, Bounty, Partners: 10%
  • Rewards, commission: 30%
  • Sale pool: 40%
  • Founders: 20%

Conclusion: Gemstra is a blockchain based platform which is going to liberate the social selling economy. Gemstra is using cryptocurrency and smart contracts to provide the best solutions of traditional social selling problems. Its revenue model is based on BOUTIQUE (which is connecting brands and sellers) and ASTRA (in which BOUTIQUE is a merchant). Gemstra is charging 1-2% in trolling and monthly fees from brands and merchants who use ASTRA. If you are interested in future oriented cryptocurrency plans then visit Gemstra website to collection more information. Links of Gemstra:

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AgentMile is the first decentralized real estate commercial platform

Introduction to AgentMile:
AgentMile is the first global real estate commercial decentralized platform which is based upon Artificial intelligence. This platform is allowing landlords and brokers to enhanced their management, reporting and capabilities by enlisting their commercial properties on AgentMile blockchain powered MLS.

What are the Problems in traditional real estate world?
In real estate world, commercial real estate (CRE) assets are considered as the world’s largest asset group in which commercial brokers are facing lots of challenges in data sharing, real time performance data, inefficient cash flow management, antiquated and disparate technology. Due to the lack of sufficient data, the decision-making process is difficult in traditional real estate world. In the traditional system the property search is unreliable, inefficient and time consuming. The data verification process is very complex. Due to geographical constraints, the investors are investing in nearby properties only. The transaction process is time consuming due to the involvement of third party. The costly management is grasping benefits from the investors which is affecting the profit of the investors due to excess risk and lack of scale economies.

How are these Issues solved by AgentMile?

  • Blockchain based MLS: AgentMile is offering efficient ad smart property search by blockchain based MLS. It will be a truly shared database where all data will be up-to-date and accurate. Once the blocks of data related to landlords, brokers, tenants, managers, property, repair history and credit is added to the blockchain it cannot be changed. The property information will be assessible to both investors and clients. The investors can make their investment decisions easily after searching for the suitable property.
  • Less Risks: The blockchain technology will remove the risk of frauds in real estate world. The blockchain records are free of corruption because they cannot be modified. It will lead to the efficiency and transparency of the system. AgentMile platform is free of errors and it is also allowing the digital identities of properties or people to maintain accuracy.
  • Smart contracts: To accelerate and automate several aspects of cash flow and property management, AgentMile is empowering the commercial real estate professionals to utilize smart contracts. The users will be allowed to make smart contracts on the basis of their profile information, lease rate and frequency of payments. In future smart contracts and blockchain technology will incorporate many other aspects of cash flow and property i.e. waste utility, water utility bills, paying energy.
  • Free from geographical constraints: AgentMile is going to empower investors and brokers to gain access to important information about all area index and lease rates. The investors insight will be increased and they will get more investment options on global scale. Each agent and investor will be a data provider and it will lead to the meaningful and correct interpretation of the data.
  • Artificial intelligence: AgentMile is going to incorporate AI to blockchain technology to provide reliable and accurate data analysis. By making the traditional mathematical models more accurate, AgentMile will produce meaningful results on the basis of real life information.
  • Peer to Peer network: With the help of peer to peer network, AgentMile will bring a revolution and offer effective data exchange with lowers cost, greater speed and contract rules.
  • Global API: The internal API will be used for external platforms i.e. brokers and tenants will use the mobile and web apps. The open API will be used to provide information to third party.

What are the three main layers of AgentMile?

  • Blockchain technology: This platform is based on blockchain network which is offering great benefits to the investors i.e. high security and transparency.
  • Agent Grow: Agent grow makes the leasing and searching of CRE property efficient and fast. It is considered as the front end of the project.
  • Agent Drive: It combines the real estate CRM system with data driven decisions. Agent drive is the heart of the AgentMile platform.

What are the benefits to use AgentMile?
It is offering high rental yields and returns than the residential real estate.
Its lease agreements are generally long or middle term (3-10 years).
The tenant-landlord relationships are regulated by agreements and they are professional.
Contractual obligation is taken by tenants to incur many costs i.e. insurance.
The investors will enjoy the remarkable potential for appreciation due to the gradual increase in CRE asset value.

Which token is used on this platform?
AgentMile is utilizing an EIP-20 based ETH token which is known as ESTATE token. The revenue of AgentMile is based upon its internal platform and intellectual property. The ESTATE token will be charged from the users for publishing properties, renting or leasing a property, using AI for making or reporting better decision, for using AgentMile technology etc. The users will also get the ESTATE token for sharing data, promoting a property, reviewing a property and completing a rental agreement.

Token details:

  • Token name: ESTATE token
  • Token supply: 100 million ESTATE tokens
  • Hard cap: $20,000,000
  • Token price: $0.20= 1 token
  • Token sale: 15th August to 17th October

Token distribution:

  • Bounty and advisers: 12%
  • Token sale participants: 71%
  • Reserve funds: 10%
  • Team: 7%

AgentMile is going to bring a revolution in the real estate world by fulfilling different requirements of the investors and brokers. The simplicity and diligence of cash flow and property management will make the property search transparent, quick and easy. Many problems of the traditional real estate world are solved by AgentMile blockchain based platform. If you are interested in future oriented ideas of crypto world then visit AgentMile website for more details.

Links to AgentMile:

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Destream.io is the first decentralized global financial ecosystem for streamers

Destream is about

Introduction to Destream:

DeStream  is the world’s first decentralized platform which is specially developed for  streaming. Various tasks will be allowed on Destream to secure the startup, maximize the productivity of the streamers and diversify their activities. It is an innovative platform for the streamers and the use of blockchain technology is causing the reduction in the transaction fees. The quality of the content is improved on Destream platform and streamers will focus only on creation instead of operational activities.

How much commission is charged by this platform?

To increase the streamer’s income, the commission fees on Destream platform is reduced to 0.77% while other streaming platforms are charging 10% commission fees. The users can convert the cryptocurrency in any available currency with a single gateway. With the same commission, there are uniform rules for withdrawing and depositing money.

What is the problem in the traditional streaming platform?

There are many difficult restrictions and rules. The traditional streaming platforms has high interest rates and insecurity on payments. The streamers do not get their money from the system or their funds get frozen due to several problems. Sometimes system do not allow to withdraw the money at one time and the streamer has to wait for 1 to 6 months due to many restrictions on the maximum amount of donation or minimum withdrawal amount. They are supporting maximum payment gateways to get the maximum effect because there are several wallets in different payment systems.  The streamers struggle alot against the chargeback and complexity of funds consolidation. They do not have any single tool to design the mechanism and the new streamers struggle alot to get orders from the advertisers.

How smart contracts will benefit the streamers?

Destream is solving the problems of the traditional streaming platforms by its super structure over existing services and financial tools for paying and donating for the services inside the platforms.

Destream is using smart contracts to ensure the implementation of the rules of transaction. Destream with its smart contracts allow the users to send their transaction to the selected address, if the service is available in the catalog then the order will be accompanied when the donation is fulfilled by the streamer.

What are the main features of Destream?

  • Security: The relationship between the advertisers, viewers and streamers is regulated by the internal smart contracts, which is develop to protect each person from the partner frauds when they fail to fulfill the obligations.
  • Economy: Due to the use of blockchain technology, the transaction will cost only 0.77% which is more than 20 times lover than the other streaming platform. Permanent rules for output and input will operate, regardless of the input methods and currency. The platform does not apply any type of restriction on any transaction.
  • Advertising platform: After the analysis of data, this platform is created to distribute the advertising budget between a large number of streamers with active audience. The budget will be distributed on the basis of the performance of a streamer. This concept will allow the advertisers to get maximum effect of advertising, audience coverage and streamers to earn more.
  • API and marketplace: The marketplace will allow the streamers to purchase new tools, equipment even food in Destream ecosystem. The streamer will not need to worry about withdrawing the money into fiat. This platform is providing a large number of opportunities to the entrepreneurs. Streamers can use their asset in any external trading platform, business area, and for the payment of good or services.

What are the benefits to use Destream?

Destream is becoming a global system for the marketing of stream with lots of amazing features i.e. Flexible support of oracles and smart contracts, scalability, safety and high availability. At the first step, this platform will use the hybrid infrastructure model. The application layer includes advertising, market place and tip mechanics while services layer includes oracles, P2P, smart contracts and wallet operations.  The planned functionality will make this platform best for the streamers i.e. mobile apps for the users, portal for the streamers, portal for the advertisers, market place with products, Destream portal and smart contracts builder.

What is DST Token?

Destream is using DST token on its platform. DST token is issued on the basis of the fork of blockchain which is based on statics block platform. The token capitalization can be increased with the intra platform turnover of tokens. According to the census, the unsold tokens will be kept for the mining reward. This token is used for various purposes i.e. to pay for the platform commission, to make a donation, to buy digital goods, to gain rewards from advertisers, to get access to a large data, to pay for platform services etc.

Token details:

  • Token name: DST token
  • Token supply: 6000,000,000 DST
  • Token price: $0.006 = 1 DST
  • Soft cap: $5,500,000
  • Hard cap: $12,000,000

Token distribution:

  • Team and advisors: 19%
  • Funds: 20%
  • Bounty: 1%
  • Sale: 60%


Destream is going to become the top streaming platform with its amazing solutions. The security, API & marketplace and advertisement along with smart contracts and blockchain technology will make Destream best for the streamers. Now the streamers do not have to struggle for the chargeback, insecurity of payments, difficult restriction & rules or to look for the tools to design their mechanism, Destream will help them in all possible ways. If you are interested in future oriented cryptocurrency ideas the visit Destream website for more detail.

Links to Destream

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